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[IC] Eberron: The Plumbers


Alara listened as the kobold briefed DePoe, concerned that the man was having trouble focusing but heartened to see him coming around. She sipped the excellent coffee their host had served, resisting the temptation to remember the last time she had been able to indulge in such luxuries.

"It might be wise to talk to the Watch first," she observed. "We're going up against the Daask. They may be short of manpower to hunt down missing warforged, but a Daask safehouse might merit their interest."

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"Yeah, I agree with Alara here, we should report back first. Who knows, the Watch might have some information on our targets, now that we know who we are up against, or they may be able to offer some support" Liutbrand takes another bite from a delicious pastry "Probably not, but it's worth a try".


DePoe, still angrily pacing, says "I agree, and we need to try to find a way to get Guerra as well. Preferably without any muscle they might have. Any good ideas about how to go about that?"


Upper Central Plateau/Mithral Tower/Street
Far, 28 Rhaan, YK 998 (Early autumn)/0810
Weather: Temperature normal for the season (cool), no wind, light rain (outside the towers)
Round 0

The conversation continues as the characters leave the Unicorn Estate of Aldrin d’Orien an head out into the streets of Mithral Tower, standing out a bit among the high class denizens of the district.

As the plumbers cross a bridge that views the city from a dizzying height, they hear a familiar voice from above. “Need a lift?” asks Sergeant Vilroy as she descends toward the Plumbers in a skycoach, a hood up to keep off the light, cool rain. “How’s your investigation coming?” Vilroy asked as she positioned the sky coach so they could easily board.

OOC: DePoe is still Poisoned (disadvantage on all rolls) for about 16 more hours. You have all had a Long Rest.

Ultimate: Figure out what’s going on in Lower Sharn. (25 gp each)

Alara (+1) 20 AC 11 HP 9/9 PP 12
Liutbrand (+3) 19 AC 14 HP 13/13 PP 15 Darkvision
Korra (+1) 19 AC 18 HP 14/14 PP 13 Darkvision
DePoe (+3) 18 AC 14 HP 10/10 PP 11 Poisoned (24 hr/9599)
Ogham (+1) 10 AC 15 HP 11/11 PP 15
Rotom (+2) 7 AC 16 HP 10/10 PP 9 Darkvision

207 gp
16 gp, 15 sp, banded agate (10 gp) (Rotom)
1 unicorn-shaped feather token for each character: When you fall at least 20 feet while the token is on your person, you descend 60 feet per round and take no damage from falling. The token’s magic is expended after you land, whereupon the disk becomes nonmagical.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Ogham would smile if his face could shape into such an expression, so he merely bows slightly instead to Sergeant Vilroy. He is not fond of the light rain on his plating, which can be a pain to clean, and the warforged, after confirming with the others, steps aboard the skycoach.


Possibly a Idiot.
Rotom quickly makes her way up into the skycoach, not wanting to be overlooked and left behind.
As the kobold climbs in, she taps Liutbrand on the back. "Ekess soves wux." Then she turns to greet Vilroy good morning, "Mel'nakit, Sargent."

OOC: Casting Guidance on Liutbrand, , +1d4 bonus to any one ability check of his choice for the next minute.
Maybe we can get a bit more pay out of her this time, hah.
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