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DDAL Jasper DMs Planescape


Rotten DM
Planescape Session 9

Chapter 8 Faunel

Lab Rats or Eat Rats

Day 60 0800 to Day 83 0800

PC Killed 4 Monsters Killed 37 Villains Captured 4 Villains Escaped 6

Start Time 6:17 End Time 8:50

10 downtime days. 1,400 GP. Take a Level.

Magic Items. Potion Greater Healing (3), Rope of Entanglement, Ring of Animal Influence, Figurine of Wondrous Power Serpentine Owl. Time Dragon Scale Charm. (Summons Renee as adult time Dragon)

I had a strong group of six. Dougart Drakewarden 8 half elf. Siv Hunter Monster Slayer Ranger 8 wood elf. Adrianna Zealot Barbarian 8 Winter Eladrin. Marmalade Circle of Moon Druid 7 Tiny orange Tabaxi. Mailman John Grimble Battlemaster 8 tiny Tabaxi. Simon Way of the Shadow Monk 7 Gnome.

They have spent days looking for the next portal. Dougart and Siv are on look out when a dark spot appears in the sky and knocks over Siv. He feels like a husky has taken him out.

“Save me. Save the evil time witch wants to make me a sandwich. Hey I smell kittens.” Says a high pitch voice which is shivering under Siv. A witch on a broom with foot rests appears. She is in red and gold robes with a red scarf and gold trim. She wears brass goggles over her eyes.

Witch, “Turn over the time dragon or die. Hmm. Why are you already dead but not dead? Why are you out place and time. What is this whippy wobbly stuff? Is the Doctor in the house?”

Dougart, “Why do you need a time dragon kid? Who are you?”

Trikante, “Trikante is my name known through space and time as the Time Witch. Research of Time and Places. I need the time baby to research time and time glitches. Wait a minute, or second. This castle has six time glitches. You can keep the time dragon if you become my lab assistants. Now some of you may die! But think of the contribution you will make to SCIENCE!”

Suddenly glass is broken as the time kid dragon pounces on the tabaxies. “Kittens. Kittens. I love kittens. Must clean the kittens. You smell of milk, cookies, and puppy dog tails. Hey cow lick by dragon lick on kittens. Well, licky spit. I am Renee.” Mumbles the time dragon. “I will call you George and Georgia. And hey you got mail. Is a bill. A credit card. No, a Time Magazine! That so cool.”

Trikante, “I will give you five minutes to either become my lab rats. Um Assistants. Or turn over the time baby. Or die!” She takes off her goggles and her silver eyes can be seen.

A quick conference is called. One as lab assistant they maybe able to control their own glitching an glitch when they want to. Or they could die. Renee the Time Baby dragon is cute. Or they can deliver the COD package the Adult Renee gave them. They decide to move on and give the COD Talisman of the Sphere to the Witch. Renee gets the steersman to take her home and gives them with one scale each.

They finally approach the Fanuel plane. As they approach it is laid out like Disneyland but with different terrains in each sector. The entrance town is composed of bamboo and thatch huts. A lean black cat guards the entrance.

Cat, “Know you to be at peace with if you can with those on this plane. Awaken animals are all about and may object to those wish to make them dinner. Follow me to the lair of the boss.” They follow the cat for a half hour before plods down in a sunbeam in the middle of a road. “This is boss’s lair. Ask your questions!”

Simon, “Where is your boss?”

Cat, “I have no boss.”

Simon, “You said this was your boss’s lair. Just now.”

Cat “I said this was the boss’s lair. I am the boss. Isn’t that right DAUGHTER! And what did I say about picking up stray humanoids? They have diseases. They can’t clean themselves. They can’t take themselves.”

Marmalade, “DAD you said I could go adventuring for one life time. I have only died once and I okay.”

Cat Lord, “Fine your robot friend left something at the idol for you yesterday.” Getting to idol the idol message. “This is Ro4M. If you want your gear you have to help out the awaken animals. Show the idol the big ear one’s ring to unlock the gear.” As the message ends the group hears a bloody murder going off in the near distance.

