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D&D 5E (IC) (OneShot) JustinCase's Within The Circle


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Within The Circle.png

It is one of the last warm days of summer when Baron Wildhurst summons you to his table for an evening's dinner. Upon arriving at the palace, each of you is dourly greeted by Jonah, the baron's man-at-arms, who leads you to the feast hall before returning to the gate to await the next arrival.

One by one, the long table fills with guests. Apart from you, a simply dressed villager is also seated at the table, although he appears timid and somewhat impressed.

After each of you has arrived, the baron enters the room and takes his seat at the head of the table. Baron Wildhurst, a tall man clothed fashionable but comfortable and sporting a generous moustache, raises his glass of wine in your direction.

"A sincere welcome, my friends, to Wildhurst Palace. I am pleased my invitations were received by everyone, and that you are gathered here now. As you may know, I require your assistance with an important, dare I say vital matter. But come, let us eat first!"

With that, a servant enters carrying various dishes of local and exotic food, placing them on the long table for everyone to take their fill.

[sblock=Gorir Orebelt]
You were surprised, but also intrigued, when Jonah approached you. Having encountered the surly man working for Baron Wildhurst several times, occassionally on different sides, Jonah has always treated you with respect.

Not wasting time on pleasantries, Jonah rumbled "The baron wants to see you," handed you the invitation, and was on his way again.

[sblock=Traubon Dankil]
You knew that one day, the baron of Wildhurst would ask something in return for financing your studies, other than the odd bit of advice or desciphering a coded message. That day had come.

The calm silence you had gotten used to was disturbed when a man, clad in leather armor and wearing a sour expression, came knocking at the door of your study. Introducing himself as Jonah, you vaguely remembered him as one of the baron's people. He carried a piece of paper, which you recognised as a formal invitation.

In a clearly rehearsed voice, Jonah intoned, "Baron Wildhurst requests your presence, Traubon Dankil. The baron hopes your work fares well and looks forward to dining together."

When you did not take the invitation straight away, Jonah hesitated for a moment before placing it on an empty bit of table, and walking out the door.

[sblock=Magdalena Ambers]
When you were summoned by your superiors, you found a visitor before them. Not speaking, the surly looking man looked you up and down like a fellow warrior. Apparently he was pleased, because he nodded to you and the other Helmites, and left.

You were then instructed to find your way to Wildhurst Palace, to be briefed by the baron about a mission.

[sblock=James Hermain]
"Just the scoundrel I was looking for."

After your first instinct to run away without looking back, you realized the voice didn't belong to anyone from the Guild. In fact, you recognized it as Jonah's, man-at-arms for Baron Wildhurst, and when you slowly turned around your suspicions were confirmed. The man who never smiled looked down at you, arms crossed in front of him.

"Figured you could use a job. Make an honest livin' for once."

Handing you a fancy invitation that was very out of place in this shabby tavern, you knew it has to be from the baron himself.

"Don't be late," Jonah added before walking out.

[sblock=Thadius Riegn Westbrook the Third]
You knew the baron had been surprised when you showed up at his doorstep unannounced, but the pleasantness of his smile betrayed no hint of it.

"Wonderful to see you again, Thadius!" the baron had exclaimed even before his servant had finished introducing you. "It's been too long. How fares your family?"

True to his reputation as a cunning but hospitable nobleman, Joaquim Wildhurst seized the initiative right away.

"I insist you dine with me tonight. Shall I have my people take your things to the guest chambers?"

You talked with the baron for a while, catching up, before he excused himself. He had some business to attend to, but you were free to wander the palace grounds or even the countryside before dinner. [/sblock]

OOC: Feel free to introduce your character in-game, perhaps elaborate on being invited, and have some fun roleplaying!

