D&D 5E Intrepid Adventures of Legend or Hobo Murderers on the Loose (a pogre storyhour)(11/3/15)


Intrepid Adventures of Legend or Hobo Murderers on the Loose (a pogre storyhour)

Episode 01
A Female! That’s My Favorite Encounter!

“You filthy peck!” the barmaid screamed. She then delivered a resounding slap that nearly knocked Cabo off of his chair. He righted himself and gave a half-smile to his companion, Gideon.

“That one likes me,” Cabo slurred.

“You give our race a bad name,” Gideon chided shaking his head.

Cabo’s other companions seemed oblivious to the exchange and were debating the merits of various metals. Stridently making his point was the Dwarf, Brodek. Listening calmly to the Dwarf’s rant was another halfling, a sorcerer named Osbourne.

The four had come to this outpost on the edge of the wilderness looking for new starts. Old Ox Inn was no longer an Inn, but more of a complete village under one roof. It was clear from the layout of the place the proprietor had big plans.

“Keep your hands off my girls!” boomed a loud voice at the end of the table. The group looked up to see a large man with fiery red hair and a sizable potbelly beaming down at them. “It’s rare we get the wee race in here, and even rarer that they cause problems.”

“A simple misunderstanding,” Cabo slurred. Gideon stood on his chair and offered an open hand to the man while introducing himself. The man warmly greeted Gideon and introduced himself as Lant Marrowkind, the owner of the Old Ox. The rest of the group introduced themselves as well. During the ensuing conversation Lant explained his efforts to tame this area and the efforts he made in the last several years expanding the Old Ox. When Lant learned the group was looking for work he let them know his niece was supposed to arrive four days ago and he was worried. There was a new roving band of goblins that had attacked some caravans recently. He asked if the group would be interested in taking out the band and looking for his niece.

“What are you paying?” the dwarf asked.

“All the food you can eat, all the drink you can drink, and a place to rest your heads,” Lant replied.

“Done,” the dwarf replied.

The Dwarf’s other three companion looked at him quizzically. The Dwarf shot at glare at them and said, “Look, you pecks don’t have to come, I can go myself.” The halflings exchanged a buzz of conversation and then agreed to Lant’s terms as well.

Cabo did try to get a bonus, “What about her?” He thumbed toward the barmaid who had just slapped him silly.

“Nay, my friend, that’s not a business I’ll tolerate in this premises,” Lant replied. “Besides she is my third cousin removed or something - anyway, she’s blood.”

The rest of the evening involved copious amounts of drinking and feasting and was largely uneventful except for Cabo getting slapped by various females working the lower tavern.

The group that now trudged along the trail in the mid-morning sun did not inspire confidence. Hung over and unsettled from too much rich food the three halflings made frequent stops for water, both drinking and leaving. The dwarf was the only one of the group who was not a shambling mess. However, following a mid-day meal, even the halflings began to feel better.

The group travelled along a path edged with light woods and heavy undergrowth one either side. The path ran parallel to a small river the group could see through the foliage most of the time and provided the welcome relief of cool, clean water.

Suddenly, the dwarf’s hand shot up at the front of the group. The halflings immediately stopped and quit chatting. The monk, Gideon, moved quietly up to the dwarf and asked, “What is it?”

The Dwarf tapped his nose and whispered, “I smell gobbos.” The group remained very still and calm for a few minutes and finally the spotted a pair of goblins hunched in the foliage to the side of the path.


“Here’s what I think we should do…,” Osbourne the sorcerer began to whisper.

A great war cry came out of the Dwarf, “Die greenskin vermin!” The heavily armored dwarf trundled in a charge towards the goblins.
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Intrepid Adventures of Legend or Hobo Murderers on the Loose (a pogre storyhour)

Episode 02
Green Gooey Gobbo Guts.

As the Dwarf bellowed and lumbered to the attack, Cabo was already on the move. Cabo had not survived the mean streets by standing around at times like this. He snuck through the underbrush and delivered a nasty back stab right through a goblin’s neck!

The dwarf had finally reached his target. He raised his mighty maul and brought down the bulky weapon and it hit with a reverberating crash right on - a tree.

The remaining goblin took a quick stab at the dwarf and then ran across the path to the underbrush on the other side. Soon the adventurers realized the goblin was headed for a hidden cave just beyond the path.

Osbourne tried to hit the goblin with an acid spell, but it quickly dodged aside.


