[IC] Return of the Runelords


Teodor eases back a bit to report. "Sounds like 3-5 guards, just grousing about guard duty." He looks to Drath, "could I trouble you for the healing you offered before we attack. Assuming we will attack. What other option do we have after all?"

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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"Same as before. Barge down there and try to make them surrender. I have only one healing spell. If you're seriously wounded maybe you should stay behind this time?"
Drath looks over the group.
"If someone falls down there, I can of course heal you, but magic is faster in case of critical injuries. I asked above so I could patch you up without magic."


Teodor nods, "I'll stay at range this time then I think and try not to get stabbed again." He sheaths his blades and readies his crossbow for action. "Let's do it before one of them decides to come upstairs for some reason and spoils our surprise."


Guest 11456

Remember that Audrahni gave the team a wand of CLW to use, it still has 10 charges. The team also bought a full wand as well. Audrahni also gave the team six vials of holy water. Shendra originally had these items but we will assume she passed them to Drath.

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Michael suggests that someone use the wand to heal them back up to full health before attempting the ambush. He then whispers, "Alright, Drath. I'm ready to charge down there if you are."

OOC: I'm back.... had a long last few weeks. Just had my first day off in some time.

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