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Players in Book 2:
  • TallIan, playing the Halfling Ranger Perin Wolfrider, has always been here. Never start book 2.
  • ArwensDaughter, playing the Silver Dragonborn Paladin: Delmirev Surina, joined on the way to Leed's Crossing
  • FitzTheRuke, playing the centaur fighter Swithun, joined when the lizardman camp was discovered.
  • JustinCase, playing the aasimar hermit monk Brother Pelegon, joinied after being liberated from the lizardman camp.
  • Mark Chance, playing the halfling cleric Klebba Martindale, joined at the start of Book 2. Never started.
  • Charlotte of Oz, playing the human wizard Anna Arcana, joined at the start of Book 2.
  • doghead, playing the wood elf ranger Sariel (aka Injasarielsha'thé lo-Rohinja of the Iolanthe), joined at the start of Book 2. Never started.
  • Steve Gorak, playing the human bard Themein of Keltarin, joined at the start of Book 2.

The story so far (Book 1):

The towns of Leed's Crossing and East End have been slowly lowering in population. No one was really sure how until kobolds and lizardfolk were spotted one evening. They were sneaking into farm houses on the fringes of town and kidnapping entire families. Taking them hostage into the swamp to the northeast. When no one from Leed's Crossing arrived in Bit for the high summer festival, a band of loosely affiliated adventurers sought to find out what was happening.

In Leed's Crossing they defended the fifty or so remaining villagers from an all out assault from the reptilian folk. The party changed composition as some accompanied the villagers back to Bit while the others pushed on, to follow the last fleeing lizardfolk. Eventually they found a camp with several hundred villagers waiting to be taking further into the swamp.

After liberating them, the pushed into the swamp and found out the lizardfolk were using the villagers to mine something. The group managed to befriend on tribe of lizardfolk who wanted nothing to do with Ariamhodary's plans. The makeshift miners were liberated and as they fled the swamp they found an army from Bit waiting for them in Leed's Crossing.

Over the summer, the army went into the swamp, but Ariamhodary's forces had retreated deeper into the swamp. The army was not built for a long foray into the swamp and retreated by to Leed's Crossing. The Heroes returned to Bit to a Hero's welcome.

TallIan playing the Halfling Ranger: [Post="7278746"]Perin Wolfrider[/Post]
Thateous playing the Elf Wizard: [Post="7284374"]Everett[/Post]
eayres33 playing the Dwarf Barbarian: [Post="7278773"]Veit Ironfist[/Post] Missing on the way to Leed's Crossing
Charwoman Gene playing the Half Elf Bard: [Post="7279177"]Valeria[/Post] Missing on the way to Leed's Crossing
SunGold playing the Gnome Warlock: [Post="7279454"]Breealee ("Bree") Topps[/Post] Missing on the way to Leed's Crossing
EarlyBird playing the Half-Orc Cleric: [Post="7388146"]Keth[/Post] Joined on the way to Leed's Crossing and accompanied the LC villagers back to Bit
ArwensDaughter playing the Silver Dragonborn Paladin: [Post="7392304"]Delmirev Surina[/Post] Joined on the way to Leed's Crossing
Zadolix playing the Dwarf Fighter: [Post="7392347"]Zadolix[/Post] Joined on the way to Leed's Crossing. Lost in Leed's Crossing
eayres33 playing the human cleric [post="7535892"]Valdral Shadowmace[/post] Joined when the lizardman camp was discovered. Accompanied the rescued villagers back to civilization.
FitzTheRuke playing the centaur fighter [post="7535464"]Swithun[/post] joining when the lizardman camp was discovered.
JustinCase player the aasimar hermit monk [post="7610524"]Brother Pelegon[/post] joining after being liberated from the lizardman camp.
tglassy player the human draconic sorcerer [post="7609638"]Drake[/post] joining after being liberated from the lizardman camp.
The Rogue's Gallery thread has the character generation information for the campaign.