Gideon, the monk, was in fast pursuit. He realized if the goblin escaped into the cave it could raise a hue and cry and alarm any other nasties within. When Gideon realized he was not going to close the distance he planted his feet and whipped a dart at the goblin. The dart hit the goblin, but not solidly. The wounded humanoid ducked inside the cavern.

Osbourne asked, “Should we go…”

Cabo and the dwarf went charging right in after the goblin. The dwarf’s heavy armor echoing through the cavern sounded like an entire palace kitchen’s worth of pots and pan being flung down a flight of stone steps.

“...in?” Osbourne finished meekly. He shrugged, cast a light spell and with Brother Gideon followed the pursuit.

Cabo and the dwarf waded head long into a room full of more goblins. A trap for most mortals, but a target rich environment for the dwarf and rogue.


Cabo was brutal with his stabbing short sword and in quick succession a couple of goblins went down. The dwarf was finally in his element - a confined space, underground, surrounded by stone, and no trees. Here his maul bashed into goblins, and smashed goblins flew through the air like leaves in a stiff breeze.

Brother Gideon felt the hair on his neck rise as he followed the whirling carnage of Cabo and the dwarf - there was an insane cackling. It was a low, dark, gravelly sound, with more than a hint of madness attached - a gleeful and frightening sound. The monk quickly realized the crazed laughter was coming from the dwarf. “My gods,” he thought, “I’m glad he is on our side!”

One of the goblins tried to dash away deeper into the cavern. Osbourne’s acid spell again missed its mark. Gideon hit the goblin with another dart, but it managed to limp on.

Again Cabo and the dwarf dashed after the greenskin. The entire melee was a maelstrom of chaos - dashes through the dim caverns punctuated by brutal fights. The cacophony of sound was almost overwhelming. The dwarf’s armor banged loudly as he trundled along and every new combat brought forth that gleeful, yet worrying, cackling.

Cabo, despite his skills was no better at times. Everytime he stabbed a goblin he would yell comments like “get some”, “this is for your Mom”, “How’d that taste”, etc. When he achieved a kill he would yell something Osbourne could not quite make out. Then he realized the dwarf was doing it too. They were yelling numbers! They were keeping score, and amazingly Cabo was slightly in the lead.

Pursuing the goblin he had already injured, Gideon led the adventurers straight into another room full of goblins. These gobbos were better prepared and had put up barriers and had bows with arrows pointing at the group as the poured into the cavern.


This confirmed Osbourne’s fears. He hoped there were not a lot more goblins down here, because they would be more and more prepared and face the group in force.

Cabo, the dwarf, and Gideon swung into action. The dwarf’s maul carved a green streak of blood in a wide arc as fragments of goblin were pasted instantly to the walls. Cabo was sinking his blade deep in goblin vitals while yelling insults. Gideon, apparently caught up in the fighting frenzy jumped atop a crate a goblin was using for cover. The monk delivered a flying, furry front kick to the goblin’s skull knocking the greenskin dead. Everyone was killing and counting in a mad orgy of green death.

Finally, there were no more goblins. There were two exits from this cavern. The adventurers seemed to suddenly pause all at once and began to assess their situation.

“We need to secure our flank before we pursue,” Cabo offered. There was general agreement amongst the group on this point. Osbourne had spied one of the goblins escaping down one corridor. Cabo suggested setting a trap using some of the many barrels in the room at the other corridor.

The trap was set, or so they hoped, and they set off down the other corridor.

They were walking now, not the mad rush and half-run of the previous travel through the corridor, but a deliberate, measured stalking. The dwarf was in the lead and quickly pulled the group to a stop. “I smell a bunch of gobbos down this way,” he said. The dwarf had a sinister grin visible beneath his blood-matted, bristly beard. “It’s smashing time.”


Intrepid Adventures of Legend or Hobo Murderers on the Loose (a pogre storyhour)

Episode 03
Who Knew Goblins’ Had Warehouses?

Hustling down the corridor the group emerged in a 30-foot wide cavern. A large goblin was standing amongst three other goblins. The Goblin Chief began to say something to the adventurers in halting, common tongue - “Me want…”

The Dwarf, Brodek, dashed across the cavern screaming, “Die vermin scum!”

>D.M. Note< Here endeth the parley.


The Goblin Chief was a tough customer. He had survived a lot of tough times by running away from the best of them. The concerted effort of the adventurers was too much for him. The dwarf’s hammer ended his reign in a splash of entrails and green blood.