OOC thread
Rogue's Gallery

(player - PC/link to RG - passive perception - armor class - hitpoints)
TallIan: Gorir 13, AC18, 11/11
eayres33: Traubon 12, AC16, 9/9
KahlessNestor: Magdalena 11, AC16, 12/12
Azurewraith: James 16, AC15, 8/8
EarlyBird: Thadius 10, AC15, 14/14

OOC: Adventure is done! :) Here's the rewards.
Here's the xp and gold you get from this adventure:

Traubon: 112 xp, 461 gp
Gorir: 412 xp, 522 gp
Magdalena: 412 xp, 522 gp
James: 412 xp, 522 gp
Thadius: 412 xp, 522 gp

Experience points: * denotes that Traubon was still part of the PC's; after that he was functionally an NPC.
*muckdweller: 50 xp
*goblin x1: 10 xp
goblin x9: 90 xp
mlarraun: 200 xp
Belig: 450 xp
Chief Krig: 450 xp
roleplaying: 100 xp each

60 / 5 = 12
1190 / 4 = 300
So Traubon gets 12 + 100 = 112 xp. Everyone else gets 12 + 300 + 100 = 412 xp.

Baron awards each PC 400 gp
fine rapier 25 gp
sacrificial bowl and dagger 100 gp
gold brick 50 gp
30 spearheads 90 gp
7 bottles of wine 70 gp
masterwork painter's tools 55 gp
masterwork flute 100 gp
3 fine portraits 60 gp

It seemed fair to grant Traubon half of what everyone else gets, except for the Baron's reward. Assuming everyone wants to trade these goods for money (if not, feel free to replace your money with the items, as prized above), Traubon receives 400 + 61 = 461 gp. Everyone else gets 400 + 122 = 522 gp.
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James inclined his head to Johan as he answered the door, he felt very out of place in high society. A strange collection of people the Baron had invited here everyone looked to know how to handle themselves, the guy all ready here seemed out of place.

Making a beeline for the villager James sits beside him "Now then, names James not entirely sure why I'm here. Definitely out of my depth I ate my last meal off my knife blade. Couldn't even tell you what this spoon here is for."

The Baron arrives and summons dinner, a odd bunch of food that James mostly pushes around his plate.

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Thadius took Baron Wildhurst's hand in his own, and even clasped the man on the shoulder. "Oh fine, fine. Now that things have died down and father got the Isnber contract. Mother says hello and had me pick up these for you."

Thadius hands the man a small pouch filled with late summer blueberries, and they both munch on them as they talk.

Later before dinner Thadius made his way to the gardens. He was trying hard to look like someone with nothing on his mind and wanting nothing more to do than enjoy the day. "Patience, patience," he mumbled over and over, as he walked the grounds.

At dinner the teifling took in the hodgepodge of guests, and began to wonder if the old baron was starting a poorhouse. Feeling a bit over dressed in his best jacket, with lace at the cuffs and silver embroidery heavy on the multitude of lapels. A little self-conscious and hoping the baron wasn't going to ask for money, Thadius started to relax when the food arrived.

Using a small lobster pick to dig into some boiled crayfish the size of a cat, Thadius glanced at James pushing his food around as if it might come alive and bite him back.

Thadius.jpg "Come now Master... James was it." he says with a feral grin. "Best to eat it while its hot. And if the fact it still has eyes and you think it may be looking at you, not to worry." He picks off both the eyes from his dinner, and plops them into his mouth. "Just eat them first. They are the best part."



"The baron wants to see you," said Jonah and left curtly. Gorir watched him leave, thoughts of foul play running through his head. No, Jonah wouldn't stoop to that, the two fo them would be swinging weapon now if that was the case. Without the Company behind him no one need fear repercussions for attacking Gorir for his past deads. Breaking the seal and unrolling the scroll Gorir found the invitation as to the point as Jonah had been. Well, there was nothing keeping him here anyway.

Gorir arrived to find a half elf and a human, both very out of place, talking at one end of the table while the barren and a tiefling talked at the other. "My Lord Barron." he greeted his host and took a seat, guessing his position as best he could. Gorir was used to being in the presence of nobility, but this was odd. Usually these events were well planned, everyone knew who else was going to be there and where they fitted in the hierarchy that held civilization together.

