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IC: Dichotomy's Age of Worms Redux, Part VI


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Erdolliel smiles sinisterly while beginning a spell, she then moves up into the air.[sblock=oc]Black tentacles targeted on the point where R's and 2's squares touch. 20 foot radius spread. Then move 20' up.[/sblock]
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Kushnak moves toward the center, slowly rising from the ground, surveying the groups as he goes. As he slows, he shakes his head and turns to the mounted foes before looking toward the sky and releasing a torrent of flame into their ranks.


Kushnak moves 30' diagonally, ending 5' off the ground.

He then, as dramatically as he can muster, casts flame strike centered on the SE corner of I's horses square. I *think* you did the right thing and put the guys in the center of the horses square, and that means, again i think, that they can all be hit.

If that's not the case, i'll hit I,7, (their horses), and 6's horse.

9d6 dmg, ref 19 for half. (only half the damage is fire, fwiw)

Also, note to self. Next battle, explicitly call out that we aren't all next to each other.
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Kushnak gets the jump on the majority of the foes. The warpriest floats toward the middle of the battle, and with a grand display calls down fiery divine wrath upon the mounted Sapphire Squad. As they scream in pain, the crowd roars.

His horse nearly dying, Korush vaults off the creature. The janni moves closer to the middle of the battle arena, but leaves a clear path for his mounted mercenaries, as he shouts, "Charge that spellcaster!"

Erdolliel summons black tentacles to take advantage of the clustered archers. The four elven women (or nine, if all of Rennida's now-useless images are counted) are overwhelmed as the spell's tentacles easily grip them all. While one of the women manages to pull free, she is unable to escape the field of tentacles on the ground.

Joren looks at his dire badger and commands, "Close with them." He then summons a small ball of flame to his hand as he moves away from his companions.

As Rennida fails to break free from the tentacles, Nethezar quickly scans the foes. He points at Joren and shouts, "See not!" The spell appears to have no effect.

Korush's two horesmen both charge Kushnak, one crossing each side, and continuing past him. Despite what would appear to be a ferocious assault, Kushnak easily dodges both charges.

Joren's gnoll halberdiers charge at the horsemen, apparently simply opting for the closest foes. While the first misses, the second drops one of the already wounded horsemen, with a large gash to the gut.

[sblock=OOC]o3, I think that is right. The SRD says we are to "assume that you share your mount's space during combat." I haven't found anything else.

I'm also trying to remember how black tentacles work. They don't need to make the melee touch attacks, right? They just go straight to grapple checks? (For safe measure, I rolled touch attacks for them, and they all succeeded.) Also, I think they don't do damage the first round, right?

Also, these rounds take me forever. Hopefully I'll get faster as I re-learn what I'm doing, but I frankly might not get a post up each day.

R = Rennida; 1-3 are her elven archer cohorts
J = Joren; B = his dire badger; 4-5 are his gnolls
I = Korush; 6-7 are his mercs; all three are atop heavy warhorses

Korush: delays
Kushnak: moves; flame strike (30 dam), ref saves I-12+ success (and fire resistance), 6-13+ fail, 7-15+ fail, horses (13+ fail, 17+ success, 15+ success)
Korush: stops delaying; fast dismount (ride check 6+ success); double moves (the disable horse simply makes a single move away from combat)
Erdolliel: black tentacles, grapple checks: R-7 v 10, fail; 1-7 v 9, fail; 2-9 v 9, fail; 3-9 v 15, fail (this sucks for these gals…); moves 20 feet up
1: attempts to escape, 8 v 7, fail
2: attempts to escape, 20 v 1, success; moves (poor thing can't even move out of the spell…)
3: attempts to escape, 7 v 13, fail
Joren: casts produce flame; moves
Dire Badger: double move
Rennida: attempts to escape, 12 v 6, fail
Nethezar: stops inspire courage; casts blindness on Joren, fort save 19+ success
6: charges (with spirited charge and ride-by-attack) Kushnak (ride 12+ success), attack 2+ miss
7: charges Kushnak, attack 6+ miss
4: charges 7, attack 1!
5: charges 6, 20!, confirm 4+ no crit, 15 damage; 6 falls unconscious (73%, does not fall out of saddle)

Status & Initiative
Kushnak (24)
Korush (29): 8 damage; horse-disabled
Erdolliel (21)
1 (18): grappled
2 (18):
3 (18): grappled
Joren (slower 18)
Rennida (14): grappled
Nethezar (6)
6 (5): 30 damage; horse-15 damage
7 (5): 45 damage; unconcious; horse-15 damage
4 (4)
5 (4)

Inspire courage (+2 morale bonus to saves against charm/fear, and +2 attack and weapon damage): 5 rounds left[/sblock]


First Post
"I'm on the druid." Erdolliel tells Nethezar as she disappears from the field and moves out over the melee.[sblock=oc]Greater Invisibility and then move 5' NE and 55' E. That should put her 5' N of B (and 20' up of course)[/sblock]
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First Post
Kushnak chants loudly before growing dramatically, and stepping toward the melee.