One of the chief’s henchmen got away though and the group was in hot pursuit.


When the fleeing goblin managed to easily dodge the carefully constructed clever barrel trap (™) that Cabo had designed curses went up from the pursuers. They paused at the room with the barrels and caught their breath.

“I guess we will need to remove the barrels,” Brodek the dwarf stated.

“We know where the trip wire is. We can just use this cavern as a fallback position if things get hairy further in,” Osbourne suggested.

“Let’s move this crate to form another defensive position,” Cabo offered.

Gideon and Cabo dragged the crate next to the northern wall to create a barrier. Satisfied with their contingency preparations the group made their way down the north corridor.

Corridor weaved around and terminated at a cavern seemingly filled to the brim with all kinds of barrels, boxes, and sacks. A three-foot narrow path weaved through the room.

Osbourne could not help, but have the feeling he should recognize the insignia on most of the crates, but he could not place it. “Who knew goblins had warehouses?” he queried.

“Smells of gobbos, but I don’t know if they are here now,” Brodek said.

“I could punch my way through a bunch of these boxes to give us some fighting room,” Gideon the monk suggested.

“Let’s not be hasty,” Cabo replied. “‘Sides, there might be some valuables in the boxes.”

After some further debating the group formed up in a single line and began snaking their way through the chamber. Around half way through the adventurers were jumped by goblins.


Brodek and Gideon quickly put down their opponents, but Cabo, and especially Osbourne was struggling. The nasty gobbo attacking Osbourne had cut a nasty gash in the sorcerer with a rusty short sword. Another wound like that, and the sorcerer would be dead. The confines of the chamber were working against the adventurers. Brodek and Gideon could not squeeze past to help their compatriots.The goblin was perched atop a stack of crates and had the superior position.

Cabo managed to kill the goblin assailing him, but not before sustaining a wound as well.

Osbourne desperately stabbed up at the goblin. He missed and the thrust had left him off-balance and vulnerable. The goblin grinned devilishly as it saw its opportunity. The nasty, foul creature stabbed viciously at the sorcerer.

To be continued....


Intrepid Adventures of Legend or Hobo Murderers on the Loose (a pogre storyhour)

Episode 04
The Dynamic Rescue or Loot Gathering

The goblin amazingly missed and nearly tumbled off the crate. Osbourne stuck his blade in the off-balance goblin’s gut and it fell to the ground graveyard dead.

The adventurers commenced rooting through the crates and barrels. Osbourne suddenly spoke up, “I recognize these symbols! These are supplies for the Old Ox.”

“So?” Cabo asked while ripping open a sack.

“So, we could get a finder’s fee from Lant,” Osbourne replied.

“Oh,” Cabo said and paused from his rifling. “How much?”

“It’s a lot of stuff. I don’t know, maybe 50 gold,” Osbourne replied.

“I found some silk!” Gideon yelled out.

“What about the finder’s fee,” Osbourne asked.

“We found everything, BUT the silk…” Cabo replied.

The group of adventurers came to a general consensus to keep the silk and report the rest to Lant Marrowkind. As they were searching they heard a muffled moan coming from the exit to the north.

The adventurers carefully picked their way down the passage and some stairs leading down. The stairs opened up into a chamber and there they found a woman tied up and sitting against the wall. They untied her and learned that her two goblin “jailers” had left the room a couple of hours ago. They also affirmed that she was Lant Marrowkind’s niece.


The woman’s report about her goblin captors confused the group until they found a secret door in the northern niche of the chamber.

Reluctantly, the group decided they needed to escort the young woman back to the Old Ox and come back to explore further later. She was worth too much money to just let her wander around the wilderness herself. Afterall, they took the time to rescue her they might as well make sure their reward was secure!


Intrepid Adventures of Legend or Hobo Murderers on the Loose (a pogre storyhour)

Episode 05
What’s That Smell?

“How did it go with Lant?” Gideon asked Osbourne the sorcerer.

“60 crowns finder fee for the caravan materials and his niece and a fortnight worth of bed and board whenever we choose to use it,” Osbourne replied.

“Cheap,” Brodek the dwarf complained. “That’s what I get for letting a peck negotiate where gold is involved.”

“Maybe you can negotiate the price for the silk Lant undoubtedly thinks is still safe with the rest of his order,” Osbourne shot back.

“Look, we got the man his supplies back, rescued his kin mostly undamaged from the goblins, and all in the space of two sunsets. I agree with Brodek - Lant got off cheap,” Cabo stated.

