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Rotten DM
Planescape Session 1

Chapter 1 Grave Escape

Day 1

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 3 Villains Captured 0 Villains Escaped 0

Start Time 6:30 End Time 7:48

10 downtime days. 100 GP. Take a Level.

I had a very strong group of ten. Dougart Paladin of the Crown 3 Metallic Dragonborn. Sklyer Soul Knife Rogue 3 Drow. Brandor Pact of the Tome Warlock 3 Half-elf. Alvyn Way of the Open Fist monk 3 gnome. Adtainea Bell Oath of devotion Paladin 3 Aasimar. Aziz Life Cleric 3 Kenku. Salamah Fleetfeather Assassin 3 Halfling. Marmaduke War Cleric 3 Kitten size Tabaxi. Grimble Life Cleric 3 chonky kitten size Taxbaxi. Vilvarin Ranger 3 Half-elf. Groan. Just noticed I had a small large size party.

Welcome all the new people to Adventure Legal.

The cold freezing metal cold brought the team awake. The light was flat and lifeless. Sheets covered their faces as the took a huge breath. A hand picked up a sheet and Vilvarin look into a face. But it was not a face but a floating skull.

Morte, “Welcome to THE MORTUARY. What are you doing BREATHING? What in the nine hells are your breathing for?”

Vilvarin, “Um who are you? Why am I here? Who am I? How did I get here? Where am I?”

Morte, “I am the Marvelous Magnificent Morte the mightiest Morte of the Multiverse. You are dead. Only the dead are delivered to The Mortuary. Vilvarin is on your nose tag. Francis brought you in here with the rest of dead friends. You are in THE MORTUARY. Why are you steal breathing? Why aren’t dead? “

Vilvarin, “I breathe to live. I am not dead. I would recall. Wait a minute I only remember my name.” Morte glitches out. “Why did you just do that?”

Morte doesn’t notice he glitched out, “Why is this dead head still talking to me. The dead don’t talk!”

Dougart, “Yes they do. You get five questions. Saw in a movie once. Wait what is a movie?”

Morte, “The Living are not allowed in THE MORTUARY. Grab you belongs in the corner and leave.”

Skyler, “How will know what is our stuff I don’t even remember my class.”

Morte, “If it fits….”

Marmaduke, “It sits. Nice suit of armour here.”

Grimble, “How will be get out?”

Morte, “DOH! Follow the signs that say Exit!”

Brandor, “Signs says nothing. You have to read them!”

Morte, “I see you were an English teacher or moron who is getting on my nerves.”

Alvyn, “You said Francis brought us in here. Where is he?’

Morte, “Working. Somewhere down the hall.”

Adtainea, “What does he look like?’

Morte, “Average sized gentleman. Has a blue uniform. With a Francis name tag on it.”

Aziz, “How will we recover our memories?”

Morte, “First cover yourself ugly flesh bag draped over a boner skeleton. Then follow the exit sign. I don’t care if you recover your memories. Why are the living STILL Talking to me!”

Fleetfeather, “Because you only one here with answers. Why do you want us to go?”

Morte, “Because the Living don’t belong in the Mortuary. Now get dress. In the clothing that fits you. Follow the exit signs down the hall to the outside. And GO OUTSIDE with the rest of the living! And get out my hair.”

Grimble, “But You don’t have hair Morte. Can we make detours as we leave?”

Morte, “Morte’s Magnificent Mane made maidens mourn their mousey mops for a milieu. That was just one of the punishments Morte suffers.”

The group gets dress with Dougart having to remove Marmaduke and Grimble out his clothing twice. Marmaduke decides to explore the Autopsy room. She spies an elderly gentle woman taking apart a corpse. She knocks the rib plate over.

Jex, “Who are you? Stop that breathing! Only the dead are allowed back here!”

Marmaduke, “You can’t make us leave! What you going to do about it?”

Jex, “Make you stop breathing. Frank punch her face in!” The corpse rises and punches Marmaduke across the room and the fight is on and over with quickly. Pocketing the key, the party decides to follow the exit signs. Down the hall the find the janitor closet and a window door look over a long hallway. A blue lever and red lever have locked the door. Popping the correct lever, the enter the hallway which ends with another door with small glass window.

Movement is seen through the small glass door, it is Francis. He is zombie. He waves. He then pulls the red lever on his side of the door. Gas starts pouring into the hallway. A memory flashes in Aziz head.

Aziz, “It is a crematorium. Get the thieves tools out. And open that door!” The rogues go to work and get the door open, just before the gas ignites. They beat Francis into a puddle. Taking a quick minute, they look around. Grimble decides to explore the records room.

