Keys from the Golden Vault


As most of the patrons of this fine tavern are minding their own business, the door seems to blow open of its own accord, a strong breeze flowing in to the room, and upon it, a man wearing a fashionable blue cloak that goes to his knees, along with a white shirt and well made pants of a dark blue color. The clothing is well tailored to his tall, lanky form. His clothing is not as interesting as his skin, which is ALSO a slight shade of blue. His hair seems to wave, even when the wind isn't blowing, and as he passes by many say he smells of spring winds.

He seemes to move with wind as he enters, closing the door effortlessly, though the observant would see he never actually touched the door itself. He takes a large sniff of the air, and smiles.

"Barkeep!" he yells out. "A glass of your finest wine." And he begins moving through the room, smiling and greeing those who happen to look him in the eye.

When he passes Nymh's table, he quickly sits. "I do say, this town is somewhat invigorating. I love a good place of learning. You never know what treasures of information one may find, don't you think?"

He suruptitiously slides his fork against the knife, forming the V pattern to show his involvement in the guild.
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HP: 9/9
AC: 13/15
Spell Slots
1st [ ] [ ]
Level 1
Wild Shape
: 0/0
Sorcery pnts: 2/2
Pss Perc: 15
Pass Inv: 10
Pass Ins: 15
Control Flames,
Produce Flames
INT:12+1 (+3)
WIS: 16+3 (+5)
Acrobat:: 4
Insight: 5
Percep: 5
Stealth: 4
Survival: 5
Disguise kit: 3
Forgery Kit :3
Memorized Spells
Faerie Fire,
Charm Person

Nymh watches the genasai make his way through the bar. He's not hard to notice as he makes his way to the table. When he places the fork in its designated place, Nymh raises an eyebrow,

interesting...He isn't particularly subtle but at least he looks like he'll be fun.

Nymh likes him instantly,

"Welcome friend. Make yourself comfortable. The name is Nymh and this, here, is TORDAR"

Nymh makes room on the table for everyone's drink and repositions the utensil at another empty seat.


Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
Ĉarlatano fidgets. Was there really a handler coming to meet them, or was this a trap to kill them all? The ones at the table seemed like the first to get it, if so, so Ĉarlatano watches, waiting to see what happens to them.

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