[IC] SWS/DnD5, Star Wars the Old Republic – A Gathering Darkness

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OOC: [roll0]

Iknow Forge is having some internet issues so Initiative: 2D20.HIGH(1) = [6, 8] = 8
With this roll the Outlaw Gambit and your Starfighter go after the badguys. Again if you want to you can make a Charisma (Deception) check to get Advantage on your attack NEXT round or you could just power up and attack them first. Up to you.
In the Outlaw Gambit, Cal can try and pilot or fire the forward facing Ion Cannon. C4 is there and he can Pilot if you want.
Note that unless you have Vehicle Combat or Heavy Weapon Proficiency you don't gain your Proficiency bonus to these attacks.
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Immediately the corridor is lit by a bar of electric green light as Kacela ignites her lightsaber and steps in towards the attacker. It whummed through the air as she slashed and jabbed, taking some care to keep the arc of her swing narrow so as not to clip any of the shipboard systems. Lightsabers weren't really ideal for close-quarters fights on one's own ship!

[roll0] attack for [roll1] damage on 1st attack, [roll2] attack for [roll3] damage on second!


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Moving erratically, Jihahna stabbed the alien once causing it to scream in pain and curse her in its alien tongue! Kacela then moved up and slashed it once with her lightsaber, catching the aliens in the shoulder for a slight burn. It said “You will die Jedi!”

Inside the engine room this Gand spotted the first explosive and started working on it as the ship started blasting away from the enemies approaching, but not before they fired a barrage of missiles at the Outlaw Gambit. Cal’s voice over the intercom said “If you have dealt with that problem, we need someone on the gun turrets ASAP!”

Then the alien slipped back out the range of both Jedi and blasts at Kacela, catching her once almost straight in her chest!!! She was able to partially turn at the last second or would have been dead already!

Jor, still floating and powered down, noted with his passive sensors that one of the turrets on the enemy ship was attempting to track him. They were just outside the weapons range through…

GM: [sblock=Actions and Rolls]This Gand moves into the Hyperdrive room and finds the first explosive. You can use your roll next round but that is a full round action (to deactivate bomb). Then the next round you can look for the 2nd bomb!!! You don’t need to roll next round, we can use your result as your roll which will succeed.
Jihahna moves and hits the alien once for 13 damage (bring him down to HP 53), she missed with the second. Because of dastardly strike he is now Reeling.
Kacela hit once for 17 damage (bring him down to 36 HP). Not quite enough to Stun him (his Fort Def is 18).

The alien uses Crafty Action to Disengage and moves back 4 meters to benefit from Skirmisher (advantage on his attacks) but as he is Reeling he is at a disadvantage so normal attacks. He is Double Attacking and using Double Tap (-2 to hit, +1d weapon damage if he hits) with his Blaster Carbine Attack and damage if it hits: 1D20+5 = [10]+5 = 15; 4D8+7 = [3, 3, 7, 8]+7 = 28
1D20+5 = [20]+5 = 25; 4D8+7 = [8, 4, 4, 6]+7 = 29
, missed with the first,
EDIT: skirmisher only counts for the first attack, so second attack at disadvantage; Attack roll: 1D20+5 = [16]+5 = 21 still a hit BUT Kacela only suffers 29 damage (she is still Reeling). At the end of his round he makes his check (+2 class bonus +2 bonus from Armor) vs. DC 10; Con check vs. Reeling: 1D20+6 = [6]+6 = 12, made it.

Outside, the enemy ship moves forward and is now 8 space-squares away. It fires its Missile Launchers at Long Range (disadvantage); attack (disadvantage), damage if he hits (x2 multiplier as it does not work on Coyotecode): 2D20.LOW(1)+1 = [9, 12]+1 = 10; 8D10 = [8, 8, 1, 10, 2, 3, 7, 7] = 46, miss.
The Outlaw Gambit does not have the range to attack with any weapons but Cal is going to move the ship 2 squares away and then another 2 squares (with a Run).
@tglassy you can either try a Deception check or power up the ship and either move or fire this round. The enemy ship is 6 space squares away though. You could attack with your Concussion Missiles only at Disadvantage.

Jihahna and Kacela can now act.[/sblock][sblock=Conditions]Cal HP 68/68
Kacela HP 44/73, Reeling
Jihahna HP 67/67
Jor Dan HP 71/71
This Gand HP 73/73

Liberator-class Starfighter HP 80 (DR10)
The Outlaw Gambit HP 120/120 (DR15)
The Gallin's Glory HP 180/180 (DR15)

Enforcer Alien HP 36/66[/sblock]
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OOC: Deception! If I can only get disadvantage on an attack anyway, may as well wait until they're a little closer.

Deception: [roll0]

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Furrowing her brow in concern for her friend, Jihahna looks to Kacela and then the doorway. "Hey Kacela? You don't look so good, you might wanna take a break, I'll block the exit"

With that, (Basing this on [MENTION=4936]Shayuri[/MENTION]'s OOC Post #1874) Jihahna feints just after the Jedi disengages to head towards the door. Jihahna swiftly circles clockwise-then counter-clockwise in this moment of confusion, creating a moment of vulnerability to strike at her foe, the same tactic it had just used in striking against Kacela. To add to this moment of confusion, she drops her vibro-blade, drawing it's eyes toward it just to add a little further to the distraction, whilst bringing out out her blaster rifle at the same time. She pulls the trigger...


So, after kacela moves away, drop vibro-blade and draw blaster rifle, move 3 metres clockwise and 1 metre anti-clockwise around our foe. Fire at the foe with advantage (Jihahna now has precise shot, so no issue with firing in melee.

First Shot:
_: 2D20.HIGH(1)+7 = [13, 17]+7 = 24

Should be a hit.

_: 3D8+6 = [1, 6, 6]+6 = 19

Should be reeling.

Double attack:

_: 1D20+7 = [9]+7 = 16

Actually, just realised, I get a second roll with this I think as I've caused Reeling and furthermore, activate dastardly strike again with my bonus action, which ups the opponents condition to stunned I think, meaning advantage on the second strike:

_: 1D20+7 = [15]+7 = 22

If the above is correct, that's a hit, so, damage:

_: 3D8+6 = [5, 6, 1]+6 = 18

Sooo, That Should drop him... JUST


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Realizing that if she blacks out even for a moment, she'll lose control of the detonator, Kacela does withdraw...backing swiftly up and turning the corner to get some cover. There she collapses her lightsaber and takes a moment to collect herself...checking her injury and calm her body's frantic reaction to it.

(Moving back behind cover, taking Second Wind, and using her action to get advantage on check to overcome Reeling: [roll0] or [roll1])

Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
OOC: Nice going Sezarious!

drone jumble-hum clacketty “A little more time please,” whispers the gand, seemingly mostly for itself and certainly without turning around!

If one didn’t know it was impossible, one could swear she is *sweating* as three-fingered hands try to BOTH untangled the pitted, silver mass of the thermal detonator from the guts of their life-support AND strike a razor’s-edge balance between too quick and too slow...

OOC: Spotting the next one: Easter rabbit of Doom: 2D20.HIGH(1)+5 = [17, 11]+5 = 22

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