Inside the hall of records is a patchy fur Tabaxi named Thaeziagnuz. He is poet who welcomes them in the room. He does not notice that they are breathing. He describes he is writing a eulogy for a city guard. Fleetfeather engages the bard in conversation and Dougart notices a paper with his name on it. It is a death certificate. He finds death certificates for everyone in the party. Curiosity the cause of death is not filled in. Everyone sneaks their cert into their pockets. Fleetfeather helps the bard with some word choice. Brandor goes to ask the Tabaxi about the certificates.

Aziz, “We have not more questions. Everyone I think we need to step outside NOW. For a BREATH of fresh air.” He elbows Brandor in the gut and hustles everyone into the hall. “Shut it that is a demi lich mark 3 mobile model. We would have died if recognized we were breathing.”

The group climbs the stair to the outside. For three of group they see normal apartment skyscrapers. The others have never seen a skyscraper. No one has seen a city inside a torus.

Alvyn, “My PC played halo!”

DM Notes. Fleetfeather has agreed to dm a second table if needed. We will go for 3 sessions to see how 12+ table works. He has access to the story book.

The player knows the background of the PC. The PCs don’t. So If I call for something like city folk or noble background has advantage, the player rolls with advantage. This is your beclouded memories trying to surface.

Thanks for those who stayed after the session to talk and really introduce yourselves to each other.

End of Session 490

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Rotten DM
The greatest entity in Sigil is the Lady of Pain, an eternal being who watches over the Cage. She appears almost human, although she most definitely isn’t. She wears ornate robes that shroud her body, and a mantle of blades coated in blue-green verdigris surrounds her masklike face. No one is certain who or what exactly the Lady of Pain is, but it’s widely accepted she’s a being on par with deities. Strong enough to bar gods and their ilk from entering her city, the Lady of Pain forbids followers of her own. To worship her is more than taboo; it is an unforgivable crime punishable by imprisonment in the Mazes.

The Lady maintains the cosmic neutrality of Sigil. The city doesn’t take part in the Blood War, it doesn’t throw its weight behind the shining righteousness of Mount Celestia or contracts originating in the Nine Hells, and it’s never a battleground for the conflicts of Material Plane worlds.

On rare occasions, the Lady of Pain drifts through the streets, hovering above the ground. Creatures that interfere with her are flayed by her stare or vanish into nothingness as she turns to face them. Wise travelers give the Lady a wide berth, finding pressing business elsewhere as she passes by. Some locals claim that the Lady’s features occasionally take on a golden or steely sheen. Whether this is in response to threats to her city or other influences is a mystery.

Residents of Sigil view the Lady of Pain with fearful awe. A distant guardian, she leaves the city’s daily governance to the many factions that call it home. She has no residence, and no temples to her exist within the city.

The Lady’s means of protecting Sigil are the dabus, the Mazes, and her complete control over the city’s portals.


Rotten DM
Planescape Session 2

Chapter 2

Day 1 800 to 1300

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 15 Villains Captured 0 Villains Escaped 0

Start Time 6:17 End Time 8:10

10 downtime days. 350 GP. Take a Level.

Magic Item Portal Compass. Points to the last dimensional portal you can thru, if it still exists.

I had a very strong group of twelve. Dougart Paladin of the Crown 4 Metallic Dragonborn. Sklyer Soul Knife Rogue 4 Drow. Brandor Pact of the Tome Warlock 4 Half-elf. Alvyn Way of the Open Fist monk 4 gnome. Aziz Life Cleric 4 Raven Kenku. Solomon Fleetfeather Assassin 4 Halfling. Marmaduke War Cleric 4 Kitten size Tabaxi. Grimble Life Cleric 4 chonky kitten size Taxbaxi. Vilvarin Ranger 4 Half-elf. Siv Hunter Ranger 4. Brolen Berserker Barbarian 4. goliath Daisy Evocation Wizard 3 Tiefling.

The sounds and sights are overwhelming. Noise, crowds, dozens of races and languages crash on to party. They are on a ring world. Suddenly Dougart toes are stomped on by a rude tiefling who threats to put all of them in to the book of the dead. When Solomon threats him, he moves on.

Parisa, “Greetings lost ones. I am a tout. Hmm blank looks. A tour guide. Hmm. PAY ME. IT TELL YOU WHERE TO GO. WHAT TO EAT.” A goat centaur is before them. Who after some discussion agrees to guide them.

Parisa, “We are ruled by the Lady of Pain. She keeps other gods out but is not a god according to her. Beware the Harmonium officers. Cops to you Realms people. They generally wear fully plate paint red. Or covered in the blood of law breakers. I don’t get close enough to discover. They generally have man catchers and tasers. You are in torus. Think a doughnut. Marmaduke quit drooling. Fine we stop for tacos.”