“What do you mean she was mostly ‘undamaged’?” Gideon asked. “Please do not tell me you took advantage of that girl! You could ruin our meal ticket here.”

“Oh no! I never touched her!” Cabo responded vehemently. “If she was violated the offspring will have a decidedly green tinge to its skin.”

“By the Masters! I did not need that vision put in my head,” Gideon the monk complained.

“Hey, you are the one who started tossing accusations around,” Cabo said.

“We set off at first light,” Brodek announced. “That gives me a few hours to try and get drunk on this watery brew.”


“Here’s the catch that releases the door,” Cabo whispered back to the group. Cabo had been working on the secret door for twenty minutes while the rest of the group fidgeted in anticipation.

“Less talk, more door openin,,” Brodek demanded.

“I thought I might check it for traps first,” Cabo said. The Halfling thief began to carefully search over the stonework and finally whispered back that there were no traps. Cabo then stepped back from the door.

“Are you going to open the door?” Gideon asked. “You are the one who said it had no traps.”

“Fine,” Cabo stepped forward and threw the secret door open. Two very shocked goblins bolted upright as Osbourne’s light spell penetrated the gloom.


Cabo ducked into the chamber and stabbed one of the surprised goblins in the groin. Brodek strode in and pasted the other goblin against the wall, largely reducing the humanoid to a two-dimensional form. Osbourne cast a chill touch and finished off the first goblin Cabo had stabbed.

The chamber had clearly served as a storage room in the long past. Gideon did manage to find a barrel of some usable oil and proceeded to fill up a couple of waterskins with oil. There was a very long passage extending away from the storage area.


The passage ended after several hundred feet and Cabo quickly found a concealed door at the end. The problem was the door seemed to be hinged at the top. The door was extremely heavy, but Brodek with help could move it up, however, bracing the door was not possible. The adventurers made several trips back and forth to the storage room collecting rubbish and eventually used the collection of broken crates, barrels, and other assorted garbage to prop the door.

The room the adventurers entered looked like a foundation of some sort. Further, there was certainly something rotten in the area. The odor of the place was nearly overwhelming.

“Is that you?” Osbourne asked the dwarf Brodek.

“Watch it peck,” Brodek snarled.

Cabo was gagging so hard he could hardly stand upright.

That’s when the foul creatures struck. A horrid pair of troglodytes emerged from hiding from along the walls. Their scaly hides still colored the dark gray that allowed them to blend into the surroundings so completely. They lashed out with fang and claw and opened a nasty wound on the monk Gideon.

Brodek who had drank brew that smelled worse than these creatures dispatched one with a crushing blow from his maul.

Gideon unleashed a lightning fast combination of blows that staggered and then dropped the other troglodyte.

“That’s some peckish fury there!” Brodek called out admiringly.

A quick search revealed nothing of value, but also confirmed their earlier suspicions they had ventured into a foundation of some sort. Gideon guessed it might be a castle or keep of some sort due to the thickness of the walls.

“Human construction,” Brodek reported. “Shoddy, very shoddy.”

“I know of no castle or keep in the area,” Osbourne commented. “The largest structure for miles around is the Old Ox.”

“Let’s pick one of the two passages out of here,” Cabo pleaded. “This stench reminds me of a girl I tried to bed from the village of Heybe-el.”

“I guess that’s one time you let the lass go, eh?” Osbourne asked.

“Nah, I went and got the village doctor’s plague mask and took her in her dad’s barn. Couldn’t smell a thing. The next day I smelled terrible and I realized my clothes were stained from all the manure I had rolled around in the previous evening,” Cabo smiled at the memory.

Osbourne was giggling, Gideon shook his head in disbelief and disgust, and the dwarf Brodek was heading down a dark passage leading away from the room. He called back over his shoulder, “Pecks, this way.”


The passage emerged into a room with rounded corners and another passage leading out. A stone staircase was against one wall and ascended out of the room to a pile of rubble. There were tiny rays of sunlight streaming through holes in the rubble at the top landing. There was also a sizable pile of rubble at the base of the stairs.


Cabo began to look through the pile of rubble at the base of the stairs. A short while after initiating his investigation the halfling thief jumped away from the pile. The others quickly spied what had so startled Cabo - a nasty 14-inch long centipede darted out from the pile and came towards them.

Gideon stepped towards the creature and with two quick punches smashed the critter flat.

“It didn’t bite you did it?” Osbourne asked Cabo.