  • [post="7286986"]Start of Story[/post]
  • [post="7294806"]Is that a bear?[/post] and [post="7313632"]back in its cage[/post]
  • [post="7342142"]Arrival at the Tillerson estate[/post] and [post="7365635"]an empty skiff[/post]
  • [post="7388173"]Folks depart, folks join[/post] and [post="7394110"]we ride out of Bit[/post]
  • [post="7397450"]Stirges under the bridge[/post] and [post="7403467"]the fight ends[/post] and [post="7412745"]finally kill the queen stirge[/post]
  • [post="7417747"]Investigate a farm[/post]
  • [post="7425218"]Meet the mayor[/post]
  • [post="7440930"]The fight for the Leed's Crossing Inn[/post] and [post="7486562"]the fight ends[/post]. They chase after the survivors.
  • [post="7504425"]Fight at the roadblock[/post] and [post="7518635"]fight ends[/post]
  • [post="7550877"]Assault on the Lizard Camp[/post] starts. [post="7576341"]Main fight ends.[/post] And Everett runs into the pit where they find his cousin Dennet and a necromancer lizardman. After his defeat LEVEL 3
  • [post="7607255"]Capture to returning cart.[/post].
  • [post="7644765"]Follow the cart tracks and find a different lizardfolk camp[/post]
  • After heading into the swamp, they find out about Ariamhodary's forces from a group of peaceful lizardfolk. The mad king has three or four villages of lizardfolk under his sway and was using the humans to mine metals(?) from the swamp. He ultimate goal was unknown.
  • The heroes liberated the villagers and retreated to Bit for a heroes' welcome. But Leed's Crossing and East End are abandoned.
Following is some background data on the homebrew world:

Short campaign history:
There once was an Empire that spanned thousands of miles in all directions. It ended two thousand years ago during the cataclysmic Ogre-Centaur wars. No large governing body has existed since then for more than a generation or two. City-states dominate the political landscape. But the dead Empire still haunts the geography of the region. To the east is the Empire River. Bit is located on Empire Bay. Ruins of fortresses and keeps dot the landscape.

Bit is a port town with a non-farming population of almost 8000 humans, elves, halflings, gnomes, and other races. It is best known for being the last "human" town on the northern shore of the bay.

Here's a map of the local area. Everything in the descriptions is considered common knowledge (DC 5 Int check kind of stuff).

