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[IC] JM's A Bit of Trouble (Book 2)

As you are getting finished up, one or more of you can't help but notice the other conversations around you.

One group of three middle-aged men are discussing the sandball competition. Apparently the Leed's Landing team forfeited a pre-match practice game late last afternoon.

Two women are raising their noses about all the weird people they've seen: a gnome, a hobgoblin, and even a pyk (tiny humanoids about 15 inches tall).

A loud man was telling his four friends about the groaning forest being even creepier than before because of damned fairies.

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First Post
Bree looked a bit abashed when she realized who Everett was. She knew that name was familiar.

"Really?" she replied gratefully to his offer. "That's so nice of you! If you're sure it won't be too much trouble..."

Just then her ears twitched a little when she overheard a man talking about faeries. Her curiosity became annoyance when she realized that the talk was negative, however. She considered using her new magic to make his drink taste like mud, but didn't want to get into a fight on her first day here.

She put the loud man out of her mind, shouldered her pack, and smiled at up at Everett. "I promise not to take up too much room!" she joked.

Charwoman Gene

"But I do the entire Ogryn Cycle! With swordplay and High Chant!"

No one in this town appreciates good epic poetry, thought Valeria as she left her fourth inn. My skills are usually enough to score a free room, or something but the town is bursting with people so there's no room, and every entertainer worth their salt for leagues around is here so the inns won't even let me perform for tips.

Valeria has been travelling to Bit on her way to the Groaning Forest. It was time to see her parents and let them know she's all right. She could absolutely go right there. Back to her parents. Or she could figure out how to stay in town and see some stuff. Gurum's Golems is supposed to be amazing.

Of course I could rustle up some money busking in the street, if I hadn't sold my lute. Not that I'm good, I'm just okay. Okay, swordfight it is.

After finding a good spot, Valeria starts waving and chanting and making a fuss as she summons her assistant. Having it hold one sword, she choreographs a brief fight, giving it commands to block and clumsily attack.

As her performance winds down, she notices a few familiar faces finishing up a meal across the way. She makes her way over, saying "Veit? And Bree and Perin? I wasn't expecting to run into anyone I knew. I'm just passing through on my way to the forest, I forgot about the big festival."


"Well if you really don't want to take up any space you could always sleep in my..." Everett begins before a FOURTH acquaintance of the bunch makes their way over.

"Veit? And Bree and Perin? I wasn't expecting to run into anyone I knew. I'm just passing through on my way to the forest, I forgot about the big festival."

"My my my, what have we here?" He begins looking the newcomer up and down. "A half-breed." he begins. "How nice to at least see someone of similar height. I was afraid Veit had a thing against the taller races." he says with a sly grin. "Veit, you have such beautiful friends, even if they all smell like they've just walked out of the forest, you should really introduce me if there are any more as adorable as this little half-breed." he says with a wink in Valeria's direction. "You acquired the best of both races in my humble opinion and OH where are my manners. My name is Everett of the Tommilson family, pleased to meet you." he says. "And you are?"

As you finish your meal and step out onto the road outside the tavern, you hear a commotion to the south. Two or three people are running past the tavern the other direction scarred for their lives. You distinctly hear one of them say, "I only have to be faster than you." Apart 30 feet away is a man on the ground, his brightly colored garb of blue and green clashing with the blood all over him. A similarly dressed man stands over him, sans blood and looking further south. 50 feet away are two more of these men moving about like they are in combat. A woman shouts, "Bear," and as she does the two men part and other bystanders get out the way so you can see the 8-feet tall bear standing on the street presumably eating something on the ground in front of it, away from you. You could swear you saw a pair of town guards walking by not five minutes ago. No sign that any guards are heading toward the bear.

[sblock="If your passive perception is 13 or better only"]There's a cart about 40 feet away, 20 feet west of the bleeding man and the eating bear. On the cart is a cage with the door hanging open.[/sblock]
If you wish to intervene, roll initiative.


First Post
OOC: Bree has no interest in intervening. This is what happens when you bring an unwilling wild animal into civilization. Being from the forest and having a healthy respect for predators, she's content to let nature teach these carnies a lesson.


Veit’s headache was clearing, between the coffee, the hash and the mug of ale he was starting to feel like his old self. He strained his ears to hear a little more about the Leed’s Landing team forfeiting a match. It sounded like idol talk but it was unusual for a team to forfeit even a practice game in sandball.