“No, but it tried,” Cabo replied.

“That’s lucky. Those creatures are highly poisonous,” Osbourne stated.

“I don’t much like the look of those stairs anyway,” Brodek grunted. “Too unstable. The whole thing could collapse on top of you.”

“With the sunlight coming in that way I would say there isn’t much building left above us anyway,” Gideon said.

The adventurers agreed to move on through the unexplored passages first before returning to check the stairs out further.


The tunnel emerged into a large room, but most concerning immediately were the four troglodytes lurking there.


The adventurers were ready for the smelly beasts this time, but they knew this was going to be no easy fight.

to be continued….


Intrepid Adventures of Legend or Hobo Murderers on the Loose (a pogre storyhour)

Episode 06
Standing Peck Toss

The fight with the troglodytes was indeed brutal. The dwarf, Brodek, suffered the brunt of the attack, but nearly the entire party was wounded. They rested and attended to their wounds.

“Puzzling,” Brodek mused aloud as he bound another wound on his arm.

“What is?” Osbourne asked.

“Troglodytes here. Not a usual place for those type critters. They usually prefer the deeper caverns and we have yet to run into any food sources.”

“Maybe they already ate everything,” Cabo postulated.

“Likely,” Brodek agreed. “Still, there should be some source of food if this was a permanent lair for them. They will eat almost anything, but we have not even seen a sign of fungi or large insects.”

“There were the goblins,” Osbourne said. “Maybe the troglodytes ate them and then they escaped through that concealed door.”

“Maybe, I’d like to see some scat and check,” Brodek replied.

“Scat?” Cabo queried.

“Trog poop,” Osbourne answered.

“You want to inspect what comes out the back end of those god-awful, smelly things!” Cabo exclaimed.

“It would tell me a lot,” Brodek replied casually.

“It tells me you are not right, not right at all,” Cabo said shaking his head slowly.


Mostly, healed the group found some old cells long ago abandoned and what appeared to be an old wine cellar. There was another set of stairs leading up to daylight, although Brodek adjudged these stairs to be more sturdy than the last set they found. They decided to push on to see what else they could find.

They stumbled into an old temple venerating a common local deity and four more troglodytes.


This time the adventurers were luckier and these trogs were dispatched with relative ease. The room also contained a set of stairs going down. The decision was made to return to the wine cellar and check out the stairs going up to see what was above them.

The trouble immediately facing the vertically challenged adventurers was the trapdoor was six-feet above the top landing. Brodek scaled to the top of the stairs and called for one of the halflings to come help. Gideon volunteered.

“Get atop my shoulders,” Brodek said. Gideon quickly scrambled to a perch on top of the dwarf’s shoulders.

“I don’t know if I can push it up from here,” Gideon called down to Brodek. “Maybe if you…”

Brodek let out enormous grunt and with a mighty upthrust of his arms launched Gideon upwards. Gideon crashed through the fragile trapdoor and with a half roll landed outside the trapdoor in the open air.

“What do you see?” Brodek asked. The dwarf has been temporarily blinded by the sudden burst of sunlight now streaming through the Gideon-sized hole in the trapdoor.

“There are some sort of ruins up here. Looks like the remnant of a keep and courtyard maybe. Mostly just overgrown stone,” Gideon managed to reply. The halfling monk dusted himself off. He reflected that if the trapdoor had been solid he would have been an unconscious heap presently.

“Much as we suspected,” Cabo mused. “Come on back down.”

Gideon took in one more full lungful of the fresh outdoor air and proceeded to swing back down to the top landing.

“Down the stairs then?” Osbourne asked.

“Aye, spellcaster, down the stairs,” Brodek replied.


The square chamber had two exits - one was a broken down door and the other was a very solid-looking carved stone door.


“This place has the stink of trogs,” Brodek declared.

“Let’s stay sharp then,” Cabo noted. “That stone door gives me the creeps, let’s head through the busted door.” After a short discussion the rest of the group agreed.

Through the broken door the adventurers could see a long hallway with numerous niches lining both sides. “Everyone stay close and be careful. Except the dwarf, you can lead,” Cabo stated.

“Follow on then pecks!” Brodek said in a far too loud voice and stomped through the broken door.


The group carefully checked each niche and found a few trinkets, including an old silver holy symbol. It was clear the niches once served as burial resting places, and each had already been thoroughly trashed.

