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Elf_Ariel said:
Put Sienna's little chorus girl up against my darling little seamstress elf and get giggles when the claws come out? That way you dont have to worry about stats, their rolls'd be pretty much equal.

Bari said:
Hmmm. I like that.

Hehe. That could be amusing. Though, I can think of a couple people who wouldn't be all that pleased to see my little chorus girl in a fight. :D

Actually, the idea of breaking it into categories does make sense. But, it would need to be more than non-stats and stats. Like magic and straight melee should probably not be in the same category. Well, maybe a mixed category as a choice.
Of course, it wouldn't be good to get too bogged down in divisions and lables, so, the categories would be something to discuss further and pick just a few.

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Well, before we get too far into the planning stages, it's a good idea to make sure it is cool with the magi. Maybe one (or more) will read this thread. But, the more certain way to catch them for the approval is by emailing .

Infernal Scribe

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as long as they keep it PG-13 and need a special room, thats what one of the DM rooms are for. I doubt they need special permission from the magi to run DOA sort of matches.


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Infernal Scribe said:
as long as they keep it PG-13 and need a special room, thats what one of the DM rooms are for. I doubt they need special permission from the magi to run DOA sort of matches.

What he said. :)

If it's in Carpe Diem or Ahoy! Adventure then it can be organized however the players want, whenever they want. You can't "reserve" the room but it's rare that they're both in use, and once you're in there you can stay till your game is finished.


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This tournament, the way its sounding when broken down, seems like a pyramid scam, I am surprised that no one suggested at having entree fees and prize money for winning.


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Thanks, Trelian. I just like to make sure.

So, then, let's sum up so far:
Stats or no-stats?
Dice roller is our friend :)

In a tournament, the divisions are usually by skill level. And, for an SCA event, the archers usually have their own thing, sword and board (sword and shield) their own thing, rapiers their own. . . etc, you get the idea. I don't think we necessarily have to break it down that much, but, definitely consider some skill levels and whether magic and straight up fighting should be mixed.


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A tourney would be a nice nice change from the usual mush going on these days... Yes.. Classes should have their own events and frankly... one must never forget the classic Battle Royale to top things off... if not more than one... As far as prizes - ect??? Wellll Best to decide the theme first.. then work from there.. Magick is always an option, but should always be used appropriately... certian certian competition structures either limited or none and then specific accounts for those who make it a specialty... Prizes is the easy part once structure makes its face known.. Olde players who have not attended in a good while should be notified once this thing takes case they might care to actually attend for a change.. I know... thaty this has Our.. Interest.. We All might be able to even drag in a few new players.. Who knows?... Rare items often make wonderful gestures for a winning player... And Ohhhh jess... let's not forget the honors for Grand Champion..




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well, I don't know if you want my opinion or not, but here it goes;
why don't you try a yu-gi-o type thing and have life points, divide the characters up by their skill level and from there use the die to see if they are able to defend or not, so if the attacker rolls a 10 between two dice and the defender rolls an 11 then they would successfully dodge

the only reason why i'm suggesting it is because i know a few people who would be interested but aren't too good at fighting. so that's my suggestion

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