WotBS Incomplete NPCs in 3.5-edition "The Trial of Echoed Souls"? [spoilers, probably]

Bill T.

One of my players has offered to put together some NPCs for other reasons. Since he's playing 3WR, and that's the next chapter (they've still only just started exploring Castle Korstull), it makes sense that he'd know some of the people from that area. Is there anything in that chapter that the DM is supposed to write up, like Zooten and company were in "Tears of the Burning Sky"?


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I'm sorry, I don't understand what you're asking about. Do you mean are there any NPCs in adventure seven that you might fight who don't have stats?

It's been fourteen years, but I don't think so. Then again, I don't remember what Zooten is either.

Bill T.

You do understand, RW. I'm not surprised you don't recall, but maybe a more recent reader does.

Zooten is one of the five gnomeling fighters working for Clan Millorn, "working as muscle and assistants, having little initiative in the course of this adventure." So, I wrote them up with the Torpid trait, since they have little initiative.

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