Impromptu Stream with Ed Greenwood, Tim Kask, & TSR CCO


Here's my first question: why are you using language in the video meant to rally hate and fear?

Here's my second question: does your conscience keep you up at night?
First question:
Please provide me with a time stamp reference that shows what you are talking about? I don't recall stating anything of the sort.

I was invited onto the show right about an hour and 19 minutes in.

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At three hours in length, like @Morrus, I'll wait for the CliffsNotes. Is there a timestamp in particular you'd like to point out?

Knowing the stance on diversity, equity, and inclusion on ENworld (which at this point, from your conversations, I know you are aware of), using a link to a channel that mentions both "the woke mob" and Comicsgate is not a great way to advertise your company here, not without better framing.

A huge part of promotion is managing expectations and catching people's interest. Now, if you are speaking up and saying oh, I don't know, something like "trans lives matter" in that interview, I think it would help to have said something about that in your original post. Not only would it manage our expectations of the video, it appeals directly to the issues people here care about.
Is there a timestamp in particular you'd like to point out?

I think the summary from 2:39:46 to 2:44:50 is pretty good. It gets many of my points across pretty well.

Now just to get out ahead of it a little, when I spoke about how I personally would handle a real world situation and not just hold my phone up, I am speaking about those that choose to simply film for their own glory or likes rather than at the very least call for help.

Also I am not attempting to make light of documenting things, I think that is a valuable and very needed thing to have happen, and I do it too, if I see a situation that doesn't need any direct assistance, I might film it and then make certain to give copies to the parties involved.

In that moment I was recalling my own personal frustration with people that just film things without the intent to help, because I have had that happen to me where I was a first responder to a situation, and when I tasked someone to call 911 they would not saying they wanted to get that sh&^ for their channel they don't care about me, so I have a personal irritation with it and it slipped out.


Please please please tell me that Tim Kask and Ed Greenwood aren't on board this train wreck.
Keep in mind this is just my speculation based on what I've seen Tim post on social media and what I've heard him say on various Curmudgeon in the Cellar, but I think it's pretty likely.

Anyone who has followed Tim for a while knows he's pretty progressive and has no patience for a lot of the nonsense going around from the right wing extremists. However, he's been seeing comments like "1e was just a murder simulation to kill black people" and "anyone who likes 1e is a racist and sexist". There are plenty of those out there too, unfortunately. So he's being shows these comments as "See, the radical woke left hates you and thinks you're a racist."

I've never heard Tim use the term "woke" until very recently, and it was in a pejorative context, so I'm fairly certain what's happening is he's hearing that term in the context of being partnered with those above comments. And what happens when someone is unfairly called a racist or bigot? Then tend to get defensive and start hanging around people who are defending them.

Now, I don't think people like LaNasa cares one whit about Tim other than his association with early TSR and what he personally can gain from that, but I bet dollars to donuts he and his ilk using these comments to try to rally him to their side. The whole schtick among these people is to paint themselves as victims from the "woke leftists" and "cancel culture." I guarantee you they are feeding poison into Tim's ear and anyone else who will listen about how the left wants not only to "cancel" them, but to taint their legacy and contributions as bad and needs to be cleansed; that the left thinks they are actively harmful people to the hobby. Statements like the above certainly feed into that narrative. Heck, there are entire threads in some of these forums dedicated to organizing ways to literally, not just figuratively, fight against the "leftist menace."

Tim is a good guy. But you can only call someone a racist, bigot, and advocate for ethnic cleansing before they start getting defensive and start to entrench themselves into a side. It's a really sad thing about polarization and tribalism.

I won't spend 3 hours watching that video because I'm 99% sure that it's not going to be honest. And I have better things to do than waste 3 hours of my time. I suspect that's part of the plan. That way you can say, "where is the exact time stamp" as a way to dismiss someone dishonestly, as if all of the other toxic comments on twitter, FB, youtube, and other places never existed.

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