Empire Bay Map 750.png

Bridal Keys: Ten to twelve miles off the coast of Bit in Empire Bay, the Bridal Keys are mostly uninhabited and thought to be cursed. Ship wrecks litter the waterways between the islands and most sailors will not sail to them.
Centaur Plains: These open plains are home to a relatively large nomadic centaur population. The lands are also dotted with hobgoblin settlements that consider Strife their capitol.
Empire Plains: South of Empire Point, the fertility of the Empire Plains are legendary. How else could the great population of Empire Point be fed.
Endless Desert: A dramatic name for a place where nothing really grows. Ruins appear and disappear daily in the shifting sands. Some seem even older than the fabled fallen Empire.
Forever Forest: The Forever Forest is home to mostly fey and sinister species.
Gold Cliffs: A majestic cliff nearly a mile high separating the low lands from the Golden Plateau. The cliff face is actually white but in the morning sunlight they shine like gold.
Golden Plateau: This plateau is nearly impossible to reach without flight. Rumor that descendants of the old Empire still rule on the plateau is common knowledge.
Groaning Forest: Elves and gnomes make the groaning forest their home. The name comes from the sound heard in parts of the forest when strong winds blow through. No one knows why it makes this sounds as similar forests with similar trees do not groan.
Holden Mountains: The northern edge of the local area. The great Empire in its heyday did not spread far beyond the Holden Mountains.
Kaur Mountains: Rich veins of metals litter the Kaur Mountains. Dwarves have lived in the mountains for centuries.
Swamp of Torment: No roads cross the Swamp of Torment. Only the Empire River flows through it.
Bit: A backwater town, the westernmost civilized settlement on the bay.
Cade-Crable: The twin cities of Cade-Crable occupy both sides of the Empire River delta as it meets the Eastern Ocean. Population of the twin cities is easily over 50,000 humanoids.
Empire Point: Built on the high cliffs that encircle the southern end of the mouth of Empire Bay, this city of 40,000 humanoids was one the seat of government for the Empire. The Empire Spire at the northern tip of land is so tall and shiny, that people in Crable claim sunlight reflecting off the spire can be seen around 3pm each day all the way across the mouth of the bay.
Kaurshale Mines: The major outwardly facing Dwarven town where goods from the mines are sold to non-dwarves.
Michel's Foley: This town of 12,000 humanoids is named after an otherwise forgotten emperor of the Empire whose foley is no longer remembered.
Nequalla: This town of 5,000 merfolk is about 150 feet below the waters of Empire Bay, on a hill under the waters.
Sarandan: A town of 20,000 humanoids known for its artisans. Waterclocks and similar tinker objects mostly come from Sarandan.
Solace: A town of 28,000 humans, Solace is known for its racist human rulers who only allow humans rights of property ownership.
Strife: A town of 15,000 hobgoblins and other goblinoids. Life in Strife is cheap and everything is available for sale there, for a price.
Ys: A nomadic town of about 2,000 inhabitants. The caravan city of Ys (EEss) moves around, staying in place for at most two weeks before moving to another oasis.
Coral River: The only means of travelling to Kaurshale Mines is by this river. The dangers of the Forever Forest do not permit towns to remain in place for long.
Eastern Ocean: The eastern ocean is thought to be the eastern edge of the world.
Empire Bay: This salt water bay is home to a few intelligent marine species.
Empire River: The Empire River flows from the Holden Mountains to Cade-Crable. Major arteries feed most of the cities on the coast.
Golden Falls: A mile high water fall. The crashing sound of falling water can be heard for many miles around.
Leed River: This tributary of the Empire River goes to Bit.
Souls River: This tributary of the Empire River goes to Solace. Was also known as Lost Souls River centuries ago.
North of the Holden Mountains are a few cities on the northern coast of the continent. The barrier created by the mountains means the common tongue spoken in the north is similar, but not the same as the common tongue spoken locally.
West of the Mountains, the Plateau and mountains surrounding it extend for another 50-100 miles before dropping back to normal elevations. The continent continues for about 500 miles before reaching the Western Ocean. People believe these two oceans are one and the same.
South of the Endless Desert is the Southern Ocean.
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Calendar: 10 months of 6 weeks containing 6 days plus 5 holidays called festivals. 5 seasons, the months are named for the gods

Sun Day Festival – longest day of year, start of High Summer, traditional new year's day
Harvest Festival – start of Autumn
Winter Festival – start of Winter
N'drovo, last day is shortest day of year
Planting Festival – start of Spring
Pledge Festival – start of Rights season, traditionally marriages happen these two months, sometimes called Low Summer
Deities – The Family of the Tierden'Tor
The Family is literally five married couples who over see the seasons associated with their months. Serter and Wassanna are genderless and unassociated with the calendar. Their portfolios are large and both are seen as distant compared to the other deities whose portfolios are things people are more familiar with.

Grumc – god of smiths, builders, and tinkerers
Adana – goddess of plants, trees, and fertility

Palientar – god of travelers, merchants, and roads
Torayana – goddess of sailors, rivers, and seas

N'drovio – god of death, omens, and fate
Essembri – goddess of oaths, vengeance, and promises

Kunar – god of the sun, light, and hope
Runella – goddess of the dawn, hearth, and birth

Corsill – god of conflict, conquest, and dreams
Coressa – goddess of love, beauty, and fulfillment

Serter - being of the stars

Wassanna - being of time

High Priests have the title Tierden
Clerics must be part of the church, but the church is lenient about allowing itinerant priest to travel freely.

Other deities exist, lizardfolk are known to worship a minor deity, Issostle, lord of the swamp, for example.
An area map of Bit and the surrounding villages

Bit 10x scale 750.png

Most of the area around the villages is covered with farms. Various places along the roads there might be inns or collections of houses with a tavern nearby that are outside the various villages.

