D&D 5E Indiana Jones Type Chase Scene Suggestions?


In my 5e Iron Gods Game the party is escaping a necromancer compound deep in hobgoblin gang territory in the Mad Max style ruined city of Scrapwall. This is a Thundarr the Barbarian sorcery and superscience themed pathfinder mini setting (part of a normal fantasy world) and adventure path that I am running using 5e. The four person 5th level party has spent the last two sessions breaking a prisoner out of the compound amid lots of hijinks and getting torn up by the hobgoblin necromancer gang leader's forces. Two have had to be revived from 0 hp with healing potions and are barely hanging on. They got the prisoner out using one-use Acme tunnel paint and are now just trying to get out alive with the four of them.

They consist of a robot (warforged) artificer, a kobold creation college bard, a cleric in Acme steampunk space marine armor, and a non-ninja tortle hexblade. The bard and cleric are part of a draconic cult of Acme run by a copper dragon.

At the end of the last game the party was exiting out of the compound on the kobold's motorcycle figurine of carrion crawling (variant goat of traveling with 40 speed and climbing) with the beat up tortle strapped into the crawler, the kobold in front of him taking over the steering as the game ended. They had thrown a rope to the beat up artificer who has levitation rocket boots going so he can water-ski be pulled along behind. They had swung around to pick up the cleric and the kobold used song of creation to create a motorcycle side car for him.

They are being chased by three ghasts, with more on the way, and need to exit through cannibal hobgoblin and hedgehog folk gang territory who have been alerted by an air raid siren about the party. The party will want to get to safe territory, either of two allied minor gang's turf, or to their secret Acme headquarters. Preferably for them not to hostile divine AI monster truck following Orc gang territory. Possibly they will just go blind as fast as they can whatever direction has least obstacles. The kobold has the urchin background for navigating quickly in urban areas.

I want this to be a fun cinematic chase with food stands being knocked over, choices on the PC's parts (each of them, not just the kobold driver), and fun elements popping up. I don't necessarily want this to be a full on fight, they've had two full on fight games after their harebrained compound infiltration scheme worked and I am going for more of a skill challenge or narrative as a goal for the feel.

I briefly check out the DMG suggestions on chases and did not find them that useful for my purposes.

Suggestions on narrative stuff or mechanics?


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Just for reference the figurine of Carrion Crawling:



Lord of the Hidden Layer
A Bond Movie chase scene might be more suitable than Indy.

Were I a PC, I would be looking for a way to block pursuit - fill the road with clutter, spray oil behind us, drop tire-popping tacks, swerve around an approaching parade / procession about to clog the cross-road, throw handfulls of $100 bills into a crowd and yell "FREE MONEY!", shoot / cripple the closest pursuing vehicle.

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