After eating at Terrance’s tasty Tacos, the pass one of the philosophers’ circles. The white baton approaches the group. Baton, “Dear Sirs and Madam, we are at an impasse. We have been discussing the gods in the grand scheme of life. We have gotten our arguments down to two sentences. But are stuck to see which argument is true. There twelve of you and you should as a group come up with a single answer. We shall present the argument. And you will decide the truth.”

White robe Athar, “Gods are false powers. You can find some of their dead husks on the Astral Sea. So they are unworthy of worship.”

Red robe Bleak Cabal,” We slightly agree with the Athar but nothing has meaning, including this debate, the multiverse is cruel existence.”

Green robe Mind’s Eye, “Gods are legitimate. You too can achieve twentieth level and promote to god hood.”

Baton, “Here are tokens for one free drink at each of the groups temples. The Shattered Temple. The Gatehouse. And the Great Foundry. Your group has five minutes.”

Five minutes later. Dougart, “we agree with Mind’s eye. And.” Both Sklyer and Brandor chime and state they agree with the Bleak Cabal. A small riot begins and Parisa gets them moving on. Sometime later a hippy with a rock and tricorder approaches them. She pulls them into an experiment about invoking emotions so she can calibrate her sensory stone. However, she is unlucky. When one of the party tries to get a passerby to laugh they frighten it. After a half hour she gives them coupons to Hell’s Tacos and wanders off to cry.

As the group is about to get to their tavern, they see the red plate mailed peacekeepers. Turning to their guide, they just see his goat heels and shouts about not going to prison. A gnome tugs on Marmaduke’s tail.

Farrow, “I am a Farrow, my patron sent me. Come with me unless you love pain. I have a high toleration of pain. Yours. Not Mine. The Queen of Pain wants you for your crimes.” The groups run through a series of doors. The doors open portals to various parts of the Sigil with no thought to reality. One door opens to a balcony ten stories above. Another to the flat roof of a thirty story skyscraper.

Arriving in the sewers they met some more cranium rat speakers. Feeding them some taco left overs Vilvarin get told trust not the smell of strawberries. Farrow does not hear the rats and opens one more door to a birthday party.

Think a girl’s seven-year-old birthday party done in pink and chocolate bat accents.

Gertrude, “We are the Cakers. The Holy God Duncan Pillsberry says let’s eat cake.” She offers cake to the group and only three people take a slice. “Saint Butterworth said it good to eat what is put before you.” The rest of troop declines the second offer. “The Doughboy said it is rude to pass on free cake.” The group refuses a third time.

Gertrude, “Diabetic them boys.” Six Cakers attack but when they are killed, they morph into a head with chocolate bat wings. After a long battle with lots of cake being tossed around they win. But three of their number are cursed. During the looting they fight out about the curse and get the loot. Back tracking they spend their sugary loot to get the curse removed.

DM Note. We agreed automatic long rest between chapters.

Side Quests Get a tattoo at Fells, they sell magic tattoos.

Get a room at Wayfarer. 2 GP per room per night.

Shop the Bazaar. Can trade magic items with the DM.

Visit a Faction Headquarters.

End of Session 491


Rotten DM
Planescape Session 3

Chapter 3

Fortune Favors the Bold or

Flavor of Favors

Day 1 1300 to Day 2 0800

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 18 Villains Captured 0 Villains Escaped 2

Start Time 6:20 End Time 8:30

10 downtime days. Take a Level.

Story Award Skyler Winter Bite’s Nibble. You help out a young white dragon. He is your friend for life.

I had a strong group of six. Dougart Paladin of the Crown 5 Metallic Dragonborn. Sklyer Soul Knife Rogue 5 Drow. Marmaduke War Cleric 5 Kitten size Tabaxi. Grimble Life Cleric 5 chonky kitten size Taxbaxi. Siv Hunter Ranger 5 wood elf. Adrianne Bell Oath of Devotion Paladin 5 Aasimar.

Farrow meets the group outside the temple of Pipyap and starts discussing the various factions in Sigil. Farrow tries to get them to his patron Shemeshka even when they had no interest. No one was interested in talking to a foxy lady until he mentions free drinks, free rooms, and 10 free poker chips called Razorleaves.

Taking a quick nap, they find their armour and clothing have been pressed and cleaned. A drinking mug with 10 golden leaves with their name on them are stacked next to the door. The group slides down to the casino floor.

Skyler and Siv stop at the Dragon bar with a horse faced bartender. Strangely there is no rack of booze behind him. Just a strange machine looking like it was stolen from Willy Wonka’s gum factory. He puts in a monocle and asks for their order. Both say surprise me. The machine and monocle glow for a second.