East End
Forest's End
Leed's Crossing
  • Mayor Jurad Blikely
  • Dennet Tillerson, 9th in line of the Tillerson Family
  • Maran Puth'Sayol Tillerson, wife of Dennet. Anya, 14 year old daughter. Pavel, 7 year old son.
Little Bit
Summer Hills
West End

Dreerdan's Cell
Golden Ruin
Michel's Ruin
Swamp Fort
Closeup of Bit (This section is still in being updated)

Bit city limits 750.png

Bit is about 2 miles from the north road to the south road. It is about 1 mile from the east road to the docks. The roads shown on the map are the main thoroughfares, capable of three carts riding abreast with room left over for foot traffic on either side. (20-30 feet wide). The thick roads out of town lead to the other village. The thinner roads out of town lead to farms local to Bit.

Through town, the Leed River averages 25 to 30 feet wide at the eastern edge of town widening to about 50 to 60 feet wide near the mouth.

Oligarchy families of Bit
Tommilson – millers along the Leed's river
Greygour – southern lands and dock owners
Puth'Sayol – northern lands, off-shoot of a Cade-Crable family of Half-Elves
Rillstone – northeastern lands, reclusive

Other Residents
Tierdan Humil Quilpeg - Spends a lot of time at the Cathedral but his home is nearby in the High Garden district.
Sira Olin - An elf diviner who has lived in Bit for generations. His home is near the river in Market Downs.
The district boundaries on the map are not physical. Shops and residences exist outside the city boundary. But farms also exist nearby.

Governor's Island - This private island is shared by two of the Bit families. The Greygours in the west and the Tommilsons in the east. A public park separates the two compounds. A bridge connects the island to Ship Bottom and a ferry connects it to Saddle Point.
The Commons - A lower to middle class residential and market district. Many parts of the Commons are considered rough neighborhoods.
The Dinge - A lower class residential and industrial district. Tanners and other loud or smelly work is confined to this district. (Wind generally High Garden - Parks and upper class markets are here. Theaters (2), music halls (3), and fine dining are also found here.
Marketdowns - A middle class residential and market district.
Riverfront - An upper class residential and market district.
Saddle Point - A lower and middle class residential and market district. Beach areas are open to the public.
Ship Bottom - The wharves, many warehouses, and many merchants are in this district.
flows to the northwest along this section of the bay.) Fisherman houses line the beach front here. Parts of the Dinge are considered rough neighborhoods.
The Square - The main markets are located here. The actual square is a tent market where sellers are transitory. Parts of the Square are considered rough neighborhoods.

Caravansary - Not an official district, but most long distance traders park their caravans here and wheelbarrow their wears to the warehouses across town. Gurum's Golems is located in the eastern part of the area.

Cathedral of Bit
- The grounds of the Cathedral include a large church, an office building, and a monastery.
Garden Bridge - This large wooden bridge is narrow and horses are not allowed on the bridge.
Governor's Park - Taking up the whole center of the island, this park and garden is maintained for public use.
Leed Bridge - This stone bridge is decorated ornately and is about twenty yards wide with benches and light posts along the sides.
The Leed River - The Leed River ranges from 80 to 100 yards across within the Bit city limits. It is over 10 feet deep in most places and the water runs deceptively slowly on the surface.
Market Bridge - This stone bridge is guarded on both side by several town guards (10 or more during festivals). There is a 2sp toll per axle for vehicles using the bridge.
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Two days before The Sun Day Festival, the first day of the new year and also the longest day of the year, finds the town of Bit swollen from its normal size of around 8,000 people to well over 20,000, The caravansary has overflowed into a couple bare fields nearby. The inns are packed with higher class folk than they might normally host. Houses are renting out space to travelers.

The bustle of work decorating the main square, preparing portable food carts, and preparing various locations for sporting events continues as it has for the last few days. The Tierden (high priest) of the Cathedral of Bit can be seen out and about making sure all twelve offering stations to the gods are properly prepared.

In the villages surrounding Bit, the opposite is true. Villages like Groaning, Forest's End, Tolman, and East End are practically ghost towns, their residents already in Bit or on the road there. One or two inns are still open in those towns as the denizens of the Groaning Forest sometime stop by for a drink or a night's rest. But by tomorrow, those inns will also be closed as their owners head to Bit.