Past the final pair of niches the group found a larger chamber. A sarcophagi once rested there, but it had been overturned and shattered in the process. There were a pair of troglodytes staring down a long, deep tunnel descending from one corner of the room. The group leapt to the attack and quickly had the stinky humanoids cut down.


The tunnel down was rough-cut, in contrast to the finished stone the adventurers had seen on this level and the one above. “What made this Brodek?” Osbourne asked.

“Hard to say,” Brodek replied. The dwarf began running his calloused hands along the walls of the tunnel. “Part of it’s a natural crack or fault, but it certainly has been enlarged by primitive tools or claws.”

“Claws?” Cabo asked in alarm. “Like troglodyte claws?”

“Perhaps,” Brodek replied. “Maybe something bigger coming after the troglodytes.”

“We should head back to that carved stone door,” Osbourne suggested.

“No way. Even the troglodytes avoided going through there,” Cabo replied.

“Yeah, and they were running from whatever was down there,” Gideon countered.

“I’m telling you, I don’t like the looks of that door!” Cabo complained.

“Well Brodek said something even bigger than the trogs might have carved this tunnel,” Osbourne stated. “Right Brodek? Brodek?”

The halflings turned in unison to see the dim outline of the dwarf heading down the tunnel.

“Come along if ye like pecks,” Brodek called back to them.

The halflings scrambled to catch up to the dwarf.

to be continued...


Intrepid Adventures of Legend or Hobo Murderers on the Loose (a pogre storyhour)

Episode 07
What Are Those Things?

The chamber the adventurers emerged in had an ungodly odor that was nearly unbearable. The source of the odor was readily apparent as there was a pile of dead troglodytes in one corner of the cavern.


“What could have slain all of those things?” Gideon asked.

“It certainly solves the mystery of why the trogs were running around in the level above, they were fleeing someone,” Osbourne stated.

“Or some thing,” Brodek added gravely.

Giving the pile of bodies a wide berth, the adventurers moved on to the next chamber and were immediately confronted by three humanoids and a pair of huge canines.


“By the nine hells, what are those things!” Osbourne exclaimed.

“Dogs,” Brodek grunted.

“I mean the other things?” Osbourne asked.

“Don’t know,” Brodek admitted, “but let’s see if they bleed.”

Brodek charged one of the canines and quickly smashed the dog’s skull. Meanwhile, Cabo slinked around the edge of the cavern and stabbed one of the humanoids. Cabo’s strike was effective in wounding the humanoid, but quickly found himself in trouble. The other two humanoids quickly came to their brethren’s aid and with a unified attack the monsters nearly had Cabo knocked unconscious.

The other two halflings rushed to Cabo’s aid. Helped by his furry-footed companions, Cabo managed to make a fighting withdrawal.While the pair of halflings struggled against the humanoids and even managed to slay one, Brodek finished off the other dog.

Another attack led to the death of one of the humanoids.With the tide turning against it, the remaining humanoid attempted a fighting retreat, but was smashed down by the dwarf’s maul.

Cabo was nearly dead and Gideon was heavily wounded. The group decided they needed to retreat from the caverns and find a safe place to rest.


The adventurers continued their journey after a decent rest and found a chamber with a large, bubbling pool.


Following a thorough investigation the adventurers determined the pool was safe and the bubbles were the result of an underground stream feed.


The next cavern the group entered was occupied.


There were three more of the nasty humanoids and behind the group was a Dark Elf. The enemy appeared ready, but the Dark Elf barked some sort of order to the humanoids and they backed off, but staying in readied combat stances. Osbourne and Gideon recognizing the elf wanted to talk began to ask the elf different things in various languages to see if there was a common language.

Finally, the elf started to say something in response and an arrow shot through the air plunking right through the elf’s eye and embedding itself deeply into his skull. Cabo gave a victory whoop and Brodek charged the bewildered humanoids.

>D.M. Note:< Once again, here endeth the parley…

The humanoids seemed to lose their morale with the sudden loss of the dark elf and the ensuing melee was a one-sided slaughter.

“Well shot peck!” Brodek boomed.

“You know we might have gotten some information from him,: Osbourne complained.

“We did. These nasty things are working for the dark elves,” Cabo retorted.

“Yes, but what else is down here?” Osbourne asked.

“One less dark elf!” Cabo said. “You know it’s been my experience there are few problems that cannot be solved by an arrow shot through an eye.”

to be continued...


