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Olath Vlos

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There was a battle between two drow -- an Ilharess and a Jabbuk. He died. She did not. A dozen watched, and none did anything to help, despite the Jabbuk's being drawn into a fight he did not ask for and did not want.

Her guard is known as Krag, and that is all I know of her.

I seek very few things. Her name. Her family tree as far back as it goes to living relatives. Her allies.

Rewards are contingent on accuracy and depth of this information.


Olath Vlos, Negotiator.

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First Post
** as Zal’Ishala casually strides from the shadows she passes the board with a quick glance to notes not seen before. The name of her loyal Krag draws attention, enough to warrant a complete read of the note. Somewhat ammused, a melodic laugh is allowed to pass her lips. Producing a piece of parchment she passes a hand over it before it is placed over the original, her casual stride takes her elsewhere after that. **

** dark purple lines form the letters and words on the note **

Dos s'lurpp uns'aa jaluk.

Cain Thorn

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*placed on a piece of parchment, held in place by a single thorn; the writing is uniform and cannot be discerned as heavy or light, left handed or right handed, male or female*
Olath Vlos-

Although I have not met you in person, I have met Krag...
Rather unimpressive, unless trained to lose to women.
I cannot be sure of his training methods against women,
but you mention the 'Olath Darthien', they seem to be a
matriarchal society and probably wouldn't allow a male to
compete or win against a female.

I have seen another that appears to have some limited
control over the beast as well, he does like a surface
dweller it seems. He is polite, though most likelyonly
infront of the one he has chosen as his.

I do not give out any name, but the beasts' in order to
keep my own identity hidden for at least some time until
my name needs to be given, either by messenger or in
person, it matters not to me

*signed with a kittens paw print*

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