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[IC] JM's A Bit of Trouble (Book 2)

Everett's father arrives and sits at the head of the table. "Where's Everett?" Lady Riatta asks.

"He's indisposed." He says to her under his breath. "Good morning, good folk. I know some of you and I'm sure you all know one another. We can introduce ourselves after a brief discussion of why you were summoned here.

"There are a couple of outstanding problems related to our recent troubles that need the attention of a small group of unassuming folk such as yourselves. Actually, given the number of you here, we can probably tackle both problems at once, half of you doing one job, half doing the other.

"First, though no more important than the second job, there is the matter of Ariamhodary. The good lizardfolk of Ss'sslass have not been able to find any trace of the being. We need to know he will not be troubling us again in the future. A small group of huntsmen can probably search the swamp for signs of him better than an army can.

"Second, there are troubles brewing in the west. Some say hobs of Strife are looking to expand east if Bit is indeed weakened. The latest emissary from the centaur realms say they have their own problems and if Strife doesn't attack them directly, it would be hard to muster forces to help those of us in the east. We were hoping some stalwart heroes could either fix the problem the centaurs can't fix on their own or convince them to help stop Strife from trying to expand.

"So, there are the tasks that need seeing to urgently. Now, perhaps, you can introduce yourselves and we can see which of these tasks intrigue and suit which of you." He picks up his utensils and starts to eat, listening attentively.

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Steve Gorak

“I am Theremin, simple travelling minstrel extraordinaire.” He says, with a bit of fanfare. Turning to Swithun he adds: “You’re the hero my friend, and I have your back, or your rump if you prefer! So which of these tasks will it be?”.


Swithun pondered for a moment. He was expecting to take the whole group into the swamp, but it made sense for him to join any group that was likely to meet his people.

"Are both these missions equally urgent?" he asked.

OOC: Are we really splitting into two groups?


OOC: Gotcha. So we get to pick our mission. Makes sense. And the "Introductions" I assume are a roll-call or a "hands up if you're still in!"

When it was confirmed that both missions needed immediate attention, Swithun introduced himself, in case it was needed. He then turned to the group and said, 'I stand by everything that was said at our revelry by the river. I would like to find Ariamhodary, or his replacement. Unless I am absolutely needed with the Centaurs (though I am no diplomat), I intend to head to the swamp. Are you with me, or would you like to convince me otherwise?"


Winter spends the evening looking over her gear and preparing to move if necessary.

At the house, she mostly keeps to herself. The sheer amount of clutter in the rooms makes her nervous. Its easier to pass though a thicket without snagging anything than these rooms.

Winter takes a chair at a corner of the table, avails herself of a little breakfast, and waits to see what happens. Hmm. The food is really very good.

"Thank you for breakfast Lady Rinata. The food is really very good."

"So, there are the tasks that need seeing to urgently. Now, perhaps, you can introduce yourselves and we can see which of these tasks intrigue and suit which of you." He picks up his utensils and starts to eat, listening attentively.

"I am Injasarielsha'thé lo-Rohinja of the Iolanthe, although most people call me Sariel, or Winter. Or Morning. Sometimes Frost.

"I have previously argued for stalking Lord Ariamhodary. But I will assist in either endeavour. Swamps, to be honest, are not really my thing.

"Unless there are dragons."


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"Brother Pelegon," the monk introduces himself, and he adds, "I liked your son. Stubborn. Good lad."

The aasimar takes the servant that brought the food aside to ask for a glass of wine before continuing. Exchanging a look with both Winter and Swithun, Pelegon continues with conviction and remarkable clarity, "Finding Ariamhodary is what I feel is best and necessary, for the good of all people. The swamps may not be the most pleasant surroundings, but doing good also means making sacrifices."

He winks at Winter and adds with familiar flair, "And we can find a dragon to make it worthwhile, I'm sure."

"Delmirev Surina; My family follows the old way of the people, so please call me Surina. I agree that finding Ariamhodary is essential. Such evil and blasphemy cannot be tolerated."


Anna carefully thought it over, feeling a little better after having ingested some water and food.

"I'm fine with the swamp," she said. "Who is this being that we're making sure is dead?"