Arriving on scene of the murder, the horned head of a Yellowstone Mountain goat is being waved around by large laughing hyenas. The Gnoll pack lords attack and are killed.

DM NOTE. PLEASE AUTHORS QUIT using Npc names which begin in the same letter in the same freaky adventure. It no longer cute.

The dead goat was Oka a master story teller to the herbivores. Arriving at the Heart Delta they speak with the leader Ophelia. She agrees to help fine the Vile Hunt pack as long as the leader is brought in alive. After some successful tracking rolls (What was that tracking DC again author?) the group finds the vile hunt camp.

Mick Mangehide, “Never give up never surrender. Kill them my pretties!” After a short battle where the monk hit ALL THREE SHOTS. Mick is captured and will be turn over to the courts for justice. Ophelia gifts the group her ring of animal influence.

Waving the ring in front of the idol the download begins. Mimir, “The Great Modron March procession of countless modrons years to collect information and realign the workings of the plane. Untold numbers of modrons the march, and sometimes the march split off. The march enters the the portal in the. The march visits all then passes through the Dendradis at base of. From there, the march into other planes, which eventually returning to Mechanus. The last Great Modron of schedule and experience of irregularities and loses.” A red “B” appears on the skull. Four gears can be heard grinding inside of the skull.

DM Notes. Thanks for going along with Peeps and eating your kills. Simon will be the next main character. Research Glorium and send me your backstory or get with me before the game. Thanks to Adrianna and Siv for singing Herbs are friends’ song.

End of Session 505

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Rotten DM
Planescape Session 10

Chapter 9 Glorium

Grimble Gang

Day 83 to 89

PC Killed 4 Monster Killed 41 Villains Captured 5 Villains Escaped 6

Start Time 6:30 End Time 8:14

10 Downtime days. NO GOLD.

Magic Items Silver Horn of Valhalla and (Hat of disguise, or +1weapon, or cloak of protection choose 1)

I had a strong group of six. Dougart Drakewarden 8 Tempest Cleric 1 half elf. Siv Hunter Monster Slayer Ranger 8 Fighter1 wood elf. Adrianna Zealot Barbarian 9 Summer Eladrin. Marmalade Circle of Moon Druid 9 Tiny orange Tabaxi. Mailman John Grimble Battlemaster 9 tiny Tabaxi. Simon Way of the Shadow Monk 8 Gnome.

As the dry desert air hits their skins and a tumbleweed tumbles by, the clothing and companions change. Adrianna hood changes into a Cowboy hat a Red Santa Cowboy hat. Her companion turns into an old bloodhound. Dougart’s drake turns into a mule.

Castellan, “End of line. Town of Glorium. Please take buy your tickets at the general store for the return trip. We will be taking on water and fuel here.”

Jane, “Dougart. You no account husband to be. Y’all take yourself down to that holler.”

Dougart, “But honey love, their gold in their hills.”

Jane, “Don’t you sass me. Hitch up your britches, go into town with your lazy mule and find out why we is all speaking Western. And bring back a dozen fresh eggs, 50 pounds of flour, 10 pounds of chicory, and 20 of butter.”

Simon who has the only white cowboy hat one, “Partner let’s do as the little lady said.”

As they climb out their moving castle the heat waves block a clear vision of the tower. Only the creaky sign of “Welcome to Glorium” welcomes them. As they enter the town they are attack by two pole cats with rattlesnakes for tails. The group makes quick work of the varmints.

As they hit the main square, a limping man with a wild eye, old moth eaten gray hat, and badge runs toward the party. “Marshall Simon. Marshall Simon. You is back. We all thought Bad Ro4M and the Robot gang dry gultched you three years ago. You remember your old deputy Fetus. Hey townies. The Marshall is back.” A few dozen people come out the saloon, general store and stable. As the towns people come near they scatter.

Stella where a dancing girl outfit standing four foot nine yells, “Scatter it is Paul Bunyan and his wind wagon.” (Based on wind wagon smith)

Paul, “Catch cow poke!” He tosses a forty-pound anchor at Adrianna who is dragged down the street until she shoves the anchor into the dirt. “Mighty nice muscles for someone who any afraid to wear that there hat. I owe you a drink.” As the group filter into the saloon, they are challenged to various games of skill and win free drinks.

