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Ideas for Campaign: Battle-Hawk-3000


my upcoming D&D campaign will be a large one I hope.
I'd like any help or brainstorming please. The elevator pitch is this:

It is 1000 years after the age of Steam in Greyhawk.
New factions arise, and giant machines walk the land,
some call them battle-mechs.

here's my page of notes thus far : Battle-Hawk-3000

What role the PCs play is TBA.
I think they will start as mercs or soldiers in some lo-tech outfit,
and have to loot and promote their way up to mech possession.
There will be gunpowder weapons, and magic firearms.

The events of "Greyhawk 2000" in Dragon 277 have set in motion
forces that effect the world today.

The city of Highport has evolved into a City-State of the Invincible Overlord. :cool:
Although whether this is a home base from which the PCs operate,
or is an objective for them to infiltrate remains to be seen.

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I've made more changes to the prospectus.
I am including which splatbooks will be in play, and working on a "Wild Kratts"-type prestige class.

I am further refining my rock-paper-scissors concept as regards the interaction
of technology, magic and psionics.

Also added a region map to the City-State area, near the Pomarj.


Looking good!

Did you steal the Demonscar from Golarion?

I stole some thing from Golarion for my own Greyhawk campaign - the main thing is that North Province is now the Republic of Andoria. I also replaced some of the countries near thereof with some Golarion countries - the Pale is Galt, caught in a post-theocratic revolution.

My vaguely planned future industrial revolution would start with Dwarfs making warforged and becoming a primary force in the Flanaess. But so far, this is just a revelation.

So, who are the opponents fro your mecha-riding adventurers?


Having Greyhawk but not Hardby be a member of the Union of Urnst cuts Greyhawk off from the sea - is that really workable? Perhaps your City State has taken over Greyhawk City's role of major trade hub?


re: Daemonscar:
the idea is from Dragon 277, and is the side effect of nuking Iuz.
the map is my interpretation of the politics in that issue.

re: Hardby:
Hmm. it appears I zagged a little too much when I drew the border.
that should be allied with Greyhawk, and therefore with Union.
But I'm leaving it independent. Makes for Interesting politics.
Perhaps its become an autonomous anarcho-syndicalist commune.
The ladies there take it in turns to act as a sort of executive officer for the month,
But all the decision of the officers have to be ratified
at a special biweekly meeting...

I mean, there already was resentment of the alliance with Greyhawk, no ?
What leverage do thye hold in Hardbay as regards the river passage ?

Read the article in Dragon 277, I like what it said of the Dwarfs.

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