"Everyone must have heard of the lizardfolk king who enslaved an entire town's worth of villagers to mine something in the swamps during Spring and Summer," Lady Riatta says. "Have you just arrived in Bit?"


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"That drink'd make anyone forget about yesterday," Brother Pelegon jokes, but then turns to Anna with a serious expression.

"You did just arrive, didn't you? Where are you from, anyway?"

The monk smiles and looks around the table.

"Not that your history matters if you're committed to helping us out, of course. Who you are today is more important than who you were before, isn't that right? I'm just curious; it's a curse."

Then he whispers under his breath, "I know it's not an actual curse, Bob."

Turning to Winter, Surina says "Well, one of the lizardfolk we encountered implied that Ariamhodary was a dragonborn. And, of course, I am dragonborn. Close enough, perhaps?"
OOC: The latter part said with good humor and a bit of a smile. Surina can be quite serious, but she does have her lighter side.


"It is decided, then." stated Swithun, "We shall deep into the swamps and find what remains of Ariamhodary, or if he is dead, we will discover if any threat remains from his machinations."


"That drink'd make anyone forget about yesterday," Brother Pelegon jokes, but then turns to Anna with a serious expression.

"You did just arrive, didn't you? Where are you from, anyway?"

"Solace," she replies, her headache finally starting to clear. "Didn't meet a lot of nonhumans - I mean, demihumans - other kinds of folk, there." She stood, steady on her feet at last. "I've been trying to fix that. So yes, the swamp sounds like a good place to start."


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"Broadening your horizons, eh lass?" Brother Pelegon grins.

"Glad to know some people are smart enough to look beyond the local beliefs," he adds sincerely, refering to the known racist attitudes of the humans of Solace. Then with more than a bit of sarcasm, he continues, "You'll be glad to know that not all lizardfolk are coldblooded killers and slavers."

The monk nods when Swithun concludes they will go into the swamps to find Ariamhodary, although it could also be a nod of thanks to the servant who brings him his wine. Either way he raises his glass to the room at large.

"So when do we leave?" he asks before drinking a mouthfull of fermented grapes.

"Enthusiasm, I like that," Lord Tillerson says. "Okay so it seems like a good number of you want to hunt down Ariamhodary. I'm hoping that one turns out to be a wild goose chase and that he is already dead. There is a 2000 gp price on his head. So bring back proof of his demise and that will be split among those of you who go. But don't get yourselves killed trying to kill him. It's more important that we know he is still alive. That information only pays 500 gp but at least you aren't dead. Everyone who goes will also get 100 gp up front for spending between here and the swamp.

"You can provision in town. I'll give you are writ with which you can buy any reasonable gear at a few specific places in town. We have a couple representatives in the village of Ss'sslass expecting your expedition. If you buy horses, leave them in the village as the swamp is no place for riding horses. Our people in the village will make sure the horses are available to you for when you leave the swamp.

"Make sure you are well provisioned. The swamp is stingy for food in the winter. Bring more than one set of winter clothes. The swamp is wet and cold in the winter. I would suggest abandoning the mission mid-N'Drovo and resuming in the spring. The dead of winter is the worst time to be in the swamp. It isn't called the Swamp of Torment for laughs."

He nods to Lady Riatta who gets up from her seat. "So whoever is going on the mission, follow my daughter to the next room where you will receive your pre-payment and the writ. Those of you not going, I hope to convince you to go find out what you can about the problems facing the centaurs to our west."

Lady Riatta stands at the door and waits until it seems those ready to leave have left the table and those wanting to stay are not. She then opens the door and leads you to a room next door. Two guards are standing there with a bunch of sacks on a table. An older man with a ledger is also standing nearby. She goes to the table and picks up a sack. "Please step forward one by one to receive you pre-payment. Announce your name so Guthrie can record you name in the ledger. We do want to know who was sent on the mission."

GM: Okay, everyone step forward and announce your names as you receive a sack from the Lady. Afterward, Lady Riatta hands the writ to Surina. Lady Riatta will answer any questions you have as well.

Sorry this is a week late. Hopefully there is still a decent sized party still interested in playing.

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