Fetus, “Marshall Simon, I see you done got yourself a posse. When is you going after Bad Ro4M and his gang?”

Western villain sounds provided by players and cell phone.

Bad Ro4M enters with evil One eye Duodrone. R04M is wearing all black. On each of his pinky fingers is wedding ring. “Well Marshall Drone I see you got the Grimble gang as your posse. I thought One Eye left you for dead after shooting you in the back three years ago. I done killed your papa, your ma, burn down your ranch, rustled your cattle, and kicked your cat. I am going to kill you tomorrow at Rio Grande.”

Simon, “No you not. I will meet you outside today.”

DM, “What. That not in adventure.”

Group, “You changed the adventure. Now we changed the adventure. Pray we don’t alter the adventure again.”

DM, “Okay. Draw me out a one street western town.”

Siv quickly dashes out the side door, crosses the street to the gun smiths. Various horse troughs are placed at building.

High Noon. Marshal Simon, “Draw you sidewinder.”

Bad Ro4M summons his thunder Sidewinder, which swallows Siv hold. Adrianna fey steps onto the back of the thunder lizard and rakes her spurs into its back. It hacks up Siv into the horse trough below. Then swallows her.

Simon avoids the gun fire and punches and upper cuts One Eye Duodrone stunning him. Dougart and Marmalade stab him. Mailman John Grimble checks his Pony Express Pouch and finds a Winchester 1873, he whips out and shoots the eye out the thunder lizard. Adrianna rips her spurs along the stomach of the lizard and as she is being spat out cuts loose on its fangs.

Simon kicks one eye in the head, runs over and punches Bad Ro4m in the face, which knocks him out. Marmalade turns into a huge pole cat and eats One eye. Dougart whips out his rope of entanglement and ties up Ro4m.

A single shot is heard as Siv puts the lizard down. The town rejoices. The party is long and hard and well into the night. Fetus wakes up Simon with the bad news that Ro4M escaped during the night.

Simon, “Well we still have the loot we took from them varmints. And the bounty is $1,000. So it was a good day.”

Stella, “Actually Marshall, you were offer won ONE FREE DRINK each. The bounty will just cover your bar tab.” She polishes the Mimir and it starts it down load.

Mimir, “The Great Modron March is procession of countless modrons conducted years to collect information about and realign the workings of the plane of Mechanus. Untold numbers of modrons are the march, and sometimes whole the march split off and. The march enters the Outlands portal in the gate-town of. The march visits all the gate-towns through the rilmani settlement of the base of the Spire. From there, the march ventures into other planes, with a number eventually returning to Mechanus. The last Great Modron March of schedule and experienced a number of irregularities and losses reasons.” Five gears rattle and a purple “r” appears on the Mimir.

DM Notes. Grimble is the next main character. Thanks guys it was fun last night.

End of Session 507


Rotten DM
I originally was going to do a rift on kung fu movies because Simon is a monk. But no backstory and him wanting the villain to have a family heirloom just in my mind turn this into a western. and all the players ran with the idea.


Rotten DM
Planescape Session 11

Thunder Tabaxi HO

Day 89 to Day 99

PC Killed 4 Monster Killed 52 Villains Captured 5 Villains Escaped 6

Start Time 6:13 End Time 8:40

Take a Level. 10 downtime days. 1,000 gp.

Magic Items Choose one +1 weapon from PHB, +1 Wand of war mage, Cloak of Protection, Dimensional Shackles

I had a strong group of six. Dougart Drakewarden 8 Tempest Cleric 1 half elf. Siv Hunter Monster Slayer Ranger 8 Fighter1 wood elf. Adrianna Zealot Barbarian 9 Summer Eladrin. Marmalade Circle of Moon Druid 9 Tiny orange Tabaxi. Mailman John Grimble Battlemaster 9 tiny Tabaxi. Simon Way of the Shadow Monk 9 Gnome.