The weather is seasonably warm and there has been little rain since Spring ended after the Pledge Festival two months ago.

Rumors abound in the city and it is not hard to find a contradictory rumor to most of the crazier ones. Some popular ones (DC 0) include:
  • Old man Rillstone, the reclusive head of one of the four ruling houses of Bit, has finally passed away.
  • No skiffs from Leed's Crossing have arrived at the Festival this year. (That part is consistent. For the reason, there are several conflicting accounts.)
  • East End villagers are all happy to tell anyone who cares that raids from the Swamp of Torment are down this year.
  • Sira Oln, a known diviner in Bit, is said to be leaving (or to have already left) town because he has foreseen some tragedy coming.
  • Eliana Puth'Sayol, third in the line of succession in the Puth'Sayol ruling house, is said to be engaged to a nobleman in Cade-Crable. She is unhappy with the arrangement.
  • Gurum's Golems is in town. They put on amazing circus shows. A teaser show is happening tonight in a large tent erected in the caravansary.
  • The Homestead Horrors are favored to win the sandball competition (think lacross played on a sandy course), according to the bookies.
  • The Groaning Forest is said to be less active but louder in terms of the groaning it is known for. Like no one knows what causes the groaning, no one knows why the frequency or volume might have changed.


That's the intro. The opening to the game will be as fast or slow as you like. You have two days to get from where ever your character calls home to Bit.


Everett finished his trance and began mumbling under his breath in a foreign tongue. The scene caused a few heads and eyebrows to raise from their drunken stupors and an equal amount to simply roll over in stubborn frustration. The sun was just beginning to pierce the windows of the tavern, much to the dismay of it's hung over patrons, as handful of patrons begin to file out of the establishment, whether due to his incoherent muttering or the oppressive sun mattered not to Everett. Despite his inability to woo the barmaid Everett still had a pleasant time.

A few minutes later and Everett finally stops muttering and opens his eyes. He had a lovely view of the ceiling, since he was making all that racket from the tavern floor. He reached out with his arm and his unseen servant hoisted him back on his feet. He removed his cloak and placed it on the servant, muttering, "Silly mayoral mandates." as he looked around the bar for a lone fine white glove. "Ah ha! Right where i left you." he exclaimed as he spotted the glove still clenching a glass of wine. Everett snapped his fingers two times and the glove inflates as if filled by a hand and moves to rest on the shoulder of the unseen servant. "Alright Jeffery, let's be on our way." he says, looking at the floating cloak.

The elf makes his way out of the tavern and into the already busy streets of Bit where he was met with a variety of looks. From disappointment to bewilderment it was easy to spot those who were used to the nobles antics, but Everett dipped his head all the same. Everett made his way through the streets on the look out for something to eat. The floating hand moved to shoo away a couple of kids who'd began curiously tugging at the floating cloak. "Oh drat." he says in frustration. The streets were just too crowded for his liking as he stood off to the side seriously contemplating returning home. Sure he'd get his ear talked off, but at least he'd be able to eat in peace. Just then Winston, glided up from behind and landed on the unseen servants shoulders. "Ah, so nice of you to join us." he says to the flying squirrel. He lets out a sigh as he watches the people bumble about with excitement. "The only good thing about festivals is that it brings the regional flavors to me." he thought perversely.


Veit woke as the first light of day crept through the curtains of his back room. Wiping the crust from his eyes Veit groaned as the muscles in his back slowly started to ache. Looking around he realized that he had slept on the floor instead of his bed, too much ale he thought to himself as he struggled to his feet. His body still ached from his trip back from Cade-Crable he tried to work local most of the time but Cade-Crable was where the money was and he had a bar tab that needed repayment. At least the last job had gotten that monkey of his back.

