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5E Inspiration & 36 Questions to Fall in Love


I've been doing something with Inspiration in my campaign that I thought some of you might enjoy.

Do you know about the 36 Questions to Fall in Love? Theoretically these questions help you grow in intimacy with another person. I adapted the list of questions to be appropriate for D&D characters and made a simple chart for rolling random questions.

In my campaign, at the start of a session we roll randomly for who has Inspiration. When that character uses their Inspiration, we roll again. If the same character is rolled twice, Inspiration is lost until the beginning of the next session.

I have started having the character rolled answer a random Question to Fall in Love from the perspective of their character. The results have been so much fun! Questions like If you could invite anyone to dinner, who would it be? reveal a lot about the differences between the Goliath Barbarian (answer: "the enemy who will eventually kill me") and the Aasimar Cleric (answer: "Queen Nostraya [the BBEG], to better understand her"). Questions like Name three things you and (another character) have in common reveal a lot about what unites the group other than a shared quest.

Because Inspiration gets used in combat a lot, I was initially concerned that rolling new Inspiration and a new 36 Question, and answering that question, would interrupt the flow of the game. It does interrupt, but it's more like having a neat flashback in the middle of combat than the interruption of looking up a rule or getting another slice of pizza.

In another D&D group, we started off each session by answering one of the questions from the perspective of our character.

Either way, it's a great way to get even more immersed!

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