For x days the walking castle has been lost. Marmalade and John Grimble are sunning on the balcony when a glitch happens.

Tabaxi, Tabaxi
Tabaxi, Tabaxicats, ho

Are on the move
Tabaxicats are loose
Feel the magic
Hear the roar
Tabaxicats are loose

Tabaxi, Tabaxi
Tabaxi, Tabaxicats
Tabaxi, Tabaxi
Tabaxi, Tabaxicats
Tabaxi, Tabaxi
Tabaxi, Tabaxicats
Tabaxi, Tabaxi
Tabaxi, Tabaxicats


The castle shifts into 70s shag carpeting with two twists. It is all various color of cat furs. It is in a camo pattern. Everyone else morphs into a Tabaxi but their abilities did not change. Jane nearly dumps water on top of Dougart’s head and tells them get their lazy bones out the sun and see what the mountain lion at gate wants.

As they are descending the stairs they see the city of Rigus. A hill is surrounded by seven rings of iron walls. A glowing blue bell gate is at the top of the hill. All troopers on the walls face inwards. Various different cat races can be seen moving about.

“I am corporal Pinag Shu, move that walking dog house back a mile. Declare yourselves and your unit, company, and brigade. Sorry Commander Dougart. I did not recognize you. You been on recon for the last three weeks. I see you have added to your commando team. I will not escort you to the proper commander. Follow me sir. Sgt of the gate, escorting Very Important Cat to leadership. Will return to my post asap.” The mountain lion leaps forward and zoomies through the gate. The various shops and houses are made of cardboard boxes with a lot of smiling arrows on the side. They at the intel company.

Major Kalar, “Sorry sir. Did not know you were reporting in. What?” A panther leaps onto Dougart and holds him down, grooming his hair. “Private you are out uniform and where is your grooming kit one dash two dash three.”

John Grimble, “Expend while on recon major. I need a status update.”

Major Kalar, “Sir attacks have double in the last two weeks. The forces are sending out class B troops but they are generally winning. We are leaking information. We have a spy but we have seen nor smelled no dogs, vultures, or frogs. I will send a runner to you when I get more information.”

Grimble, “we be at the mess hall. Then we resupply.” Arriving at mess hall the group see senior staff sergeant Gauller.

Gauller, “Pvt Siv what are you doing in my mess hall after chow hours. By the great Omens, I will have on KP so fast it will make your head spin.” He cuffs Siv and the fur ball begins. Fur and hisses, and drool flies. “Okay you win. Have some chicken pate I have in stock.” With the troopers being out in the field for three weeks, warmed over pate tastes great. After a slow meal, they move on to supply.

Sgt Luggik is not happy with their issues and hands Commander Grimble a stack of requisition forms to fill out before he will issue any new equipment.

Suddenly they hear.

Tabaxi, Tabaxi
Tabaxi, Tabaxicats, ho

Commander Grimble, “To arms and the gate. FOLLOW ME.” The gate flickers out rush six bulldogs. “By the great Omen. I ring the silver bell and summon six berserkers from my vault.” Six berserker move to engage the bulldogs. Siv hangs back to provide long range fire. Dougart looks for the spy.

Marmalade, “By the power of the Omens, I choose spotted leopard huge form. Tabaxi Cats HO!” She bites the head off one of the dogs.

Dougart, “Commander Bravo platoon is coasting. And dragging tail.” Half the bulldogs go down. “Sir, Sgt Luggik is faking. Something is up.”

Grimble moves across the battle field, “By the Omens, may the Golden Lantern of Revealing reveal all that is no so! Nay say is not so it is my archenemies Mummy Ran and his vicious vultures of Voltron!”

Mummy Ran, “A water ball to you Commander Grimble and your little kitty pile too.” Grimble ducks but most of the rest of group and berserkers are covered in water. Simon zoomies over to protect his commander.

Pvt Simon, “By the four dots on the cubic of force no more magic for you.”

Commander Grimble, “THUNDER TABAXI FOCUS FIRE ON MUMMY RAN!” Mummy Ran tries to escape under the cover of his air cover but does not make it pass Grimble and Siv. Dougart and Siv take out the remain vultures.

