D&D 5E (IC) (OneShot) JustinCase's Within The Circle


the magical equivalent to the number zero
The baron listens, intrigued and appalled at the same time. At first he keeps a firm grip on his curiosity as the heroes talk uninterrupted, but eventually he cannot refrain himself and he starts asking questions. Some are easily answered, some are only known by the most learned scholars in the world and no answer is forthcoming.

When eventually he is satisfied he knows all he can, the baron thanks each of the heroes again. His mind is clearly occupied by his next steps, and he asks Jonah to contact a scholar who knows more about these sorts of things.

"Again, friends, I thank you for your amazing feat of both helping Thistle and discovering the identity of my secret benefactors. It is now clear that the House of the Circlet is not a benign organisation, and becoming a member would be a betrayal to all the good people in my lands. However, it may not be so simple to refuse. But that is my concern, not yours."

Raising a glass in the heroes' honor, the baron continues, "You have done a more than satisfactory job, and I hope that in the future you are willing to help me again as we take down the House of the Circlet. You are free to stay in my palace as long as you like, and Jonah will pay you in the morning - or sooner if you want to leave before then. May the Gods watch over you, and guide Thadius to where he needs to be. Cheers!"

[sblock=Thadius]It was nice to see the others back at the baron's table, celebrating victory. Strange to be able to watch, when nobody else seems to notice you. It is also more gloomy than you remember, althought that might be what some call the Mists of Death.

And there it is; your lifeless body. It feels familiar, despite leaving it for what seems like years ago.

SOON, a familiar but still bonechilling voice speaks suddenly. You dare not look behind you, your vision fixed on your physical remains. SOON YOU WILL INHABIT YOUR BODY AGAIN. IF YOU SO CHOOSE.

Looking back, you see the figure fade away, the skull that forms its head seemingly grinning at you before that, too, vanishes. And then you realize it's not the strange figure, but you that have disappeared, and it's darkness around you for a long, long time.

Until suddenly, a spark of light in the distance. Inviting, alluring. This is your chance! Back to the living![/sblock]
OOC: Alright, that's it! Thanks for playing everyone! [MENTION=6853819]TallIan[/MENTION] [MENTION=6808932]eayres33[/MENTION] [MENTION=6801311]KahlessNestor[/MENTION] [MENTION=6798581]Azurewraith[/MENTION] [MENTION=6899077]EarlyBird[/MENTION]

Here's the xp and gold you get from this adventure:

Traubon: 112 xp, 461 gp
Gorir: 412 xp, 522 gp
Magdalena: 412 xp, 522 gp
James: 412 xp, 522 gp
Thadius: 412 xp, 522 gp

Experience points: * denotes that Traubon was still part of the PC's; after that he was functionally an NPC.
*muckdweller: 50 xp
*goblin x1: 10 xp
goblin x9: 90 xp
mlarraun: 200 xp
Belig: 450 xp
Chief Krig: 450 xp
roleplaying: 100 xp each

60 / 5 = 12
1190 / 4 = 300
So Traubon gets 12 + 100 = 112 xp. Everyone else gets 12 + 300 + 100 = 412 xp.

Baron awards each PC 400 gp
fine rapier 25 gp
sacrificial bowl and dagger 100 gp
gold brick 50 gp
30 spearheads 90 gp
7 bottles of wine 70 gp
masterwork painter's tools 55 gp
masterwork flute 100 gp
3 fine portraits 60 gp

It seemed fair to grant Traubon half of what everyone else gets, except for the Baron's reward. Assuming everyone wants to trade these goods for money (if not, feel free to replace your money with the items, as prized above), Traubon receives 400 + 61 = 461 gp. Everyone else gets 400 + 122 = 522 gp.

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