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DDAL Jasper DMs Planescape


Rotten DM
Planescape Session 15

Chapter 15

Bridges to Abyss

Day 587 0800 to Day 588

PC Killed 4 Monster Killed 72 Villains Captured 6 Villains Escaped 8

Start Time 6:30 End Time 8:18

Take 10 Downtime Days. Take A level. 15,000 GP

Magic Items Ring of Regeneration, Emerald Elemental Gem, Cubic Gate

I had an average group of five. Grimble 3000 Samurai 17 Tabaxi. Marmaduke War Cleric 17 Tabaxi. Dougart Time Lord Clockwork Sorcerer 17 Tiefling. Siv Monster Hunter 13 Champion 4 Wood elf. Adrianna Zealot Barbarian 17 Autumn Eladrin.

“The Modrons go marching on. The Modrons go marching on. Early in the morning.” This drone has gotten louder and louder during the night until the walls of the sand castle are vibrating.

Dougart, “that song will not be created until five centuries from now. We must stop this glitch!” As the group leave the castle they drop to the walk way on opposite sides of the single file of monodrones. A curtain of flame blocks their line of sight as the Marmaduke kitty sprints ahead. Grimble 3000 tries to trip a monodrone but nearly gets crushed in the marching machine march.

(DM I laid out the march with poker chips and told them not to cross the streams. They still tried to cross the streams. Or dance on it.)

Touching the flame curtain, it and the far one disappears. They are in the mouth of a too big to be a size beholder. The mouth is propped open as a team of monodrones work on some teeth. The line of monodrones go deeper into the beholder. On the other side is three Septon modrons carrying their leader a Hexton.

The Mimir, “Must upload new data file to supreme leader or murder death kill. Must not let X01 touch far wall or loyal time lord lackeys will glitch back to starting point. Death will not result in glitch. Death will be murder death kill. No health will be restored.”

A Nonaton Modron rushes toward Marmaduke. “KEEP AWAY!” She tosses her sand castle which morphs into a real keep. It appears to crush the robot and a few dozen monodrones.

WARNING WARNING. LOAD LIMIT ON BRIDGE EXCEED. FAILURE OF SUPPORT STURTURE. A twenty by twenty foot of section of the bridge disappears into the abyss along with the keep. Marmaduke skits to a stop and waves bye bye to the keep.

Getting angry at the monodrones Grimble 3000 slices and dices nine of them in a series of slices and dices. “Ginsu Knives, strong enough to destroy a robot. Sharp enough to slice a tomato.”

Dougart, “Stop the X01! Focus fire on the boss!” As the group tries to work around the minor hole in the bridge, they fire on X01. Siv and Adrianna teleport close and kill it.

Septon, “Death of Leader. Must Murder Death Kill Siv. Must Murder Death Kill Adrianna. What to do with a dead Siv?’

Monodrone March, “Toss him in the abyss. Early in the morning!’

Chaos of battle happens. Marmaduke keeps nearly falling into the abyss.

Small Grimble 3000 tries to shove a modron off the bridge and gets pettings because of the size difference. As they defeat the last mech minions X01 reboots.

X01, “Alert! Alert Shemeshka has breached Mechanus. Murder death kill all humanoid. Dalek protocols initiate. Murder death kill all ugly bag of mostly water. Exterminate!”

Mimir, “Upload patch now.” The X01 lights go faster. A beam covers Dougart. “Upload at 99 percent.”


The group is transported to Sigil. They are outside the mortuary. Everything is frozen. A hologram of the Lady of Pain appears. “Good Job. Stay Out of Trouble”. A cubic gate falls to their feet. A chest of gold appears next to it.

The End.

DM Notes. Feel free to look at the adventure through the campaign. I will be including your feedback into my review of the books. Take a long rest.

End of Session 519

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Rotten DM
3 out 5 Stars. An idea book in search of an adventure.

Sigil and the Outlands Basically a nice info dump on Sigil and then one page write up of each plane.

Morte’s Planar Parade most of the monsters are interesting but only the time dragon stands out.

Turn of Fortune’s Wheel. Lame plot. My players were tired of chasing R04m by the second outland encounter. I started rewriting and reskinning encounters around chapter 6. The wandering encounters in chapter 12 has some nice ideas on tying random encounters

Gripe I have the store copy and the ink has a started flaking off the cover.

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