Veit shook his head as Everett responded to Valeria, the man has no filter, Veit thought to himself. “Everett this is Valeria, an old friend of mine. Valeria this is Everett, who well, he will definitely have more interest telling you about himself than I will.” Veit smiled widely as he finished his sentence.

Veit’s smile faded as he watched the group of people running and the shout of bear. He was to his feet quickly as he scanned the scene, “Bears belong in the woods,” Veit muttered under his breath as he shook his head. “If it kills someone they will probably kill it, can’t have that.” Veit continued to talk softly more to himself than to anyone else.



Idiots thinks Perin, Imprison something with no idea how to deal with it He looks around for the closest way to get the beast out of town, but with so many bystanders that would be nearly impossible. If it has already killed someone though, there was little to be done for it.

Perin Initiative: 1D20+2 = [16]+2 = 18

GM: We'll use group initiative. Everyone who is ahead of the enemies can go first. Then the enemies. Then the party. Then the enemies. etc.
This time those who have rolled are ahead of the enemies (and bear ally). So you can go first. (Thateos will still have to roll.) And you can go in whatever order you want among yourselves. I don't want people having to wait for each other acting in strict order.

For this combat:

Guards of the bear
The bear


Everett stood tall and eye'd the conflict as the panic began to ensue. "Please excuse me, I must protect the people." he says. He wiggles his fingers and mutters something arcane and wills into existence a raging bonfire to ward off the bear from pursuing the fleeing civilians.


Veit moves quickly but cautiously as he approaches the bear, looking for ways to either funnel it out of the town, or at least move it away from the public as they tried to contain it.

Shouting back over his shoulder he response to Bree, “I agree, we need to take it alive if possible.”
Veit will move 30 feet in the direction of the bear and would also like to deal non-lethal damage.

Veit is examining looking at the bear and situation don’t know if you would want perception or investigation so I’ll include both
Veit investigation: 1D20 = [4] = 4

Veit perception: 1D20+3 = [14]+3 = 17


The bonfire stops the bear from moving away from you. One of the "guards" pokes at the bear with the butt end of a spear. He seems to be trying to lead the bear back to the cart. The cart with the cage on it 20 feet away from the bear. It just has straw on the bottom of it.

GM: Veit, as you get closer, you can tell the bear is probably not treated as well as you would like by its captures. Not that it is treated poorly. But it has a few mangy spots on its fur and they are probably overfeeding it.
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Perin Wolfrider

"Don't do that, you'll make him angry!"Perin calls to the guard poking the bear. He then moves closer to use his affinity with animals to "persuade" the bear to move.

Animal Handling: 1D20+4 = [15]+4 = 19

[SBLOCK=Mini Stats]
AC: 15
Initiative: +2
HP: 12

ShortSword: +4 5ft 1d6(+2) Finesse Light
Crossbow: +4 80/320 1d8+2[/SBLOCK]

The bites at the half-elf but misses widely.
The bear swats with its large paws at the guard who poked it. The first paw just misses but the second one connects sending the bloody man's body flying. He is not likely to live to see morning.

The small halfling carefully approaches the large beast with soothing words. The beast seems to calm a bit at first but instead roars at the halfling, turns, and run off away from Perin but the bonfire causes it to turn and head toward the cart.

GM: Missed it by one, Perin. The guard that was pawed is bleeding out.
The bear is now 10 feet further away from Veit. Valeria can take an AoO if desired.

Also, CG, did you mean to attack normally before or to subdue?

New round, party is first


OOC: Meant to say sorry for the delay in posting, I seem to have forgotten I was in this game.

I didn't think that there was subdual damage in 5e as 0HP only means you are unconscious.

Anyway, has the bear killed anyone yet?

I didn't think that there was subdual damage in 5e as 0HP only means you are unconscious.
Instant death can happen with normal attacks, probably not attacks made by 1st level characters, but if you take damage in excess of your normal hp maximum, you die.

Knocking a creature out is explained on page 198 of the PHB. There's no penalty associated. You just say you are attacking to knock the creature out and if they hit 0 hp, they are unconscious and automatically stable.
Anyway, has the bear killed anyone yet?
There is the first guard that was described as injured. And at the end of the 1st round the bear really whacked the guard who poked him with a stick. His body is lying on the ground at a funny angle. (He took 14 hp of damage from a single claw attack and he is not an adventurer.)


First Post
OOC: How close are we to the edge of town? Would it be feasible to shoo it out?

Bree isn't going to help give it back to these people. She'd like to free it.

Level Up!

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