>D.M. Notes<
Re: Miniatures
Player Characters
When the players created their characters one of the hurdles we immediately faced is that I do not have that many painted adventuring halflings. I have a scad of old Empire Imperial halflings, but the players were not fond of these overall. The result is we have one decent Reaper halfling to represent Cabo and two halfling hotpot crew members (guys in chef clothes) to represent the other two. We probably will replace those miniatures in the future as the players find minis more suitable and I get them painted. I just never expected a party with THREE halflings (pecks)! The dwarf is represented by an old Marauder Chaos Dwarf - the figure is probably older than the player!

A couple of substitutions already:
Troglodytes - These are actually Reaper lizardmen that I have been using in this role for years.
Humanoids - You may have noticed I have not identified the goat-headed miniatures by anything other than 'humanoid'. Really, this was a happy accident. I actually could not find the minis I wanted to use, so I plunked these down instead. The players' response of "What the hell are those?" was so gratifying I decided I had just instantly re-skinned the monsters into something new and mysterious. Perhaps someday in the future I will reveal the base creatures for these goatmen. I'm actually going to do this more, because I really enjoyed the PCs not knowing EXACTLY what they are facing.

I have a lot of master maze and other terrain. Many of the caverns you see are a combination of newer and older Dwarven Pieces with some custom pieces done by me with Hirst Arts molds. Aside from the futuristic/space line I own all of the Dwarven Forge sets and almost every Hirst Arts mold made. You can tell I have been collecting for a long time, because many of my pieces have the indentions for the old bow-tie connectors, which Dwarven Forge no longer uses. I have filled and repainted a few of these, but my collection is so vast it would be a Herculean task to do them all.

I'm really enjoying the campaign and I hope you are enjoying the pictures and campaign log.
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Intrepid Adventures of Legend or Hobo Murderers on the Loose (a pogre storyhour)

Episode 08
What's In Box Number One?

The adventurers, revived by their rest, continued to explore the caverns. They came upon a large cavern being mined by some humanoids.


The group charged and caught the humanoids by surprise. The creatures were cut down quickly and they discovered a way down and deeper. After a vigorous debate, the group decided to go back up and go behind the ornate stone door.


Brodek pushed the ornate, carved, stone door open to reveal a chamber with numerous desecrated graves and the ruins of a mausoleum.


The adventurers moved forward into the huge tomb room. As they moved to inspect one of the four doors leading out of the large room a half dozen skeletons emerged from the debris and attacked.


The two sides came together in a desperate battle of steel versus bone!


Brodek with his maul and Gideon with his fists were particularly effective smashing skeletons right and left. In the span of a few seconds the horrible undead were reduced to fragments and shards of bones and dust.

The first of the four tomb doors opened with a poof of dust.

"This has been closed a long, long time," Cabo said. The short passage ahead opened to a square chamber with an ornate mosaic depicting a woman in armor above a sarcophagus. As the group moved into the chamber they could see the mosaic was deteriorating before their eyes.


"Who's going to help me move the lid off this thing?" Brodek asked.

"Should we be disturbing a grave?" Gideon asked.

"Yes," Cabo replied. "I promise the owner won't mind."

Gideon shrugged nonchalantly as Cabo and Osbourne moved to help Brodek.

The trio strained mightily until the granite began to move with a low scraping sound. All three jumped back as a dark presence entered the chamber.


to be continued....


Intrepid Adventures of Legend or Hobo Murderers on the Loose (a pogre storyhour)

Episode 09
Give Me a Hand

The dark creature possessed an unnatural, cold aura that chilled the adventurers to the bone. The group recovered quickly though and began attacking the creature in earnest. Brodek struck the unnatural creature with a mighty blow that it seemed to shrink from. Osbourne followed with an array of magic missile that did a minimum of damage. Gideon jumped into the fray with flailing fists. The monk could feel the unearthly coldness of the creature and it sent a shiver down his spine.

The creature lashed out at Gideon and one of its dark, shadowy claws struck home. A deep wound of the claw's slash seemed to form out of nothingness on his arm. The wound was accompanied by a wave of shocking cold that seemed to pull the warmth out of the marrow of his very bones. Gideon staggered as he felt some of his strength leave his body.

Cabo delivered a brutal attack to the creature and it dissipated before the group's eyes.

"I feel weak. That thing did something to me," Gideon said.

"A shadow. A foul beast of unlife. You will recover with rest," Brodek reassured the monk.

A thorough search of the tomb yielded little but dust and bones.

Following a short rest, the adventurers opened the next tomb door and found a similar tomb room to the first.