Sea biscuit, “Realms. Winter lands. Oh, hot chocolate, with two spoons of grape cough syrup, and 4 shots everclear. Just like your mommy made for you. And for Skyler mushroom vodka with a candy straw.” The couple decides to stick to the free bar with free popcorn.

The rest of group enter the casino proper. A well-made fountain sprouting champagne is the first thing they see. Dougart is unhappy because the champagne is an illusion. The first act Beyond Reality with Bimdon Baffletrick is being sponsored by Bath, Body, and Beyond. The group wanders around the casino. A patron explains the slot machines. Another patron explains pirate dice and dice of faith. But the huge wheel attracts the eyes.

The Fortune Wheel can be played once per 24 local hours. It costs 5 golden razorleaves. Some of the group get in line to play, others hit the slots.

Dougart is approached by a night hag and offered a treat of a tasty worm larvae from hell. He plays for a bit getting only 3 larvae as prize which he gives to the night hag. Finally, the trio are next in line for the big wheel. Marmaduke wins a T-shirt saying “I spun the Fortune’s Wheel and got this lousy t-shirt.” Grimble wins a free drink from the Ice Lounge with drink master Phiwi special stuff. Adrianne gets the loser trumpet.

As they are heading toward the slots a trio of Vecna impersonators approach the group and start some verbal patter. Grimble notices one of the group is trying to steal from Marmaduke. And the fight breaks out. Siv and Dougart who are still occasionally playing the slots notice the fight and try to help. The Vecna throw hands literally yanking off their fake hands they use them as range weapons and knock Grimble out. The Mezzoloth bouncers start to break it up and so does Dougart. But.

Siv has casted silence on the group and no one can hear anyone scream. The bouncers are not playing. They kill one Vecna and as they kill the second, the silence disappears. Bouncers are screaming get on the ground and show me your hands. Both the last Vecna and Grimble try to escape.

Grimble runs through 3 slots, 2 dice of faith, and one pirate hands tables. Suddenly he is back where he started.

DM, “Those are solid objects. You can go through them.”

Grimble, “I will start over.”

Grimble and the Vecna try running through the casino and dash into the fountain. A bouncer appears before them. Grimble leaps to the bouncer’s shoulders and leaps out the main door and dashed down the corridor. Three of the bouncers teleport on to the Vecna and murder him. Grimble opens the door to the Dragon Bar Lounge and walks quickly toward the exit.

Sea Biscuit tosses his head and grabs Skyler’s beer. “I am pouring this back through”, he slams the beer down, winds up and pegs the escaping cat behind the ear. The Oni bouncer catches Grimble before he hits the floor and stops the glass from breaking with his big toe. “Nothing to see here patrons. Here have some free razorleaves”, the bouncer steals Grimble’s chips and passes them out to the bar patrons.

With only Siv and Sklyer not in chains, the group is taken to their room. Elvis one of the bouncers explains that the foxy lady will see them at her convenience. Siv takes all the razors from the chain gang. He and Skylar have a good time until their money run out. Siv goes to the room but Skylar cashes in his free drink at the Ice lounge.

A young white dragon named Winter’s Bite has lost his hoard and has 110 GP in a bar table. Skylar pays off the tab and the dragon is escorted to the exit, while the rogue is told he is needed in his room.

A few minutes later a six-foot two foxy lady enters the room. Elvis stands and rattles off their names.

Fox Lady, “Since I heard you have been butchering my name DM, just call me Foxy Lady,”

DM, “Hey no pronunciation guide here.” She glares at the DM.

Fox Lady, “Originally, I sent out Farrow to get here. So, I can ask you a favor. Originally.” She nods and Elvis cracks Grimble’s knuckles. “You see my accountant R04M has went missing. Taxes are due in a month. He is a great accountant when comes to the books.”

Grimble, “Good accountants cook the books properly. OUCH” Elvis cracks Grimble’s knuckles again.

Foxy Lady, “I was going to offer each 300 GP to find my accountant before the end of the three weeks. No Elvis no breakage. But some people started a fight in my casino. Burn my carpet. Broke 2 slot machines. Destroyed 6 Shrubbery. Someone did try to help the bouncers but did not obey the bouncers. So, this what I going to offer. Skyler and Siv 300 GP. Dougart 200 GP. Marmaduke, Grimble, Adrianna 100 GP.”

Grimble, “What if we don’t!”

Foxy Lady whistles and a sending stone appears in her hand, “Don’t make me rock your world and go stone cold on your ass. I have the peace keepers on speed stone and I am not afraid to turn you over to the cops. So,”

Adrianna, “Could you find out who we are also, my dear fair lady. If that is not a lot of trouble for you.”

“Well, your names don’t ring a bell right now but I put my three investigators on it. In the morning, you will take this eye of lapis lazuli to the portal it the key. Find R04M. Have a nice sleep.”, Foxy Lady.