Moving gingerly at first he walked over to the stove and poured a cup of day old coffee into yesterday’s glass. Drinking the cold stale coffee in one gulp Veit’s body shook and he stretched his arms over his head. He still hadn’t put his mind at ease yet over the rumor that no skiffs from Leed’s Crossing had arrived at the Festival yet, and he didn’t like that he couldn’t nail down a reason yet. In all his years in Bit Veit couldn’t remember it coming this close to the Sun Day Festival without any skiffs coming in.

A chore for after breakfast, Veit thought as he cleaned his face and walked into his front room/office. It was clean if not a bit spares in decorations but it worked for him and it was suitable for entertaining clients if he needed it. Bracing himself for the bright light of the sun Veit opened the door.

As he walked out the door he saw that the town had come to life as he slept, and the streets were already crowded by those attending the festival.


Perin finished his breakfast under the bleary eyes of the innkeeper, proper crockery and weak ale providing a bit of luxury that he wasn't used to. Perin finished eating, before any of the other patrons were even up, leaving a little extra for the inn keeper's early rise, then shouldered his pack and headed out into the predawn light.

Bit was a couple of hours walk away and Perin was hoping to be done with his business there with only one night's stay. The fetival offered a good chance to sort out some essentials he couldn't do on his own in the wilderness, get his sword properly sharpened, pick up some arrow heads and salt and offered one of his rare opportunities to exchange gossip and rumours quickly as well as take in the circus - probably the biggest thing he missed about his life in the wilderness, but more than a day or two in civilization and Perin started to get nervous.

He was hoping to find some theories as to why the groaning forest was groaning differently, things changing in his home without him knowing why were a cause for concern. He'd also like to know why Sira Oln was supposedly fleeing an impending disaster.

Perin started to whistle a halfling folktune to himself, enjoying the quite of the road this early in the morning. It would be getting busier as he got closer to Bit and the day wore on.


Everett leaned against a building and watched the shuffling of the common folk. He waved to a couple of familiar faces in the sea of folks and watched with intent as a rather voluptuous woman passed by. A sly grin began to creep up on the Elves face when he spotted a door opening out of the corner of his eye. "Veit?" he said under his breath as he watched the dwarf eye the crowd. When the dwarf's head turned more toward him Everett could tell from the grimace on the short man's face that it was indeed Veit.

So, the Noble forced his way through the crowd, his unseen servant leading the way, to greet the dwarf. "V!!!" he said with great excitement. "So nice to see a familiar face in the sea of drabble. Thanks again for saving my hide the other night, next time you catch a bounty feel free to enlist my services should you need to haul them in. It would be the least I could do... or if you prefer I could set you up with a friend or two... I'm sure I could find a friend or two into the short thing..." he says, trailing off a the last bit. "Bah, no matter. A discussion for another time perhaps? What will you be getting into this fine day?" he asks.


First Post
Bree wandered the streets of Bit in delight, trying to decide which street-vendor to buy breakfast from. Every time she thought she'd made up her mind, another delicious smell wafted by on the breeze and she'd be drawn to a new stall.

She finally settled on a spiced pie and cider sold by a friendly old couple, and was just looking for somewhere to sit when a cloak fluttered by, seemingly of its own accord. She stopped and watched curiously, chittering a greeting to the squirrel on its shoulder. She was just about to ask the squirrel about the cloak when a blonde elf it was apparently following shooed away some equally curious children.

Seeing the kids' disappointment, Bree balanced her small pie atop her cider and used her free hand to cast a spell, setting off tiny illusory fireworks just above their heads. Once they seemed happy again, she waved them off with a smile and returned her attention to her breakfast.

She found a barrel to perch on top of, and settled in to enjoy watching the crowds while she ate.


Veit smiled as he heard the voice from behind him, he recognized it instantly as Everett. Veit had always liked the odd little elf. Well he wasn’t really little but at times Veit thought a strong wind may blow him away. “Good to see you Everett,” Veit said as he slowed down and turned to face the elf. “You look like I feel my good man.”

Turning and walking with the elf Veit continue to have a smile on his face, “You know if you would stop getting into trouble, I wouldn’t have to keep getting you out of it.” Veit laughed softly. “I’m going to get some breakfast would you like to join me?”

