D&D Movie/TV In hindsight DADHAT should have been saved for 2024.

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Yeah 2024 likely won't have as many big releases and it might have done better but it's hard to say what kind of deals Paramount had in place with their non Hasbro financiers for the film and some of their merchandise partners.

Sure, except that probably all the studios will be hitting on the genius idea of re-releasing old content to cover for their lack of new product, so there's no guarantee the market will be any less crowded.
Indeed, it's quite likely companies will be re-releasing their absolute top-tier near-guaranteed audience bangers, which might make it even tougher for a relatively new film like DADHAT to find a place.

On the positive side, relatively few of the re-releases will be dire superhero flicks, so there's that.


Honestly not sure what they could have done differently to help with the theatrical run: theybdid the hard part and made a good movie. The ads were not super on point, theatrical release schedule was crowded, and a lot of people are still not goijg back to the theatre (I waited and bought the BluRay Steelbook).

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