The gate closes and the paper begins. As they reenter the chow hall the Mimir hums.

The Mimir downloads and speaks, “The Great Modron March is a procession countless modrons conducted every 289 years collect information about the multiverse and the workings of the plane of Mechanus. Untold numbers of modrons are lost the march, and sometimes whole tangents the march split off and get lost. The march enters the Outlands through portal in the gate-town of Automata. The march visits all the gate-towns, passes through the rilmani settlement of at the base of the Spire. From there, the march ventures through into other planes, with a much-diminished eventually returning to Mechanus. The last Great Modron March occurred of schedule and experienced a heightened of irregularities and losses for tenebrous.” A Purple ‘R’ appears on the skull.

DM notes. Marmalade will be the main character next week. Dougart and Ari

End of session 509


Rotten DM
Planescape Session 12

Chapter 11 Sylvania Titan on the Tower

Scooby Doo vs The Terrible Titan

Day 99 to 104

PC Killed 4 Monster Killed 53 Villains Captured 6 Villains Escaped 6

Start Time 6:30 End Time 8:10

Promote to 10th Level, Take 10 downtime days, 1,000 GP

No Magic

I had a very strong group of ten. Starring John Grimble as Don Knotts Fighter 10 Tabaxi. Siv as he Shaggy 2002 Evocation Wizard 9 Sea Elf. Dougart as Fred Drakewarden 8 Tempest Cleric 2 Half-elf. Marmalade as Velma Moon Druid 10 Tiny Tabaxi. Valery as Gene Simmons Eldritch knight 9 Half-elf. Aziiz as Jonathan Winters Life Cleric 9 Kenku. Adrianna as Thelma and Scooby-do Path of Zealot of barbarian 9 Summer Eladrin. Daisy as innocent bystander College of Eloquence bard 9 Bugbear.

The Scooby Gang 70s arrived at the house on betrayal hill. The house had gone through many owners since the 60s when it failed at as a Disco Hall since they were ten years ahead of the times. Sandy Duncan, Bruce Wayne, Gomez Addams, P Dillard, and basketball team were the former owners.

Don, “Hey kids it looks like you have lost your way. The Josie and the Pussy Cats concert is still schedule to be at down town Bugtussle. Yipes. That Thunder and Lightning was very very frighting. Let’s gets in the house.” Rain chases the kids indoors.

Creepy Cook, “Dear all we have fresh is the Ritz Crackers and the cheese wiz.”

Don, “Only the good stuff for our guests.” The group goes into the kitchen where Shaggy builds a Dagwood out expired ingredients. Suddenly Thunder crashes and the 100-year-old oak crushes the van.

Don, “It was just an accident.”

Marmalade, “Jinkies. It looks like a huge axe cut it down.” A groan is heard from the kitchen.

Shaggy,” Zoinks the food is all gone man.” Thunder and Lighting.

The Scooby-Gang Crossover arrive. Don invites them and learns the bridge is closed back to town.

Gene, “Hmm, That Painting of Paul use to be on the other wall”

Jonathan Winter, “Maude Frickert would love this place.”

Suddenly a huge crunch is heard and the Scooby Van is tossed through the ballroom. It is in a huge ball. And the tree is rolled against the front door. And groan is heard from the attic and a huge spectral hand rises up from the floor snatching Don.

Gene, “Hey that a trap door. I use them in my act.”

Dougart, “Okay guys lets split up.”

The Attic group of Winters, Shaggy, and Brendar open the attic floor door and explore. Shaggy is scared by a ghost. But it is a wire frame with strange ribbons on it. It also has a contractor’s name on it.

The rest of expanded gang explore the basement. Don is trying to load a green brass bullet into his revolver. The Frankenstein Monster asks for a coin and attacks Fred. The rest of the group attacks but the monster repeatedly attacks Dougart glitching him.

The monsters start to smoke and burn when Thelma turns on the fire extinguisher. Thede gang discovers it a pyrotechnic prop. They hear a groan from the dining room and find Fred coming too. The clues are discussed.