Veit didn’t wait for an answer before he continued talking, “I’ve heard some curious things about the Leed’s Crossing skiffs, but food first, and perhaps one glass of ale.”


Everett laughs at the dwarf. "So you feel larger than life and handsome to boot?" he says slyly.

"I'm not a betting elf, but if I was, I would always place my coin on me getting into something. Good or bad." he adds, following the dwarf through the crowd. " One drink isn't even enough to satiate your pallet my stout friend. Did you have a particular place in mind? Some of these people have a rather unpleasant odor about them."

A spark of magic draws his attention for a moment as he looks back to see fireworks entertaining some children. Looking toward the source he spots the lady he'd run into on the road heading into Bit. He smiled as the event replayed in his head. "How I do love festivals." he says slyly. Winston, the flying squirrel, puts both it's tiny hands over it's face. "Oh stop. Like you've never chased a nut before." he scoffs at the squirrel, turning his nose up.
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"Veit! Hey, Veit!" Bree called brightly as she saw him passing in the crowd. She was glad to see a familiar face in this sea of strangers.

She dusted the pie crumbs off her hands and dropped down off the barrel, leaving her breakfast behind. She made her way through the crowd to greet the dwarf, wanting to talk to him about the rumors concerning the forest. As she got closer, however, she realized he was looking the worse for wear this morning, and clearly needed some food before socializing.

She didn't notice until she reached him that the blonde elf was with him, too. "Oh, hello again!" she said happily, looking up at the tall fellow. Now that she got a better look at his face, she recalled meeting him on the road, but she hadn't seen his curious cloak before. He looked like he could use a meal, too.

"Join me when you've gotten some food?" she asked them, pointing to her makeshift barrel-table. "I want to talk to you about the forest, Veit."


Veit let out a laugh as the elf described himself as larger than life and handsome to boot, “You keep telling yourself that Veit and I’ll take the bet on you getting in trouble as well.” The elf was always getting himself into trouble, but it was never that serious and he did have quite a few connections.

Veit looked around looking at the various places to eat, “This place here, it at least smells more fair than foul, and it looks like they have ale.”

Slowing and turning slightly as he heard his name called Veit grinned as he recognized the voice as his gnome friend. “Bree good to see you, I’ll join you shortly.”

Veit walked over to counter and got some hash with some kind of meatish looking substance in it and an ale.

“Why don’t you join me and Bree, Everett, we can try to get through this meal.” Veit said as he shook his head at the food and motioned to Everett to follow him.


The wizard scratches his chin as the two exchange greetings. "You know her?" He says, giving the dwarf a side ward look. "Is it a height thing?" he asks jokingly as he turned to the owner who was less than thrilled at the elf's quip about stature. The proprietor was a halfling after all... "You got a problem with short people pal?" the halfling asks, aggression clear in his voice. "Oh please, it was just a joke. Or did that one go over you head." Everett says slyly. "I imagine most things do." he mumbles under his breath. "What did you say?" the halfling says, raising his voice. "Oh nothing. just give me the same as him." Everett says retrieving some copper from his purse. The halfling pauses for a long moment before begrudgingly giving Everett his order. "Thanks" he says as the halfling turns his nose at the noble, turning to help the next customer.

Following behind Veit he says, "Some people just can't take a joke. I mean clearly I have nothing against the short people... I am traveling around with a dwarf." He takes a quick bite of the hash and winces a bit at the taste. "It's times like this I wish i knew that presti-whatever spell." he says between chews before swallowing hard. "Alright Veit, I shall grace with my company for a little longer if you introduce me to your little friend." he says.


Perin arrived in Bit just as one could say it was starting to bustle. He'd need to sort out some lodging for the night. Just then a flash of fireworks drew his attention, that way seemed as good as any. As he walked along he noticed two familiar faces and one he didn't know sitting around a crude table eating, apparently waited on by a floating cloak. He walked up to them, "A bit early for lunch?" he joked. "Bree." he greeted. "Viet,
I believe I still owe you an ale."


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"Hi Perin!" Bree said cheerfully when the halfling joined them. She was surprised he was in town when there were so many people about, but glad to see him nonetheless.

