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I mean you no harm
I see two examples of Monks :

if we consider that
1° every multiclass uses Energy in some way
2° there are three types of Monks
3° Kenshiro is from the Guild of Assassins
4° Assassins and Necromancers are linked
5° Necromancers are a branch of Clerics
so Kenshiro is a mix of Cleric and Monk
now to achieve a multiclass you need three classes

3° Songoku uses Fireballs and most Evocations so is an Elementalist
4° Elementalists are from 4E power Sources
so Songoku is a mix of Monks and Elementalists

all I know for now is that
Monks are a combination of Dex and Wis

so, to achieve the build of a multiclass you marry three combos of two stats
so, if Monks use Dex + Wis
you can have a class mixing Str + Con, a class using Str + Int, or a stat mixing Str + Cha
if you have one class mixing Str+Con , then the third class uses Int+Cha

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le Redoutable

I mean you no harm
an easy update:

Monks should use Dex+Cha
so as to permit Songoku to pertain to Druids with Con+Wis
and Kenshiro will use Str+Con as Cleric
Monk/Cleric and the third Class could be Wis+Int ( Ruler ? )
I like this for myself, being a Cleric/Monk/Ruler

edit: I REALLY have issues with Songoku's Path ( grr! )
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le Redoutable

I mean you no harm
there are 5 Spell-Users
Bard ( Enchantment, Charm )
Cleric ( Abjuration, Divination, Necromancy )
Druid ( Conjuration, Summoning )
Elementalist ( Alteration, Evocation, Invocation )
Illusionnist ( Illusion, Phantasm )

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