Shaggy, “Zoinks, this mask won’t come off Fred. Just black and white make up.”

Gene, “That because it is my real face. My band owned the property back in 79. And I was thinking of buying again for my retirement home. But I don’t know where they got my old props from.”

Jonathan, “I just have one more question. Where is the cook?”

Plans are put into motion to captured the cook. Gem of Brightness, Rope of Entanglement, and other things are put together. Brendar is the bait and finds the ghost claw. Running into the trap room, the trap most works.

The Mask is Remove.


Don Knotts, “Not possible. He died three years ago. And why do I hear a puppy?”

The Mask is Removed.

Gang, “SCABBY DO!”

Scrappy-doo, “That Scrappy-Doo. And I would have got away with if it wasn’t for your meddling kids.”

Gang, “No you got the mange.”

DM Notes. Thanks for the cross over people.

End of Session 511.


Rotten DM
Planescape Session 13

Chapter 12 Outlands Explorations

Test Subjects

Day 104 to Day 584

PC Killed 4 Monster Killed 60 Villains Captured 6 Villains Escaped 6

Start Time 6:16 End Time 8:24

Take 10 Downtime Days

Magic Item Lucky Blessing. You can use the Lucky feat 3 times. Wand of Wonder. Potion of Water Breathing.

I had a strong group of six. John Grimble Samurai 10 Tabaxi. Marmalade Moon Druid 10 Tabaxi. Dougart Clockwork Sorcerer 10 Tiefling. Siv Range 8 Fighter 2 Wood elf. Adrianna Zealot Barbarian 9 Winter Eladrin. Simon Way of the Shadow monk 10 gnome.

Missing first transmission from clockwork time agent.

The wedding chapel is destroyed. Time Agent Dougart syncs in. Someone has attacked his wedding. He was delayed due to. Missing second transmission from clockwork time agent. Adrianna and Siv are the only two people moving under their own power. One moan and two kittens in distress are heard from some the piles of debris. As Adrianna tries to give Aurora mouth to mouth, she discovers Aurora’s head is not attached. She barfs.

Dougart, “Who did this?” The answers are confused.

Voice, “Combat in three, two, one.”

Auril, “My follower. You have chosen to side with the forces of summer. I shall freeze the blood in your body.” Ice flies as combat begins. And ends very quickly as the rest of the wedding party explodes out from under the debris. As Auril falls a glitch happens.

Dougart, “This freaky pocket watch is not working.”

Voice, “Combat in three, two, one.”

A Death Kiss is teleported into the chapel. It attacks but the sharp shooter and Grimble end quickly. Suddenly a yellow grid on a black room appears. A commoner in a gold shirt and black pants is working on a panel. He speaks but nothing comes out. Marmalade tosses a spell. Sound returns as the commoner yells “Computer end Simulation”. He screams as he is fire bolted.


Voice, “Now with my superior genetic formula. I will inject these two innocent kittens. Combine with my Gamma Rats they shall arise and help me take over the world.” The Tabaxi revert to kittens. Finally, I will be able to take over the Multiverse!


Shemeshka, “You have destroyed my plans for the last time. No more clockworks. No more Grimble Gang. Audience take your bets.”

An Orthon and (Transmission static) port in. Simon and Siv sharp shoot and stun the Oroton. Marmalade and Samurai mailman drop a fortress on the (Transmission static).


Sixteen months later.


DM Notes. We are skipping Chapter 13. Next session the table will be taking a break from the book. If you don’t have a tier 1 pc, create a level one pc.

End of Session 512.


Rotten DM
Planescape Session 14

Chapter 14 & 15

Call the IRS

Day 584 to Day 586

PC Killed 4 Monster Killed 67 Villains Captured 6 Villains Escaped 6

Start Time 6:16 End Time 8:55

Take 10 Downtime Days. 15,000 GP

Magic Item Dagger of Venom, Demon Armor, Instrument of the Bards Anstruth Harp.

I had an average group of five. Grimble 3000 Samurai 17 Tabaxi. Marmaduke War Cleric 17 Tabaxi. Dougart Time Lord Clockwork Sorcerer 17 Tiefling. Siv Monster Hunter 13 Champion 4 Wood elf. Adrianna Zealot Barbarian 17 Winter Eladrin.