"Prestidigitation?" Bree asked Everett when he complained about his food. She grinned and cast the spell over his hash, making it warmer, more flavorful, and just a touch spicy. "Try it now!" she said excitedly. She had played with her new magic on the entire walk from the forest, but it was especially fun to get to use it for other people.

"Oh yeah...I have magic now!" she said to Perin and Veit, as if casting the spell reminded her to tell them. "So I came here to get some armor"--she knocked on her studded leather armor, clearly proud of her new acquisition--"and figure out what to do with my magic. But just when I leave the forest...now I hear something's wrong there. I'm worried. Have you guys heard anything about that?" she asked, looking from Perin to Veit.

"I'm Breealee, by the way," she added to Everett, having forgotten to introduce herself in her excitement. "But everyone just calls me Bree. It's short, like me."


Everett's face contorts in confusion as another vertically challenged individual walks up and joins them at the table. "A dwarf, a Halfling, and a gnome... sounds like the beginning of a bad joke." he thought. "Nice to make your acquaintance Miss Bree. My name is Everett of the Tommilson family." he says before taking a bite of the re-flavored hash. "Wow!"he exclaims. "I will have to be sure to learn that spell immediately."

As the Halfling joins the makeshift table Everett says, "Another joins the table, now the party can begin."Taking another generous bite of hash, he looks around the table as he says, ""We're looking like quite the interesting troupe."


"I'd noticed tings were a little different recently, I haven't been able to find out why. Hopefully someone here will have something useful to say." Perin says in reply to Bree's question. "You got digs yet? I don't really want to carry this around all days." he nudges his pack with his boot. "I have some things to take care of, but I was thinking of seeing Gurum's Golems later. Get there early and talk to locals and visitors before the ale kicks in and the wilder theories start to surface."

The fair elf interjects with a comment about the food then introduces himself. "Perin." says Perin, realising he hadn't introduced himself to the elf.


First Post
"I don't have anywhere to stay yet," Bree replies. "Just got here this morning, but the inns are packed, of course. If nothing else, I've got a tent," she says, tapping her pack with a smile. "What about you two?" she asks, looking to Everett and Veit.


Veit chuckles softly as Everett makes a joke about the group at the table, before he begins to eat his hash and think about what Bree was saying about the forest.

“Perin!, I think you do still owe me that ale,” Veit said with smile as he saw the halfling at the table.

Taking a drink of ale Veit wipes his beard, “I have a little place not too far from her that I rent, it’s a bedroom and an office nothing special. You could both squeeze in there for a night or two if you can’t find anything more suitable.”

“I haven’t heard anything about the forest but I just got back into town recently, had been doing some work in the big city. I have heard some other disturbing things about the Leed Crossing skiffs not coming in yet.”

Veit paused to take another drink, “I wonder if they could be related?”


"Perin, nice to meet you. Say, you wouldn't happen to be related to that halfling over there, would you?" Everett asks, indicating the booth where the food was purchased. He looks over the crowd as he points barely spotting the stall and the halfling before turning back and looking down at the halfling... "Oh, uh sorry, guess you can't see him..." he says slightly embarrassed with himself. Again Winston, the flying squirrel takes both his little hands and covers his face.

"As far as rumors i only know what my talkative peers whisper. Old man Rillstone finally bit the dust. I don't look forward to attending that funeral." he says, shaking his head before continuing. "Word also has it that Eliana Puth'Sayol is engaged and not too happy with the arrangement." he says in a high pitched voice, clearly mocking the pompous person who spread the bit of gossip.

He continues to dig into his hash a bit more as the question of housing comes up. "Well Monti Sellerus might have a bit of a fit but there is room at the Tommilson Estate on Governor's Island. I mean I'm only forbidden from bringing certain company over. I mean after what happened last time... there's a night I won't soon forget." he says scratching his chin, a sly smirk on his face. He shakes his head to force the thoughts away and focus on the present. He looks from Perin to Bree before speaking, "Perhaps we could stop by now so you can drop your things?"

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