Skylar, “But I am an elf. I don’t sleep.” Shemeshka, “Elvis please show him the hold.” Elvis grins.

DM Note. The map is excellent especially if you print it out to scale. But the author who populated the casino did not think of the sizes of the Oni, Dragon, and other critters.

You can go shopping between sessions. I have also created a second Planescape Campaign if you need it to create your pcs.

You can update the other table on what is happening with you. This is your memories and yourselves occasionally glitching across.

The Information dump on the factions will be in another thread or you can read the book Sigil and the Outlands for more information.

Remember free long rest between chapters to make it easier on everyone.

End of Session 493


Rotten DM
Planescape Session 5

Chapter 4

Into the Outlands

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Day 2 1200 to Day 17 0800

PC Killed 3 Monsters Killed 22 Villains Captured 0 Villains Escaped 2

Start Time 6:18 End Time 8:58

10 downtime days. Take A level. 2,000 GP

Magic Items. Gem of Brightness. Candle of Invocation 1-hour burn time. Necklace Prayer Beads with six beads.

Story Award. Rocking Reenee You met for the first time the ancient time dragon. Renesnuprah gave Grimble a scale which will summon her.

Story Award. Home Base. You freed Zaythir who with controls the Castellan. She will help you with your research and drive you to portals.

Story Award Purple Mimir. You recovered a Mimir which knows the location of R04M. It is broken.

Story Award Schools in. Zaythir will help you with research on the Outlands and Planes. Advantage on these knowledge rolls.

I had an average group of five. Dougart Paladin of the Crown 6 Metallic Dragonborn. Marmaduke War Cleric 6 Kitten size Tabaxi. Grimble Life Cleric 6 chonky size Taxbaxi. Siv Hunter Ranger 6 wood elf. Adrianne Bell Oath of Devotion Paladin 6 Aasimar.

As Marmaduke is boxing tonsils with the incubus, the rest of group charges up the tower and are tired of ladders by the second one. Thlaarsh tosses the broken body of Marmaduke down on to Dougart. He slips and charges back up the ladder only to be blocked by both Thlaarsh and Arcis.

Arcis, “Oh a cute little paladin with sanctuary and aura of protection. Since you won’t give me a kiss. Just let my boss pound on you. And not in the nice happy slaps fun way.” Two axe blows send the paladin bleeding out to floor below. Siv casts healing on Dougart and starts climbing the ladder. Meanwhile Adrianne climbs out the tower window and tries to squeeze back into the window on the fourth floor.

Arcis, “I swear I going have to get my nails done and brush my teeth. That is my second rejection of the day. What about you sweet cheeks Siv. Three. Three rejections. Boss. I boot this one in the head while you take care of the devil with the sweet baby cheeks.” Two more whacks and Adrianne is bleeding out.

Siv slips down the ladder and tag teams Dougart. Arcis, “Fine. Here is your boy toy. Oops. Clumsy me. I broke him. And not in the nice happy slaps fun way. Oh don’t go away. Boss. Show them who boss!” Thlaarsh teleports down to the third floor and wounds both the remaining party. Siv runs away but Dougart is chopped to bits.

Suddenly Siv and Grimble come across a camp group with Dougart and Adrianna looking dumbfounded into the fire.

I had a weak group of four. Dougart Drake Warden Ranger 6 Half Elf. Grimble Life Cleric 6 chonky size Taxbaxi. Siv Hunter Ranger 6 wood elf. Adrianna Zealot Barbarian 6 Eladrin.

Mass confusion reigns as they come to deal with their most recent deaths. A long discussion on what happen. How did it happen? And what happen to Marmaduke takes place. They decide to sleep on it. (DM NOTE Every take inspiration for the table talk.)

Suddenly the next morning Adrianna is crushed into the sand forest floor by a young dragon name Copper Top. She is lost but Siv gives her directions to the nearest portal. Knowing they have to take the castle they decide to go both with diplomacy and battle.

Jeb and Jane remember Siv but Adrianna looks like she had a kissing cousin come visiting last week. Adrianna talks the hillbillies to their side and they call Thlaarsh down to get dry gultched. Grimble casts holy circle and the fight begins. Suddenly Dougart slides pass both the hillbillies and fiend to get into the magic circle. Jeb pulls out the white crossbow and the beginning of a three way.

Aries,” I wasn’t invited.”

DM, “Three-way battle starts.” With the boss demon dead both Siv and Adrianna calm down the remaining parties. Adrianna comes up with a beautiful idea.

Adrianna, “Kissing Booth. Kissing Booth. One Silver.” Aries is fooled into coming down to the third floor when he is taken out quickly.

