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[IC] JM's A Bit of Trouble (Book 2)


the magical equivalent to the number zero
”Brother Pelegon,” the aasimar confirms as he, too, takes his sack.

”Can you arrange for my share to go to Tifi and her uncle if I don’t make it?” the monk asks quietly before taking the last gulp from his drink and leaving his glass with Lady Riatta.

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
”I trust you,” Pelegon replies with a smile that he hopes makes the lady feel appreciated. Surely his semi-divine nature offsets his general unshaved dirtiness?

He proceeds to make the proper arrangements.


When the formalities were done, Swithun suggested, "Let us head to the markets and equip ourselves with wet-weather and cold-weather gear, travel-feed, and other necessities."

The writ has a few suggested locations in the Market Downs district. The owners of these shops push their assistants aside and help you directly when they learn of the writ.

GM: Everyone post in the OOC what you buy and once we have that settled you'll add it to your character sheets. I assume everyone is getting a riding horse. You probably want a draft horse to carry provisions, etc.

Unless you want to talk to the shop owners, in which case, post here IC. But I'd rather avoid the back and forth of "Hello Mrs Apothecary owner." "Hello world traveler."


OOC: Anna doesn't have anything she feels she needs to buy, but if anyone else needs to chip in for supplies, she'll take their lead and/or lend them money.

By noon, the five of you ride out of Bit east toward the village of Little Bit passing swiftly through it. Two hours later, you reach the Leed's Crossing Bridge. Surina remembers the bridge and a battle against some stirges.

Crossing the bridge, Leed's Crossing is before you. To the north, a large number of tents can be seen. It is the location of the Bit army. Up the road a little ways is the Leed's Crossing Inn. The burnt parts have been repaired, you can see the fresh wood slats contrasting with the older weathered slats.

There aren't a lot of townsfolk here. Mostly the town is made up of soldiers and their support folk.

OOC: Do you stop here or press on? It is probably four hours to Ss'slass from here. And sunset is probably a little less than four hours from now. You're call.

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