Gorir Sat in quite contemplation, only replying to be polite, until the the meal was served. Gorir quietly blessed his meal then ate, waiting quietly to hear what was happening.

[SBLOCK=Mini Stats]
AC: 18 (Chain and Shield)
Initiative: +0
HP: 11/11 HD: 1/1d10

Warhammer: +4 5ft 1d8+2S
ShortSword: +4 5ft 1d6+2P
Light Crossbow: +2 80/320ft 1d8P

SPELLS: Cantrips
Guidance; Sacred Flame; Spare the Dying

level 1: 2/2
Bless; Command; Healing Word; Sanctuary


Traubon approached Jonah and handed him the invitation that Jonah had given with out saying a word. As they made their way to the feast hall Traubon adjusted his robes and tried to make himself look as presentable as possible.

As he saw the Baron he blurted out, “Hello Sir Wildhurst, I mean Baron Wildhurst, I mean My Lord Baron Wildhurst. Thank you for receiving me.”

Ducking his head Traubon made his way to the table and took the closest available seat. His shyness left when the food arrive and soon Traubon had some of every available meat on his plate.

“The roasted pork is excellent,” he said to no one in particular as he shoved another piece of pork into his mouth.


It takes James a moment to realise that he is in fact "Master" James, when he finally does look up be appears to be being smiled at by the devil himself it takes a further second to realise it's one of those tiefling types James had met one in the guild a particularly cold and crule fellow, given the great mirth this one room eating eyes prehaps out was a cultural thing."It's not the eye's, it's just well this food is just a tad richer than what I am used to m'lord" James was terrible with names he never stuck.around long enough to really need them.

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Wildhurst Manor

Magdalena was just beginning to put on her armor when the Father Superior knocked on her door. Quickly pulling on an undershirt, she answered it.

“Father,” she said with a bow of respect.

“You will not be needing your armor or weapons this evening, Sister Magdalena,” the older man said.

The young woman arched an eyebrow. “Why is that?”

“You are going to dinner, not to battle.” Father Superior chuckled. “This is more suitable.” He held out a small bundle of cloth.

Magdalena’s eyes widened a bit. “A dinner?” She squirmed a bit uncomfortably and took the cloth. It was like her acolyte robes, with the symbol of the church of Helm, a metal gauntlet with an eye on the breast. But it was more ornate, of finer material, and richly decorated than her simple homespun robes.

“Sir, I am not...adept at the social customs necessary for court,” Magdalena said, almost petrified. “You know my whole life has been lived here, except for the year of my disobedience, and that was spent on the streets.” She hung her head in shame. Her heart still hurt over the loss of her young thief and fiance, Romeo. She had been naive, and it had nearly gotten him killed. Only her promise of returning to the church had returned to her the power to heal him and save his life.

“You will do fine, Sister.” Father Superior put his hand on her shoulder for a moment before leaving.

Magdalena shut the door and shook out the robes. She undressed again and put on her finest undergarments, which were still very plain and simple, before donning the robes, checking her image in the mirror to make sure the folds fell right.

She barely recognized it, but others seemed to find her a beautiful woman, with her long, dark hair cascading in curls around her blue eyes. The robes draped her full figure to perfection. She slipped on the boots provided. Her only concession to her warrior skills was the simple dagger she slipped into her belt. It would allow her to still be armed, yet would be no great loss should it be confiscated for the Baron’s protection.

Magdalena found a coach awaiting her when she exited the church. She climbed into the ornate carriage and watched the city go by as she was driven out to the Baron’s estate.

Magdalena recognized the dour man who met her upon arrival, the man who had delivered the summons for her. She knew him as Jonah, the baron’s man-at-arms, but otherwise they had interacted little. This would only be the second time she had dealings with the baron.

