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With the advent of nuclear weapons, and the implications of those weapons, the Angels appear for the first time in the world of Oerth.

- - -

The people of the Flanaess have been forced into the cities, now that the countryside cannot support them, and most of the 170 million people of this part of the Oerik continent live in the new, fortress-like sprawls of concrete and steel.

In apartments that enable them to survive, but not to live, Oerth's people huddle, surviving on the small rations given them, drinking the water ration allowed (only so much can be purified of disease with the magic available.)
There is no mirth, no laughter, no hope, and no future.
The advent of nuclear weapons means these people have nothing to look forward but their own deaths, without recourse, having nowhere to run or to hide.

Many of these people, blind, wounded, mutilated, slowly dying, would prefer not to live any longer.

A lot of people have been praying. Praying for help and hope that has not come.

Until now.

A radiance comes into a thousand apartments, fills tens of thousands of dim, dark rooms.
It beams down into towns in the country, where people huddle in structures still standing, striving in vain to harvest what crops remain, knowing they won't survive the winter.
The light shines on the uncounted thousands of wounded men and women, some without legs, some without arms, many with bandages permanently wrapped around ruined eyes.
It shines down on tramatized children whose parents are gone, on tramatized children who have sat and wondered why the people they trusted couldn't make the world right, couldn't make it safe again, couldn't stop it from hurting them.
It shines on those without hope, without a future, people who can only wait for the bombs and the oblivion they will bring.

Out of that light step the Angels.
They are transparent, the Angels. One can see the walls of the sickrooms through them and their robes.
They shine with an inner light, the Angels. The light is all about them, on their gossamer garments, their hair, their gentle faces.
Those faces are ageless, and genderless, but altogether beautiful.
They carry gossamer swords which are sheathed in transparent, white sheaths.
Their wings are not visible.

With silent grace and without speaking a word, the Angels step up to those who are lost.
Those looking into those radiant faces see expressions of sadness and pain.
In those eyes, however, is deep compassion and love, and these feelings are instantly known by all who the Angels look at, even those who are semi-concious or unconscious.
It is like being wrapped in the arms of someone very powerful, and very tender, or if one is a child, like being held by one's mother.
Physically and mentally, it comes as a wave of reassurance that the nightmare will end now.
The horror will be relegated to memory only.
The pain is going to stop.
There will be peace and healing and joy in it's place.

Then, the Angels reach out with ethereal hands to those who are stricken, laying in bed, dying, or huddled in their rooms, children huddled in corners, adults sitting listlessly without hope, millions of people for whom this stricken world no longer has a place.

There is no question that the Angels intend to take these people from Oerth to Toril.
There is no question that the intend to do so right now.

However, the Angels go everywhere - including places such as the Dark Union and the Empire of Iuz, and even to the Solistarim and the fell races of the Underdark.
Their hands are not reached out to warriors, fierce and eager to continue the battle.
Their hands are not reached out to those planning new war.
Their hands are not reached out to those researching new ways to employ magic and science to kill.
Their hands are not reached out to anyone who does not want them.

As it would happen, more than 150 million of the 170 million people of the Flanaess, want them.

There are only a few hundred Angels.

Does anyone hinder them, or try to stop them by force?

Does anyone try to speak to them?
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Mr. Draco

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This message is delivered to the angels by Kas himself.

"Ahh, so you have arrived, finally. You know me as Kas the Terrible, and many like these have suffered at my hand in days long past. Countless thousands have died due to my actions. Would you condemn me for these acts angels? I think you would, as would many more alongside you. Yet, I still draw breath.

Measure not my actions of the past, but measure my actions of this age. By my hand two great evils have been vanquished from this world: Vecna and Tharizdun. By the descisions of the Union of Oerth, of which I am co-leader, the evil that was the shade was wiped from the face of this planet. Even more recently, the undead stain that was Acererak's forces was conquered by armies lead by me.

