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[IC] JM's A Bit of Trouble (Book 2)


Swithun looked at the map with a furrowed brow, trying to decide where he would hide. In the end he decided that he would never chose to hide in a swamp, and was out of his depth as to where to begin to look. He hoped Surina would have an idea.

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
Brother Pelegon looks over at the map, almost spilling his drink over it but catching himself at the last second.

"So you scouted here, here and there, but not there?" he clarifies, pointing at several places on the map. He tries to make sense of it, thinking back to when he ran away from the monastery that was his home, finding a place that was unlikely for someone to stumble upon.

OOC: Is there a check I can make to figure it out? I'll just roll a D20 so we can add the relevant number if you know which skill or ability suits best.

insight on the map: 1D20 = [9] = 9

GM: Sorry this took so long.
  • The numbered rows represent the hex to the left and the hex to the lower right of the number. So the hexes with C E G I K etc are in row 1 as are the hexes to the lower right of those hexes. (In fact, all the letter markers are in row 1.)
  • The brown patches are less "swampy" and the green patches are more "swampy".
  • The villages with dots in the circles are the ones that use to be in Ariamhoadry's army. They are mostly deserted and have little of value in them aside from shelter from the rain.
  • The red blob is where the scouts have scouted already.
  • Swamp Fort and Michel's Ruin have been on the larger scale maps since the campaign began.
  • Loss'sass is a village like Sss'slass, neutral to Ariamhoadry's uprising. They are a little jealous of Sss'slass' recent good times with the mammalian humanoids.
  • Devanna's fissure is a "bottomless pit" according to swamp legend. It is over 400 yards wide in several places.
  • Dragon's Mount is where a Green dragon family live. That's all the lizardfolk know.
  • The Ettins way to the north are basically rumor as no one has gone near Dragon's Mount in a hundred years.
  • Iljarta's Hut (ILJARATA) is the home of a hag/witch.

Swamp of Torment - west.png

Brother Pelegon says, "So you scouted here, here and there, but not there?"

"Crossing the Gassassa east of Kasslass is difficult. The river is thirty feet down and the only bridge that use to be there is but a single rope across the 150 foot span. So we stayed to this side of the river," Wesspra explains.


"I presume that crossing the river south of the flooded mine is easier, as you have scouted around Loos'sass." said Swithun, expecting to hear where the best ford might be, "Is there any reason to believe that we would then have trouble following the river northward toward the fissure, while searching the east bank?"

"There is a ford north and slightly west of Ossal where you can cross to head toward Loos'sass," Wesspra says.

Thorbin says, "I've made that journey once. The swamp is very wet down there."


Ah, a journey of six miles to Ossal and then north-west a mile or so to find the ford." calculated Swithun, "Ten to Loos'ass, if we keep our bearings. What do you know of that place, and can you take us there?"

OOC: Ford around AA30, I suppose.

GM: More like Y30

"Sorry, I have to stay here," Thorbin says. "I won't be headed out that way for another two weeks."

Wesspra says to Surina, "You won't find much at the pit. A bunch of kobolds live there. They don't like people sticking their tails where they don't belong. And there are Dragons on the mount. If that doesn't deter you, may the gods favor you."


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Brother Pelegon nods sagely before taking another big sip of his drink. He has no inclination that the suggested locations are not where they are meant to be, but the aasimar decides he will see if his angelic guide will say otherwise during his dreams tonight.

He takes a look at his drink with some regret. He'll have to be at least somewhat sober to be able to dream, and that means rationing this last one.

"Hey Anna," the monk says with a smile, "You remember this stuff, right? Want to share a jug with me and these people?"

Steve Gorak

Theremin didn’t participate much to the discussion, but followed it attentively.

“I’ll gladly share with you Brother Pelegon!” he says, smiling

OOC: Sorry for being MIA, I’m back


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Brother Pelegon nods gratefully at Thorbin before sharing a drink with Theremin and whoever wants to join in. Anyone sober enough to notice may see that the monk is uncharacteristically holding back on the amount of liquor he consumes, instead acting funny and loving the attention for his seemingly drunken antics.


Swithun nodded, "Tomorrow we will march to Slees and then head directly east. We will find the ford, cross, and turn north for Loos'sass. From there, we will search north by north-west between the two ridges."

Surina nods her agreement. "May Essembri, Palientar, and ....." she pauses a moment, as though she is straining to remember, before continuing, "Issostle guide our path tomorrow." She is careful to thank their hosts for the meal and a place to stay. She raises a brow ridge at Brother Pelegon's antics: she has not missed that he is consuming less than usual. She keeps her eyes out for the lizardfolk younglings and, if they are around, engages them in conversation (and even play) if they are amenable. She will retire to the sleeping place early and spend a while in prayer before settling in for the night.

The night passes peacefully. The arrangements are actually quiet comfortable. In the morning you rise, a lite breakfast is provided. Thorbin arrives as some of you are still getting ready. He gifts the party six greater healing potions (4d4+4 hp). "Hopefully you won't need these," he says, though he knows that's unlikely.

At the edge of the village, a few scouts are gathered with Warchief Wesspra. "Good luck to you." One of the scouts steps up to Surina and says in Draconic, "If you find him and kill him, plunge this dagger into his hide." He hands her a small knife, almost one for a child. "Do this for my Lassasso, please."

GM: Marching order. I would like a list of "we are always doing this?" "periodically we do that." that applies to the group and to each pc individually.

Surina nods, to the scout and secures the dagger among her belongings.

OOC: how should we divy up the greater healing potions? One each? I think that leaves us one extra, unless I'm misremembering our party count.

Missed the marching order request. Surina will happily go first or second. Combat wise she does best in melee. But her perception isn’t great, so she will gladly yield first place if someone else is better at keeping an eye out for things. She will have her shield strapped to her arm. Despite not being particularly perceptive, she will be trying to watch the landscape carefully. She will take time for prayer each time they take a break, and can be frequently heard praying under her breath as they travel.


Swithun alternated his time between conferring with Surina in the front of the group, and scouting slightly ahead. With his four legs, he was able to quickly move back-and-forth, and he was both quiet and observant.

Steve Gorak

Theremin waited for everyone to wake then started an inspiring tune on his lute. He talked about heroes Of the past that went on noble adventures similar to theirs.
After this, he ate breakfast, and periodically peaked out of their dwelling to see how the lizard folks lived. All of this while getting ready for the day.

He grabs two healing potion from the lot. “Many thanks Thorbin! Companions, I am taking two because I am not much of a frontline fighter. My intent is togive these to others when needed. We should split the rest”

OOC: are we 6? If so, he grabs only 1 potion

use of the inspiring leader feat (7 temp hp to all) Theremin will always use the feat after short rests.

he is not particularly observant, but a decent sneak and a great face. I see him going in the middle to the end of the marching order

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