Kush casts righteous might and steps 5' S/SE such that he threatens 7 and 6

Biggest thing there is it makes him large w/reach. New AoO attack/dmg is +21/3d6+12



Kushnak calls upon holy power to strengthen him. Again, a very audible reaction is heard from the crowd as they "oooo" in unison.

Korush immediately tries to counter with a spell-like ability, but Kushnak shrugs it off. The Janni calls to the unconscious mercenary's horse, ordering it to leave the field.

Erdolliel vanishes from sight.

The group of elves lets out gasps of pain as nearly all of them are squeezed by the tentacles. Each of them tries to escape, and fails.

Joren flings a ball of flame at Kushnak, easily striking the cleric. A cheer rises from the crowd, glad to see some action from one of the other teams.

Joren's badger charges at the still-conscious mercenary and tears a hunk of flesh from his leg.

Nethezar, realizing that there is not much between himself and the gnoll near him, summons some magical energy. "My friend, you must help pull the elves out of the tentacles, so we can team against the horsemen."

Flustered, the remaining mercenary lashes out at Kushnak, but the half-orc's armor easily deflects the blow. His horse kicks and bites the gnoll, managing to land two blows that are sure to bruise.

As the horse carrying the unconscious rider obey's Korush's command, as if it understood the words, the charmed gnoll rushes toward the trapped elves.

The other gnoll cleaves a mighty blow with his halberd, taking the mercenary's head clean off, to a roar of applause. His momentum carries through to strike at Kushnak, but, again, the mighty armor absorbs the blow with ease.

[sblock=OOC]R = Rennida; 1-3 are her elven archer cohorts
J = Joren; B = his dire badger; 4-5 are his gnolls
I = Korush; 6-7 are his mercs; all three are atop heavy warhorses

Kushnak: righteous might; 5-foot step
Korush: reduce person on Kushnak, fort save 18+ success; moves
Erdolliel: greater invisibility; moves
Tentacles: grapples 1, 3 v 2, success, 6 damage; grapples 2, 7 v 7, success, 2 is re-grappled; grapples 3, 1 v 19, fail; grapples Rennida, 5 v 14, success, 7 damage
1: attempts to escape, 15 v 8, fail
2: attempts to escape, 16 v 17, fail
3: attempts to escape, 1 v 4, fail
Joren: throws flame at Kushnak, ranged touch attack 7+ hit, 11 damage
Dire Badger: charges 6, 10+ hit, 8 damage
Rennida: attempts to escape, 18 v 15, fail
Nethezar: charm person on 4, will save 8+ fail
6: attacks Kushnak 13+ miss; horse attacks 5, 18+ hit, 19+ hit, 6+ miss
7: horse pulls him out of battle
4: double moves
5: 5-foot step; attacks 6, 13+ hit, 21 damage, kills 6; cleave attacks Kushnak, 6+ miss

Status & Initiative
Kushnak (24): 11 damage (5 feet up)
Korush (29): 8 damage; horse-disabled
Erdolliel (21): (20 feet up)
1 (18): 6 damage; grappled
2 (18): grappled
3 (18): grappled
Joren (slower 18)
Rennida (14): 7 damage; grappled
Nethezar (6)
6 (5): dead
4 (4): charmed
5 (4): 13 damage

Inspire courage (+2 morale bonus to saves against charm/fear, and +2 attack and weapon damage): 4 rounds left
Black tentacles: 8 rounds left
Righteous might: 9 rounds left
Greater invisibility: 9 round left[/sblock]


First Post
Erdolliel glides above the druid and rains fire upon him.[sblock=oc]Use 50' of movement to get above J and go 5' further up (25' total now) and cast an empowered scorching ray on J. Ranged Touch Attack, +14 (inspire and invisible included), 2 rays 6d6 damage (+2 for inspire? unsure...) each +5d6 (+2 for inspire? maybe... 7d6 for empowered? probably not) for a sneak attack.