The group is back in the casino on the platinum floor. Aurora walks in and sets down the courtesy basket. She grabs Dougart’s Staff of the Arch Sorcerer and breaks over her knee.

Aurora, “I will have a wood fire going in a moment. The Shemeshka Casino prides itself on using natural products.” Her eyes meet Dougart’s and it is love at first sight.

Dougart, “How did you break that magic staff? It is not possible.”

Aurora, “Love is the true Magic but even stage magicians don’t perform real magic silly. I will go get your platinum pass keys for the platinum lodge. And room service is 333 on the dial.” She leaves and Adrianna follows.

Adrianna, “I am agent A. MIRS. Multiverse Infernal Revenue Service. Do you have access to the real books?”

Aurora, “Yes. Meet me in House of Liars after supper.”

Mass chaos is happening in the room. This world does not have magic but they have all their abilities. The cards are laid on the table. Adrianna is an IRS agent and is going to bust Shemeshka. Dougart is in love with Aurora who he just met. Grimble 3000 was a humble post office work until Shemshka murder him by running a sixty-thousand-gallon milk truck into his mail truck. It wasn’t about dog earring her Dog Fancy magazines. Marmaduke was just kitten until Shemeshka Gamma Demon Rats bit her. They all have a gripe.

Shemeshka is going down tonight. Two Dougart are in this universe. One is him. The other is a cheap American knock off. A magic portal is somewhere in the casino. But a cloaking field is hiding it. The plan is made.

Marmaduke tosses her Sandcastle. GLITCH.

The group teleport into the security room. Two thugs object but are put down. The casino is quiet. It been closed for a year. The intercom crackles.

Shemeshka, “Dougart dear and guests. Could you meet me at the main stage? And bring your MIRS buddy. And those evil kitties too.”

Entering the casino floor the dust layer is over a year old. Shemeshka wears an ankle bracelet due to her house arrest.

Shemeshka, “Dougart I know you made friends with that traitor Aurora. She is in a safe place. Marry me and she will remain safe. I am only going to up for seven years for tax evasion. Marry me so you don’t have to testify against me. And after a few married man visits, we get along.”

Dougart, “No, and where is Aurora?”

Shemeshka, “Fine marry me first you lovely man and after five years you can take her as a second wife.”

Dougart, “No.”

Shemeshka, “Fine after three years you can marry her too.”

Dougart, “No”

Shemeshka, “Thug one and Thug two. Kill!” The fight starts and the mighty morphing elephant stomps on the Marmaduke and casts stupid on most of the party.”

Adrianna and Siv call “Summon IRS agents” and 13 berserkers arrive to help the party. Once the party is over, the group raids the secret get away stash and opens the portal to the Beholders Plane.

The modrons are marching. The Modrons are always marching. A mushroom beholder yells at the new maintenance team. The party is trying to get it bearings when two huge feet crash through the ceiling trying to stomp them. They vorpal sword whack both and move on.

The second trouble ticket has the maintenance crew trying to deal with skull of Beherit. Bert is not happy that the modrons are marching through his living room. Bert does have a bonus offer. If they take him with them, he will give them the location to the boss. And the coordinates to their original plane, and the fifth plane of Hell. Oh, they need to open the fifth plane and cuck him in.

Moving on to the third apartment the modrons are marching on. Marching on air. Not being able to follow them, the decide to platform across the dead beholder bodies. This goes well for the Samurai 3000. The rest fall into the bottomless pit which is 200 feet deep. Two befuddled beholders try to snack on the group. This does not go well for either group, both the team survives and takes a short rest in their sand castle.

DM Notes. Some of you were not paying attention about the pass keys to the longue. Good use of burning your blessings, and using your magic items you have acquired during the game. The dice did not like the group during the platforming section of the chapter. They burned all or most of their Lucky blessing. Remember what is in your treasure inventory. I do keep a players handbook handy if you need a hard copy. Let me know if the back room smells in the game store, we will get the air fresher machine to run while we are not there.