The maiden in the top of the tower is Zaythir a Gith Z Uniter. She is a scholar of the Outlands and Planes. She remembers the accountant Monodrone visiting. It left behind a purple Mimir which Grimble remembers. It was broke during the demon attack and Aries scatter parts of its cogs and gears through the Outlands.

The planes they need to visit are the following Automata, Curst, Excelsior, Faunel, Glorium, Rigus, and Sylvania.

Grimble, “I think we need to visit Automata next. Let us not get into unnecessary with modrons. And I think we find and not kill Beltha. But who is Beltha?”

DM Note. On monsters I play them by the intelligence or theme. So if they are going to be really evil I will attack down and bleeding out pcs.

The players agreed to run the chapters in order. But there will be cut scenes.

Each PC will be the main character of a chapter. This comes with some advance warning similar to precognition.

End of Session 497


Rotten DM
Planescape Session 6

Chapter 5 Automata

Worst of Inverse

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Day 17 0800 to Day 26 0800

PC Killed 3 Monsters Killed 27 Villains Captured 0 Villains Escaped 2

Start Time 6:14 End Time 8:24

10 downtime days. 500GP

Magic Items. 2 Potion of Healing, rare magic item (Double check with DM)

I had a weak group of four. Dougart Drakewarden half elf. Grimble Life Cleric 6 chonky size Taxbaxi. Siv Hunter Monster Slayer Ranger 7 wood elf. Adrianna Zealot Barbarian 7 spring Eladrin

The group recovers and talks with Zaythir and the Castellan. She remembers R04M and something about the Great March. She discovers her library has nothing on glitches but a lot on the various planes.

As the walking castle approaches the gate of Automata they spy a long line. Grimble gets into line while the others try to jump in front of the line. But they have the wrong form. They need the Queue Jumping Form 26 A. Going to the information building they get caught in an entanglement of queues. A queue to get to information booth. A line to get the form. Another line to get directions on how to fill out the form. A line to get a form to bribe the bureaucrats. A line of the minimum acceptable bribe suggestions. A line to return the 26A form only to find out Dougart made a mistake. Hours pass.

Finally, a bureaucrat name Grumble stops them in the hall to help them. He needs them to stop the Efficiency Expert Eddy from mailing out the information bureau’s efficiency report. But they must take the report from Eddy outside.

Eddy is disappointed when they don’t have the proper forms to rob him. He makes them fill out an Unauthorized Kidnapping of Senior Official Form. A Bodily Harm Request. And Thief of Government documents. He then turns over his explosive report.

Which explodes cause everyone to take damage but not get sick. (sorry Grimble the document did not make to my hands.) The Captain of the Guard Aristmus sees this and knows he has his suckers. Meanwhile Grimble has made within one block of the front of line. If they will capture the train schedule thief, he will escort them where they need to go.

Stopping off at the Divine Machine Coffee House Adrianna causes a scene when she discovers her Mongoose Coffee is really recycled through a mongoose three times. She hurls and then starts hurling staff monodrones. Meanwhile Dougart has made a discover and is ushering people through the escape hatch which leads to the villain’s lair.

The Villains Lair is loud lots of machinery is being used for sinister purposes. Beltha crew consist of a red slaad, a flying Quadrone, and herself a Githzeral Zerth. Adrianna tries charging but gets hung up in the machinery. But somehow Grimble seems to know what is happening before it happens. He grabs the book from her as she is pushed into the gears by Dougart.

Taking their award, and getting the Mimir download is a quick job after the fight.

Mimir, “The Procession years and of. Untold the the. The the. The then Dendradis from into eventually. The off of.” And a red “M” appears on the skull.

DM Notes. Grimble take 4 DM reward Hours.

Adrianna will be the main character next session. Research Curst the plane. You will have advantage in the final battle which can be over written. And advantage on all social checks during this chapter.

You get an automatic long rest between chapters.

End of Session 500


Rotten DM
Planescape Session 7

Chapter 6 Curst

Day 26 0800 to Day 40 0800

PC Killed 3 Monsters Killed 29 Villains Captured 0 Villains Escaped 4

Start Time 6:16 End Time 8:49

10 downtime days. 1,000 GP. Take a level

Magic Items. Driftglobe.

Adrianna Eversmoking Bottle, everyone else Gem of Brightness.

I had a weak group of four. Dougart Drakewarden 7 half elf. Grimble Life Cleric 7 chonky size Taxbaxi. Siv Hunter Monster Slayer Ranger 7 wood elf. Adrianna Zealot Barbarian 7 spring Eladrin.

Dougart, “I am bored if feels like we be in Howl’s Moving Castle for ages.” Suddenly a howling is heard and the shattering of a window. A small white sphere bounces off Dougart’s head and breaks another window on the way out.