“Given our tremendous luck with grave robbing perhaps we could leave this one alone, eh?” Osbourne asked.

“I, for one, am not anxious to tangle with another of those shadows,” Gideon quipped.

“Alright, step down pecks. There’s plenty to check before prying open another grave,” Brodek replied.

A quick search of the second tomb revealed little of value and the group moved onto the third. The third tomb was much like the first two. This time the group was mightily tempted to remove the sarcophagus lid again until Cabo stepped forward and put his ear to the stone box.

“By the gods, there is something clawing to get out!” Cabo exclaimed.

“More undead. Foul, silent beasts not an enjoyable fight at all,” Brodek complained.

“Right, we’ll leave this for later too then,” Gideon announced.

“Agreed, later,” Brodek said.

The last tomb door led to a much more impressive tomb room. Numerous niches lined the wall. An ornate sarcophagus was set before a dais. Resting on the dais was a full suit of field plate armor.


“I like the looks of that armor,” Brodek said.

“I do not like the looks of that armor,” Osbourne countered.

As the group carefully approached the sarcophagus the armor animated and came towards them.

“Naturally,” Osbourne sighed.

The armor flailed at the adventurers ineffectively until it was pulverized into dust by their combined efforts.

“That’s a real shame. That looked like decent armor,” Brodek complained.

“Except for the whole coming to life part,” Osbourne retorted.

“Aye peck, there’s the rub,” Brodek replied.

“Any scratching noises,” Gideon asked Cabo as the thief inspected the sarcophagus.

“No,” Cabo replied, “but there is something odd here. Look, do you see those shallow grooves in the floor?”

“Aye,” Brodek replied. The other two halflings just nodded. They could not really see anything, but felt it would be rude to disagree with Brodek.

“I have a theory,” Cabo stated. “I need your help. Come to this side away from the grooves and help me push this sarcophagus.” The trio obeyed and the four adventurers began pushing on the sarcophagus. Soon they were rewarded with the Sarcophagus shifting, revealing a niche below.

Secreted in the niche was a beautiful longsword. The hilt was inscribed with the name Steel Will.

“Now, this is why you rob graves pecks!” Brodek declared triumphantly as he held the sword aloft.


Following a vigorous debate the group decided to return to the two remaining unopened sarcophagi. The first they opened revealed another Shadow!


This shadow proved less of a challenge and was vanquished quickly by the group.

That left only the sarcophagus with the scratching sound. It was decided an approach needed to be planned this time. The group dragged in the remnants of one of the other sarcophagus lids and set up a barrier near the hall. Then the monk approached the ancient coffin and pushed the lid off.

A bluish-gray hand began to inch over the side of the sarcophagus. While the group anticipated what horrible creature could be attached to the hand they watched as the disembodied hand flopped on the floor and began crawling towards them.

“You have to be jesting,” Cabo said and non-chalantly shot an arrow at the hand pinning it to the floor. The strange undead body part twitched a few times and then quit moving.

The rest of the group approached the sarcophagus and found a few valuables. Brodek paused from his looting to look back at Cabo. The thief was pulling his arrow out of the hand and placing the hand in one of his carrying sacks.

“Hey peck! What gives?” Brodek asked.

“Just a little trophy,” Cabo replied.

“Why?” Osbourne asked. “What possible use could a hand have?”

“It gets a little lonely out in these wilds and an extra hand might be nice,” Cabo decided.

“Now you listen to me you disgusting little peck, you throw that hand down right now!” Brodek demanded.

“Nope,” Cabo replied and quickly stuffed the hand in the travelling bag.

“You are not right Cabo,” Gideon complained.

“And you, my friend, have no imagination,” Cabo retorted.


The adventurers had descended for quite some time and emerged in a good-sized cavern with a stream rushing through one end. Most notable, however, was the cavern was covered in all manners of fungi.


“What are you doing?” Brodek bellowed at Gideon.

Gideon was down on all fours and was cutting some of the fungi and putting it in his travel bag. “Collecting samples,” Gideon replied.

“What for?” Brodek asked.

“Not sure,” Gideon replied honestly and looked up with a huge grin.

“What is it with you pecks and your collecting habits?” Brodek grumped.

to be continued...


I, for one, was totally shocked that there were undead in the crypt area of that ruined keep's dungeon....

Alright smart guy, you just earned another level or two of this dungeon delve. As a matter of fact I think that comment calls for extensive mazes, sprinkled with riddles!

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