Magdalena glanced at the others at the table, a motley crew, indeed. She took the seat shown to her. She stood and nodded respectfully when the Baron joined them.

The food was rich and good, like nothing served at the church, or on the streets. She found she had a bit too much wine, and so set her goblet a bit farther away to check herself. It wouldn’t do to make a fool of herself. She was a paladin, after all! And alcohol made one less than watchful, and vigilance was the hallmark of Helm.

Magdalena’s eyes went to the dwarf near her. They narrowed a bit. He had the smell of magic about him, and her purpose in the church was to wreak vengeance upon those who misused magic. She touched the hilt of her dagger to reassure herself it was there, and wished he had her armor.

Bonus Action:

AC: 16 (chainmail)
HP: 12/12 HD: 1/1d10
Divine Sense (3/LR)
Lay on Hands 5/5
Prepared Spells:
Spell Slots Remaining/Total


the magical equivalent to the number zero
The villager grins awkwardly at James, fingering his own cutlery. "I have seen spoons before, just never made out of anything but wood."

When Thadius took his seat on the other side of James, the villager's eyes widen in shock. He looks over at the baron, who nods assuringly, and returns his gaze to the tiefling. "G- good evening, m'lord," he says quietly, ill at ease but attempting to be polite nevertheless.

After everyone has had the chance to eat at least one platefull, the baron stands up, a half-empty glass of wine in his hands.

"Once again I want to express my gratitude that you are all here. Whether it was curiosity, a sense of justice, or even chance that brought you to my table, I am glad of it."

The baron looks at everyone in turn, capturing the attention with his gaze and a slight pause, before gesturing to the villager seated next to him.

"Friends, we have in our company one from the village of Thistle, whose bountiful harvest gifts saw us through last winter's famine. Borden here bears sad tidings, and it is for the purpose of aiding him that I call you together tonight. Listen to his tale, and promise me that you will convey to Thistle the thanks we owe them by assisting him."

Borden rises, hesitates a moment, and then speaks.

"The trouble began three weeks back. Without warning, our entire village fell ill. Men, women, children, elders - no one was spared. Most of us were bedridden for days, and I thank the gods that none passed away. It was some days' time before most of us were on our feet and able to repair the damage to our crops wrought by neglect and tend to those who were still ill. Would that were all there were to it.

"On the second day from the plague's onset, when only a few of us were able to stand, a cocksure goblin came into our market square and shouted that he had brought the plague. He jeered at us, going from house to house and abusing whomever he found. Those who tried to resist were beaten mercilessly. The goblin called himself Belig, and as he made sport of our suffering he cackled that unless we paid him tribute, more plagues would visit us. He demanded a wagonload of our goods, and all the livestock that had died from the sickness. He told us that if we were to try to trick or deny him his tribe would rain evil down on us, and more plagues would befall us."

The last words spoken in despair, Borden sits down again, a tear forming in his eye. He looks to the baron for support, who speaks up again.

"Thank you, Borden. As you all can imagine, I cannot let this goblin get away with bullying and poisoning the village so. My request therefore is this: Travel to Thistle and deliver medicine, and then end the threats from this Belig creature by any means necessary."


Thadius had not been so into his cups not to notice Magdalena enter. His absorption into the way the robe hugged chest and hips pulled his eyes from the symbol of Helm just enough to pass it as not an issue, that he might just come to regret.

"A mission of mercy and vengeance worthy of the Westbrook name." Thadius says with a nod to the baron. "I am honored to be among those you would trust with dealing out your justice, good Baron Wildhurst. I am in."

OOC: Thadius is more face than beat stick, btw.


James notices as the women enters and then quickly loses interest as he notices she is religious.

"Medicine delivery? Seems like a lot of trouble to call is here for something so mundane. I no naughty of plagues either executing a goblin that I can do rather see him see him in irons though, be easier to do alone." James feels that there is more to this than the Baron may be letting on.

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