Chuck, “Hey could you throw the ball down. Never mind if Hank got it.”

Dougart, “What is a baseball diamond doing in our way?”

Chuck, “What is a with a Drakewarden not knowing his basic shapes. Baseball diamond. Stick ball triangle. Look the score is 18 to 18 and we been playing for 300 years. Could you help us?” Adrianna notes the score for the last three innings is 6 each. Then she notices Chuck looks familiar like a younger version of her savior Charles High priest of Torm. But the short stop on the demons’ side looks like family. It takes a moment.

Adrianna, “WE are playing. Dougart will talk first base. I will take second base. Siv short stop and Grimble center field.” She starts at the party and they wisely accept her decision.” Three things of interest during the game. One the prize is a ten year younger of the Bride who was stood up by Dougart. Two Chuck does not recognize Adrianna. And Lyel does remember his off spring. Four the final score is 24 to 19 Angels win. And since Dougart wins the most valuable player he gets the prize.

The conversation between Father and Daughter has be sealed by Fey Magic but as sweet 16 gift, she gets an Eversmoking bottle.

Grimble is not happy to enter Curst. The town is full of rust. The walls are rusty, and the hooks on the wall are to keep people in. The Maelephant does mention R04M was here 5 weeks ago but he did not check out. Questions could be directed to the town hall. On the way to the town hall, they see a mugging occurring. They go to help out. During the battle the download begins.

Mimir, “The Great procession of years to and realign of the. Untold numbers the march, the march. The march the portal. The march then passes Dendradis at. From there, into other eventually returning. The last of schedule of irregularities.” A red “G” appears on the skull. Two gears can be heard grinding inside of the skull.

With Siv and Adrianna tucked under each arm the Farastu Demodand is going to have lunch and dinner. Grimble steals the sweet 16 gift and tosses the smoke bomb down. In the confusion, the party and Valder escape.

Valder is an ex-Mercykiller bloodhound. He been smuggling people out the plane through Copper Top’s junk yard. He smuggled R04M out four weeks ago. Copper Top is an adult copper dragon. She is not happy that their directions lead to Curst but she is proud of her yard. The Great Sanford and Son, Tony Stark, and the Tin man buys from her. She lets the group search around.

The junk yard is unique as portals open and lost stuff fall out. Grimble finds a shiny belt he had when he was very thin. Dougart finds a locket of his bride to be. Siv finds a left sock he lost last week. Adrianna finds a diary. Before they lose their way, Valder reminds them of their mission. Escape and find R04M. Copper Top tells them to avoid the trash monster and enter the Big Tin Dragon head to escape.

Entering the trash monster territory Adrianna gets a flash of the name Oscar. A junk pile collapses just missing the party. Adrianna, “Oscar behave. Have some rations and let us talk.” An Otyugh in red wizards of Thay robes with a credit card around his neck appears.

Seeing the Thay robes causes a panic attack for Siv who nearly attacks Oscar. But the party talks him down. Adrianna notices the glitch which swap her goblin language for Otyugh. They feed Oscar more iron rations and move on. They are near the wall underneath a pile of junk when two Mercykiller bloodhounds stop them. While they are standing in a pool of acid. They get hit with a tracking spell but play dumb about Valder.

Dougart nearly dies when he gets dump on his backside back into the acid. But the party starts focus firing and is able to get the upper hand. They take the Driftglobe as prize and go under the wall.

DM Notes. Siv will be the next main character. Research Excelsior plane.

Adrianna take 4 DM hour rewards.

End of Session 502


Rotten DM
Planescape Session 8

Chapter 7 Excelsior

Day 40 0800 to Day 60 0800

PC Killed 4 Monsters Killed 29 Villains Captured 2 Villains Escaped 4

Start Time 6:13 End Time 8:38

10 downtime days. 2,500 GP.

Magic Items. Lantern of Revealing, Brooch of Shielding, Rare Magic Item of your choice

I had an average group of five. Dougart Drakewarden 8 half elf. Grimble Life Cleric 7 chonky size Taxbaxi. Siv Hunter Monster Slayer Ranger 8 wood elf. Adrianna Zealot Barbarian 8 Winter Eladrin. Marmalade Circle of Moon Druid 7 Tiny orange Tabaxi.

Marmalade and Grimble are relaxing on the porch when the sun spot disappears. Marmalade wakes up from here nap and notices the shadow spot is getting larger, she scampers away as Grimble is buried under Renee the ADULT Time Dragon. She reminds them she owes them a gift and gives them a talisman of a sphere. This is a regift to gift “to the one who see silver”. The group will understand when this happens.