The people of this land, the Union of Oerth, have and are seeing new days of technology and safety that were inconcievable even 100 years ago. For the first time in thousands of years, and indeed, possibly all of history, the lands known as the Union of Oerth have been united under a common banner. A banner seeking peace, and rebuilding.
By my hand the rebels of Nyrond and other lands were put down. By my hand!

I ask you angels, is Toril a world of peace? Peace for it's people, and prosperity? From what I have seen, it is. I doubt you will argue that point.

Yet how did it gain that status? Through a conflict bloodier and more vicious than what has befalen Oerth so far. Millions upon countless millions died, all for a dream of peace, prosperity, and security.

Left to their own, the people of Toril created, after bloody war followed by bloody war, a paradise. I have heard that another such paradise exists, guarded by your own kind. It is called the Isle of Hope I believe. This was again origionally a product of the wars that wrecked havoc on Toril.

So, let me ask you this, why do you offer to take these people away? You must know that doing so destroys any later chance at mimicing the eventual success of Toril. Where people are not, no progress can be made. In fact, by taking these ones away, you ensure that more destruction will follow. For after these, the peaceful ones, are sequestered away, the only ones left will be the bloodthirsty, those eager for death, and those gleefull at the prospect of destruction.

What do you think has kept them in check to this point? It is nothing but the thoughts of ones like these, some crippled, some diseased, all suffering. Suffering for better days in the future! By taking them away, you make a mockery of their suffering. Reducing its true importance to naught!

Angels, reconsider your actions at taking these. However you choose, I will not stop you. Remember though, by taking these, you condemn the rest of the population to death. Their blood will be on your hands angels! Choose carefully!"

With that, Kas steps back and observes the actions of the angels, and whatever response they may give him.


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Silver Phase teleports to one of his major cities to communicate with one of the angels in person. His only companion is this venture is Lenaurae, the half-celestial sorceress. Upon seeing the angel both are taken back by its splendor. Silver takes down his hood to reveal his pale kobold head and short vampiric fangs, but not as a threat. He then also holds out his hands, palms up, to show he bears no weapons against them, though Duelist Soul hummed at his side feeling it had not had a challenge for too long. Silver ignored it.

"Greetings," he says, "I am known as Silver Phase, and this is an associate of mine, Lenaurae Treliael. I am here to make it official that you are quite allowed to remove the innocents from this cursed place. There is a long way to go before it is safe to live on Oerth again, and do not doubt that I am going to make an effort to make that way shorter. I ask you one thing but, will my people ever be able to return here to their homes?"

The angel seems to float in its space as its inner light iluminates the cavern they stand in. Silver looks at the angel, hoping for an answer. Lenaurae also looks on, unable to tell how the angel will react to the undead kobold.


last time I looked we weren't at war and I was an ally of Kalanyr so if you want a war I think you will get 4 players instead of 1. I wonder why I would be an enemy but plz let me know what you decide what I am before we start :)


Kalanyr steps forth to speak to the Angels

"Hello, great ones. I know you mean well but think what it means for Oerth to remove its population you will leave this place a dead planet with no hope of life and you will also leave Acererak free to pursue his plans to become Lord of All Undead here and on Toril,he will be more powerful than Vecna was. If my people wish to go they may go with you, I will not stop them it is not my way. We must all make our own choices. "

Meanwhile Banners of the Oerth Alliance are flown in the mountains of Ishtarland the black banners with a Gray world sparkle in the sun's light as Yuan-ti,Drow,Humanoids,Dragons and Robots go on doing what they can to heal the wounded, and provide food for the starving.