If J lives Dodge on J. If not dodge on I.[/sblock]
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Kushnak flourishes his great sword and lashes out at the nearest foes.

Ah hell yeah. Violence. Di, did you roll my d8 for Aid hit points? Lets resolve that soon so we can skip them once he takes enough damage. d8+9

5' step S.

PA+19/+14 3d6+22

First swing at 5, 2nd at B regardless of the outcomes.

Dodge on 5,B,E,I depending on who's still standing. (AC w/dodge 25, w/o 24)

And because i don't believe it...

Atk (+20[+9 base, +2 wf/gwf, +7 STR, +2 magic weapon) -1 size +1 aid +1 height +2 inspire courage -4 PA)

Dmg (2d6+2 for the weapon, +1d6 for the righteous might, +10 STR[1.5x7], +2 inspire courage +8 PA)

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Kushnak, with two mighty blows from his enlarged sword, cuts down first the gnoll and then the dire badger. Both drop bleeding to the floor.

Korush valiantly charges Kushnak with a scimitar, screaming for glory and vengeance. He shows a deft hand with his blade, as he manages to find chink in the half-orc's armor.

The invisible Erdolliel stalks Joren. She places two bolts of fire into the back of the man's head. He doubles over in pain, but isn't out of the fight yet.

While the tentacles again bludgeon the elves, they struggle to no avail.

Joren, looking badly wounded, casts a relatively minor healing spell on himself. He still looks poorly off, though.

Nethezar looks at Korush. "Let's try this again, shall we? See not!" This time, the scholar's spell works. Korush, now lacking his mount, his mercenaries, and even his sight, shouts out his surrender. The crowd roars at hearing the first team's elimination.

The remaining gnoll valiantly runs to help the elves, as Nethezar had asked. It walks right into the tentacles and is quickly grappled.

[sblock=OOC]Sorry. Kushnak's aid was 12 total.

Also, I took some liberties with Korush's surrender conditions. He would be asking to get killed if he stayed in this fight now.

R = Rennida; 1-3 are her elven archer cohorts
J = Joren; B = his dire badger; 4-5 are his gnolls
I = Korush; 6-7 are his mercs; all three are atop heavy warhorses

Kushnak: 5-foot step; attacks 5, 18+ hit, 30 damage, 5 drops; attacks B, 16+ hit, 32 damage, drops
Korush: charges Kushnak, 16+ hit, 14 damage
Erdolliel: moves; scorching ray, touch attacks 4+, 8+, both hit 73 damage
Tentacles: grapples 1, 20 v 15, success, 5 damage; grapples 2, 8 v 15, success, 9 damage; grapples 3, 11 v 6, success, 8 damage; grapples Rennida, 12 v 9, success, 10 damage
1: attempts to escape, 3 v 11, fail
2: attempts to escape, 10 v 10, fail
3: attempts to escape, 3 v 10, fail
Joren: cure moderate wounds, heals 19 damage
Rennida: attempts to escape, 19 v 14, fail
Nethezar: blindness on I, fort save 3+ fail [As a free action not on his turn, Korush can say he surrenders, though he can't actually drop his weapon and kneel until his turn]; moves
4: double moves; caught by tentacles, grapple checks 19 v 3, grappled

Status & Initiative
Kushnak (24): 13 damage (5 feet up)
Korush (29): 8 damage; blind; horse-disabled
Erdolliel (21): (25 feet up)
1 (18): 11 damage; grappled
2 (18): 9 damage; grappled
3 (18): 8 damage; grappled
Joren (slower 18): 54 damage
Badger: 32 damage; unconscious
Rennida (14): 17 damage; grappled
Nethezar (6)
4 (4): charmed; grappled
5 (4): 43 damage; unconscious

Inspire courage (+2 morale bonus to saves against charm/fear, and +2 attack and weapon damage): 3 rounds left
Black tentacles: 7 rounds left
Righteous might: 8 rounds left
Greater invisibility: 8 rounds left[/sblock]


First Post
"Where's the challenge really?" Erdolliel sighs as she lets loose a fireball in the midst of the tentacles. She then deftly sidesteps.[sblock=oc]Fireball centered on R. That should include all of them in the 20' radius spread. 9d6. Then dodge on J and move 5' E.[/sblock]

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