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[IC] JM's A Bit of Trouble (Book 2)

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Anna hands Eleanor delicately over to Tifi, letting the familiar contentedly ribbit, then addresses the others. She blushes, but only a little, at the flirtations of Theremin, and shakes those hands that're offered, smiling with some sympathy at Surina.

"I'm Anna Arcana. I was actually here to visit a diviner, but you're telling me that there's troubles in these parts? I see." She nibbled at the last of her cooled lizard-on-a-stick, then put the stick away. "What sort of troubles? And would you need any help?"


The picnic continues for a while until it is interrupted by two guards in Tommilson livery approaching. "Are you Swithun? And Surina?" They ask the centaur and dragonborn. "Your presence is requested at the Tommilson estate in the morning for breakfast. We were told you may bring guests with you as the lord has a mission he wishes you to undertake."

Swithun bowed, agreeing to the request, and he turned to the group, "It appears that our idea may have been anticipated. Perhaps they have new information for us as well."

Gesturing with her hand to refer to the gathered group, Surina nods to the guards "We will be there," then turning to those gathered "with your approval?"


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Brother Pelegon nods his approval, then turns to Tifi.

"So I'll be away for a few days," he says with a serious tone before switching back to his familiar nonchalance. "You'll be in charge of defending town. But with those moves, I have no doubt you'll defeat every opponent!"

The monk exchanges a brief glance with Winter, letting her know that despite appearances, he takes protecting the girl seriously.

"Maybe you can show Winter and me some of those fighting stances today, and we can let your uncle know he's very safe with you around."

Pelegon is basically asking to have a few hours with the three of them to say goodbye, and inform her remaining family.


The guards nod. "I will tell them to expect a larger group." One of them says and they leave.

The sun lowers in the sky over the buildings of Bit. A chill rolls in from the Empire Sea to the west.

Anna talks with the others as they have a picnic. She's clearly socially awkward, and is trying - but not very well - to make small talk. She is, however, a good enough listener, and is quite eager to sample foods she's never tasted before.

She asks to accompany you all to the Lord's tomorrow, since she's interested in whatever mission might be at hand.

When Anna expressed an interest in their mission, Swithun nodded, "You are welcome to join us. I would fill you in on our plans, but I suspect that they may well change after tomorrow's breakfast. Please feel most welcome to join us at the Tommilson Estate in the morning. We will discuss it further then."


"I will be there tomorrow."

Winter has her doubts as to whether Lords Tommilson plans will match their own. But for now she is just pleased that something is happening. Whatever it is. Unless it is stupid. In which case she will be less pleased.

Humans can be very stupid at times.


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Noticing Anna is interested in trying new foods, Brother Pelegon senses an opportunity.

" 'Ere, try this. Brewed by the best lizardfolk shaman from the camp where the decent ones live. Strong stuff, but I reckon you'll like it," he says as he offers her a crude jug filled with a strong and disgusting smelling grog. His eyes - which she can now see are pure white without visible pupils - cannot hide his misschievous glee.


The party breaks up slowly as the sun sets. Brother Pelegon walks Tifi back to her uncle's house where demonstrates her moves to her uncle. He thanks Bro P for looking after her.

Morning comes a bit overcast. Looks like it'll rain by noon. As you arrive at the Tommilson estate on Governor's Island, you variously mention Everett's name and are shown into a sitting room off the foyer. Some of the long time party members see Zadolix and Keth are here as are more recent PCs such as Valdral. Introductions are made

After some time, an elven woman in fine clothes enters the room. "Hello, I'm Lady Riaata. Thank you for coming at such short notice. If you would follow me."

She leads you out of the sitting room to a larger room with a long table with chairs. Breakfast is laid out on the table. She stands next to the chair to the right of the head chair. "Father will be here shortly. Please sit." A servant attempts to help her with her chair but she waves him off.

GM: small talk with Riaata is possible before someone comes sit at the head of the table. Be nice to know if Anna has a hangover from last night. And whatever else people may have done on the way here this morning.

Swithun was very happy to see his old friend Valdral. He spent most of his time speaking with him, finding out what he'd been up to. He nodded to Lady Riaata and was patient while the servants moved two chairs and a small end-table so that he could stand at the main table. It was a bit of an awkward fit, but he found a way to make it work.

Surina makes her way to Keth and Zadolix. To Zadolix she says, "Good to see you, my height-challenged friend! Are you keeping out of trouble?" To Keth "Well met, brother-in-faith. How have you served The Family since I last saw you?"


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Brother Pelegon feels a bit awkward in this fancy mansion, sitting in a comfortable chair eating fine breakfast.

"No scarcity here," the monk mutters, but thinks better of making a scene. Perhaps his mood is better now that the familiar morning headache is strangly absent, but the aasimar is actually in good spirits and he hums a little tune under his breath as he enjoys his meal, listening to the conversations around him.

Instinctively gravitating more to the common people than the nobility, Brother Pelegon leans over as a servant refills his glass of water, and says to him, "I'm Pelegon, nice to meet you. Didn't I see you last week at the tavern? Quite a singing voice you have, if I remember correctly."

Anna shows up with dark glasses and a pale expression. Eleanor ribbits supportively and she slowly turns her head, and whispers, "don't do that."

She makes her way to a seat, and quietly and motions for water, downing a glass in one gulp and then getting another. She carefully speaks to Brother Pelegon. "What... exactly, was the recommended dosage of that... whatever it was."

Steve Gorak

Theremin is happy to exchange pleasantries with lady Riaata. He mentions his noble lineage, and discusses his his house is tied with hers.


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Pelegon smiles broadly at Anna before replying.

”More’n you had, girl! There’s a fine line between drinking too much and drinking just enough to forget your troubles, and it looks like you were just a drink or two shy of that point...”

The monk laughs heartily, then continues more softly, ”Water helps. So does a good meal.”

He refills her water as soon as she empties her glass, then suggests the heartiest food on the table.

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