Ahlissa smiles upon The Shadow Dragons, and speaks:

-Greetings, Wyrms of The Dark, and Wyrms of The Death, you made the right choice! For there is only one Lord Of Darkness, and his name is Melkor, Lord Of All! Together we shall fight this disease that started on Toril, terrible disease that corrupts everyone it touches. It corrupted Phaerimms, Ililthidi, Drow, Beholders. first on Toril, now on Oerth! These races, once proud and mighty, have degenerated into pitful weaklings that play with children, subdued by the Lies Of The Light, Lies OF Peace and Love! But we, loyal servants of Shadowking, shall show them The True Power Of Darkness. We shall pray upon the soft, showing them no mercy, no remorse, they will be hunted, and crushed into oblivion, until they kneel before us, and prostate themselves before Melkor The Great, and they will offer themselves to him, their bodies, minds and souls, but they won`t escape his Wrath, and long torment awaits them, and than The Eternal Void! All hail The Shadowking!
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Edena_of_Neith said:
We will aid you in your revenge against the pitiful creatures that usurped what was yours.
One does not steal from me. I have said so in the past. One may try to avoid paying the price, but see it multiplied a thousandfold instead.

The false godling will receive his due.
Kas is already a Child of Unlife. I will particularly enjoy my meeting with him after my apotheosis. He, almost certainly, will not.

What say you, Lord and King of Darkness, Mage Supreme, Soul Darker than the Darkest Night?
What say you, Acererak the Divine?

Will you allow us the extreme privilege of serving you?
On a million worlds, for a thousand years, your names will be whispered in the dark to send valiant men quailing.

Your hoards will dwarf Mount Olympus, and tales of it will seize up the hearts of the greedy.

Your dominion over all dragonkind will become a reality, for all time.

Serve me faithfully, and all this will be. I accept your offer.


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Iuz is not pleased...

Iuz stands before the angels in his realm, "I can see that you wish to give the people salvation... or peace... but this is our world... not that of Toril... do not be foolish and toy in our affairs... I will not allow you to take my people for they are better served here... do not test me for I have been tested..."

Iuz cocked his head slightly, "This is no time to run... we the people of Oerth will face what we must... return to Toril... there is nothing for you here..."

Iuz will attempt to keep his people since we need a sizeable force to work... breed... and grow... misery not withstanding... he will not allow the angels to take his children...
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Mr. Draco said:
Maudlin, since when is Kas undead?
I've always read that he was, in several places... I'm not sure I can quote an official source from the top of my head, but at least I'm sure that in the Spellfire CCG he was listed as undead, which is arguably semi-official but at least proofed by WotC.


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The Angels

Alzem looks up from his chair where he has been studying the people moving on his map of the world, a map that shows all of the peoples of this planet moving in real time. He looks up and utters one word, “No” and with that he disappears.
Suddenly he is in a hospital where the Angels are there to start taking the population to Toril, and once again he says “No.”

At this the Angels turn to him with a look of confusion on his face and Alzem knows that they do not understand why he would not want them taken to Hope Isle where they can live in peace. “No. This cannot be allowed. You must not take these people from their lands; you have no right to do so.” With this Alzem looks around and sees the suffering of the people here and those all over the world, and a tears start to fall from his face. “No. You shall not be allowed to take these people from there homes, as I hate to admit it Kas is right. When Toril was in peril of destruction you did not come and take them from their suffering, but instead you assisted me in making a place where they could live in peace on their world, so I ask you to help me here also. Help me to create a place on this world where they can live in peace, without fear of hunger to disease.” With this Alzem draws his sword and speaks in a voice steeped with the wisdom of the ages “But if you do take these people from their world know that I shall seek you out and extract the payment you shall owe for your crime. For there shall be no place in all the multiverses that you may hide from justice, it shall seek you out where ever you may run and hide”

“Please, I beg of you, do not remove these people from here, as this world might be irreparably harmed by such an action. If you do not wish to help then I ask that you leave in peace. But if all fails and this world shall be delivered into darkness then I shall take to these people to Hope Isle, where they can live their lives in peace for all eternity. I will not try to stop you by force now, as that would cause the death and destruction of many more innocents, but as you know forces from Hope Isle are here fighting for these people to have a chance for freedom, do not take away their reason for being here, or mine."
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Acererak makes sure that wherever the Angels visit, they are greeted by the greates amount of desperation and devastation. Mutilated children, weeping widows, wailing mothers.

Take them all, save them! I don't want to harm them, but the depravations of war will break them anyway. You are their only hope. Leave only the soldiers!