A day or too later they make plane fall at Excelsior. One of the line attendants knows Siv and gives them a pass to move on to the front gate. At the front gate Barney, the warden Archon has an APB for Siv. He is supposed to report directly to the police chief to file a missing person’s report on himself. Siv is confused and is wondering what to do.

Grimble, “Hey since you know us. Can we get a pass to see the high archon?”

Barney, “No. But Siv already has a badge which should get you to the front of the line to the great climb of Mount Celestia. Remember buy a t-shirt.” The stairway called Godstrand is a hundred feet wide and a mile high. Grimble looks at Adrianna when she mentions getting her steps in. Arriving at the top they discover they have just missed R04M by an hour.

Mimir, “The Great Modron procession of countless years to collect and realign the of the plane. Untold numbers of the march, and the march split. The march enters the portal in. The march visits then passes through Dendradis at base. From there, the into other planes eventually returning to. The last Great of schedule and of irregularities and.” A red “E” appears on the skull. Three gears can be heard grinding inside of the skull.

With his badge Siv gets them to an elevator but no Monodrone accountant is at the bottom. Reporting to the police station, they get yelled at.

Varrel, “You been missing for 2 years. What is the status of your five missing persons? Where have you been. If you so much as file an expensive report for vacation off realms, I will jail you.” Siv is confused. He doesn’t remember being here before. Varrel gives him the cold case file. Two years ago the following people went missing. Adorae a dragonborn. Changle a gnome. Irruwabi a human. Wobeke a human and Yoi a Tiefling. These were Realm guests on a work visa. Varrel mentions firing from a cannon when the group decides to move on to investigates the dragonborn’s house.

Adorae’s house is huge. It has a regular person’s door as a cat door. They knock.

On Dry the Celestial Giant, “Greetings fellow members of prophecy. Yes, Adorae use to live here but no more questions until I wrestle you for the power and rulership of Excelsior. By Saint Lee, oil up. Fight is too death or tap out. He pours oil over everyone. “Let’s get ready to wrestle!”

On Dry gets ticked off when Grimble hacks a hair ball on his toe. As soon as Grimble does down, he doubles taps him. This ticks off Marmalade who tosses out an instant fortress. Which knocks out Dougart. On Dry casts Fire Storm which takes out Marmalade. Siv gives first aid to Dougart but is zero out by On Dry. Adrianna starts taking hunks out the giant, who produces a force shotgun and shoots her in the face. Dougart taps out and heals both Siv and Marmalade. As they tap out, Adrianna goes down. When she is healed she stand back up and flips off the giant, who shots her in the face again with the shotgun. The remaining trio grab her and slap her hand on the bell tapping her out. Then they notice Grimble’s body is missing. As they find him, and On Dry has no clue with what happen to the dragonborn, they decide to get a good night sleep.

Around midnight a knock on the door is hear. A tuxedo Tabaxi is asking Andre to sign for thirty cases of the San Francisco Treat. A long and weird conversion goes on. Grimble is a postman for San Francisco and it is 1989 CE not 1496 FR. But since someone has stolen his postal truck, he is stuck. (Loved the role-play between the group.)

In the morning Grimble tries to catch a Sunfly but chases a mile until he sees it enter a traveler’s wagon. Siv notices it is Uncle Longteeth’s wagon and starts asking questions. Grimble swats a Sunfly.


I had a strong group of six. Dougart Drakewarden 8 half elf. Siv Hunter Monster Slayer Ranger 8 wood elf. Adrianna Zealot Barbarian 8 Winter Eladrin. Marmalade Circle of Moon Druid 7 Tiny orange Tabaxi. Grimble Wizard 8 tiny Tabaxi. Simon Way of the Shadow Monk 7 Gnome.

Siv mentions to uncle that two years have pass but Dougart and Marmalade mentioned it has only been two days.

Siv casts zone of truth and Grimble notices a six pack of aluminum cans. Grimble, “Tastes Great or Less Filling!” He pops a cold one and Simon is sucked into the can. Grimble pours Simon and drops the pull tab into the can. With this reveal Uncle Longteeth mentions he only transports the aluminum cans to hell. He buys them from Sincerity.

The group decides to take the beer, the wagon, and uncle into custody. At the police station they all pop a cold one and each beer is really an iron flask. All the missing persons are here. They all mention Sincerity had a beef with them. Varrel orders the arrest of Sincerity with the additional orders of bringing her in alive.

Most of group rush to the perp’s house paying little attention to Dougart wanting a plan. Marmalade’s moons the perp and stuns her. After she is tied up they loot. Um the take everything into evidence. And turn over most of the evidence to the chief of police.


Siv and his detectives retire after twenty years.

DM Notes. Inspiration will carry over for one session due to time limit. Marmalade is the next main character. Read up on Faunel.

End of Session 504

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