Grimble 3000 does want to DM for a group on game night. He will bring that up during the upcoming pot luck.

End of Session 516


Rotten DM
Planescape Session 4

Chapter 4

Into the Outlands

Wedding Bells

Day 2 0800 to Day 2 1200

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 20 Villains Captured 0 Villains Escaped 2

Start Time 6:18 End Time 8:58

10 downtime days.

Story Award. Dougart. Good Memory. You recovered one of your memories.

I had a strong group of six. Dougart Paladin of the Crown 6 Metallic Dragonborn. Sklyer Soul Knife Rogue 6 Drow. Marmaduke War Cleric 6 Kitten size Tabaxi. Grimble Life Cleric 6 chonky size Taxbaxi. Siv Hunter Ranger 6 wood elf. Adrianne Bell Oath of Devotion Paladin 6 Aasimar.

Elvis escorts the party goers to a portal and reminds them to look for R04M. He then opens the portal. The group arrive in the ruins of a casino done in black marble. It is almost a duplicate. Except for the red oak and elm trees, the blue sand. The talking squirrel in a blue tunic, with gold braid, and an upside down gold triangle on it chest.

Squirrel, “Hey you. I think you need to move on. You are in the outlands. The outlands of are part of the outer planes.”

Adrianne, “But my paladin senses are not picking up celestial, fiend, or fey. You are not fey.”

Squirrel, “The outlands are part of the outer planes mostly aligned with the neutrals. So your senses will not pick up those three. And I not the one talking to squirrel.” He taps the triangle and disappears in golden dust.

Adrianne, “The squirrel told me we are in the outer planes.”

Group, “What squirrel?”

Dougart, “That building in the distance is part of a Githzerai outpost. The Githyanki and Githzerai which are not associated with Gith Grenade were slaves too mind flayers.” Dougart drones on about the difference between Gith Y and Gith Z. Both Taxbaxi get into a nap pile and dream. “Strange I don’t remember what mind flayers look like. Or why I should beware of tieflings”. The group moves on to war machine. Six legs hold the fort stable and each leg is 60 feet talk with plenty of hand holds. The first floor is large. The balcony is only 3 feet wide and has a low restraining wall. The porch is only 5 feet.

The group gives advice to Sklyer as he tries to pick the lock. Getting bored Marmaduke move to next one and knocks. The door opens to a middle age tiefling. He starts at Dougart and gets angry.

Jeff, “Jeb, that low down piece of beep who stood Jane up at the altar has return. Get your white crossbow.” From the stairs, a female voice is heard, “Just kill him.” Two tieflings charge down the stairs. Jeff knocks Dougart on the ground and stomps on him. Meanwhile Sklyer is still trying to pick the lock.

The rest of group tries to talk with bridal group. Dougart doesn’t remember the wedding. All three members of the Jay family starts trying to kill Dougart. The group finally reacts and starts trying to protect Dougart. He keeps pleading for peace and explanations but just things dealing with the wedding comes up. Marmaduke weaves between the legs of the combatants and enters the library. She closes the door, locks but forgot gets to toss the bar due to the shiny coffin and huge number of books.

The combat is confusing. The bosses of a Mezzoloth and Nycaloth get involved but the family finally calms down. They just watch their bosses wail on the group. I lost count of the number of pcs tossed off the building. The combat nearly draws to a close. With Grimble and Skyler leaving, Marmaduke making out with a demon, and the Mezzoloth dead.

DM Notes. I will be asking people to roll a wisdom memory check occasionally. PCs with the least number of memories roll first. Please tell me about your Memory ideas.

Grrrr. I really hate some game races names.

Tourist. Copper Top. A young copper dragon, she asked you for directions to Waterdeep. You were no help.

Okay. Marmaduke is making out with an incubus on 1 floor. The Nycaloth is 1 floor below her. The other combatants are on the first floor. We will start with her save vs charm person.

Reader notes. The remaining two monsters are nearly full hp. Everyone has taken damage. So I did not feel it was right just to call combat due to time limits.

End of Session 495

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