Do not listen to this lesser being. How dare he threaten you? Maybe he is Falling. You know that if you fail to act, if you wait, hundreds of thousands will die that he could not save, and you will have let it happen. Millions have already died because you hesitated the first time. Why would he want you to do that? Does he want to drag you down in his fall, perhaps?
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A message to Acererak

Alzem appears before Acererak and looks at him. At this Acererak can feel the filth that is his soul, and cries out for pity. “So you whish to think I am turning from the path to join you in your puddles of filth. Tell me do you wish this purley to watch that which you can never be fall from such a lofty ideal, or so that when people look down on you as they always have, they would no longer see only you? Or when they turn their head you hope that they might turn from looking at me to glance in your direction so for once in your meaningless existence someone would look at you without you forcing them to. No my child I have not fallen nor shall I, I only look for what is best for this world, so be happy that for this one time that I shall speak to you with only pity and sadness in my voice and not your death in my eyes. Farwell fool, enjoy what you have while you can.”
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The God-Emperor of the Union of Oerth appear before the Angel at his court. Angry flashes of red and black strike at random out of his golden aura and his face is frozen in cold rage. The Angel, though it's twize his height, is overshadowed by the sheer power and intensity of the God-Emperor, for He is a God and it's only an instrument.

"I felt the change in the lines of power. I assumed it was the Oerth plague but this is far worse. You have broken down the wards that kept you out and in doing so you have disturbed the cosmic balance around Oerth. You have broken the precepts of the Gods, foolish children, and in your stupidity doomed this world. And now you add to your crime by stealing my children, my worshipers, my people! To take them away and twist their souls into your mindless tools!
By ripping away the people of Oerth you rob this world of its only hope for survival. You rob the nations of their ability to fight the disease that plagues their world and in doing so you are striking the killing blow against this world!
Leave! Leave now, without stealing one soul from our lands! Yes, people will die if you go. And yes, far more will suffer if they remain on Oerth. I will mourn for every single life lost needlessly, but this suffering is not needless. It's the pains of birth and growth, the struggle for survival. People will die if they stay but a world will die if they are taken away and we need every single infant or cripple or oldster to save this world. If you take a single child from this world you risk dooming one world and all its future generations to oblivion. The price of your 'charity' is too high.

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Re: A message to Acererak

Spoof said:
Tell me do you wish this purley to watch that which you can never be fall from such a lofty ideal, or so that when people look down on you as they always have, they would no longer see only you? Or when they turn their head you hope that they might turn from looking at me to glance in your direction so for once in your meaningless existence someone would look at you without you forcing them to.
Oh really? You have honestly deluded yourself into thinking I'm doing this out of jealousy for yourself? That is both the saddest and most hilarious thing I have heard in a while, Celestial. Vanity is the Devil's favourite sin, after all. What makes you think you would be aware of your own fall? Your meandering self-aggrandizements serve no purpose, save to illustrate what a poor judge you are of what is "best for this world".


A drow robed and carrying a quarterstaff approaches the Metallic Dragons.

"Greetings Mighty Ones, I am Alytres I am here to give you the secrets of 10th level magic. Do you accept?"

If the Metallics wish to use True Seeing etc Alytres is a CG Deep Dragon. If they accept the secrets are given and Alytres departs.


Hey Maudlin - What the heck did you expect? I just lost my Mountain, lots of NPCs and quite some PL beating the Shade and you around. Both of you then proceed to spring up better than ever. And you expect me to sit on my butt ?


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Nono, it's quite a sensible decision, there was no criticism implied :) It's just that they are now quite massively powerful, possibly more than you, even.

Btw, Forrester's gone, wanna switch back to evil now? :D
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Sorry if I sounded harsh, I was just a little peeved over Evil's Fast Healing (250) power. (I'm over it now though :D )

I know they are now more powerful than me. I don't mind, I'm on their side.

Nah I think I like the Good Guys no bloodstains on the carpet,no dark and musty temples and no cities crawling with spiders and watching out for backstabbing even with DR 30/+3, and oh yeah no slaves to constantly watch.
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