(IR) IR Interlude, Turn 4 - 5 (thread 1)

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If Kalanyr starts lecturing on the secrets of 10th level magic, then I, my Gem Dragon allies, and my Draconic Planar allies teleport into the back of the crowd and take notes. We are, after all, Dragons.

Kas is indeed a vampire: the first sentence describing the Sword of Kas in the DMG is "The vampire Kas was the dreaded lieutenant of Vecna..."

edit: As for the helms of opposite alignment, they're only 4000 gp a pop, but they're one shot items. Useful for enemy commanders and charismatic leaders, but not for masses.
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Forsaken One, so Vaeragoth is still a decent formian, serving The Scion Queen? Actually LN aligntment of formians seems to be closer to evil than good, since they want everyone to submit to the power of the Swarm.


Forsaken One - sorry if I counted you as an enemy. I was unsure if you were or not. Sorry about that :(.

Don't worry about it, though. The Gem Dragons will attack only those whom I direct them to attack. If they do anything else... no more nukes for them. :D

Gnome, no more nukes for them, and 1 more for you ^_^

Think about switching with Kaboom for name if Edena pulls a subterrenean nuke against not 100% with blastplate 100% underground lortmills :S

Yeah I'm still the good faithfull formian queen who is content which what she has and what she shall desire in the future is VERY VERY modest and not to impossible to get, even alone.

And yeah, I'm faithfull to 3 people, Kalanyr, Festy_Dog, and Valkys who gave me control over his forces while he was(is) in the hospital.

So, Forsaken One, Vaergoth will follow Kalanyr into oblivion, such fate awaits all those that oppose Melkor The Shadowking, Lord Of All! Indeed Kalanyr, you are first on my "to kill" list, you may start to shatter in fear. Throwing a FLYING MOUNTAIN against me?! We shall see who will laugh at the end!


I dunno who's gonna laugh last, but heck I'm starting right now hahahahahahahahahaahaa.

So u want a piece of me? Come get it. I don't have a quarrel with anyone and especially not you since I have done you a favor in the past. But hey if you want to be Mr. Meglomaniac with all that lord of darkness crap and walk in my way... come get some.

But I didn't start it or am I planning on starting much in the near future, remember that.


I defended him with everything that lay in my might the first 2 turns against the forces of the now Oerth Alliance while he remained safe to research 10th level magic.
If he call on my services and aid once more I will most certainly stand there, I will die protecting Kalanyr, and yes I will take those words to the grave if my destiny leads me there.

Yes Forsaken One, but don`t forget that Oerth Alliance was mostly involved with the war against The Shade, THIS is why you were free to research your 10th level magic, and I was happy when Kalanyr finally got it, but it didn`t last long. It was because of his betreyal that Dark Alliance was broken, alliance that COULD stand to The Oerth Alliance. If it wasn`t for Kalanyr, Shade would keep Shadow Throne, and Dark Union would stand with us. This is why we REALLY hate him now, we hate him forever!

So you can take over the world, Anabstecorian? You can dream of it, there is always this 4000 pl of Angels to think about, while your possible allies, Devils, are propably puny weakilings like Demons, with pl worth of 28.
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Yeah, I just love that...

Angels have a PL level in the hundreds...Demons the lower double digets...

Now, tell me again why it is that the Upper Planes are scared of the Lower Planes, and help keep that Blood War going...?


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Iuz smirks...

"Perhaps we can hire some Angles? They would make wonderful shock troops... I suppose loyal to the end... though one must wonder with such power what does Heaven have to fear of the Darkness... perhaps it is the simple part that Evil is plainly Evil... and that Good is dumb..." Iuz nearly chuckles...

OOC: Teach them angels to mess with the likes of me... sheesh PL 4000 oh lordy... is it too late to sign up with the Angels?
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