(IR) IR Interlude Turn 5 - Turn 6 (thread 2)


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Ok, the Lists are roughed in.

They are not complete yet, but you can get a real good idea of what's going on reading them.

Do not send me Templates yet.

Also, do not send me e-mails yet.

I will look at your Posts on the other thread, and on this one, and make corrections to the Lists as needed, plus any additions that need to be made.

Please note that we have an opening in the IR for a new player.
The name of the Power open for takers is the Emerald Enclave.

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Edena did you get the explination for a possible jump in PL for me that you ask for. I posted it on the last thread. Just need to know so we can decide if we want to try it. I just thought this would work as when you take over a country its PL is adjusted by your Civilization, Thanks


Hey I know you found the Annulus, and I was wondering if you wanted to use it to destroy the Staff. That is if the staff will not call the elder ones if this is used. Also Edena Would it be possible to lure the Illithid Fleet to a deserted universe and break the staff calling the elder ones to destroy them? This would only be done if I can be assured the Elder Ones could not leave there to harm anyone else. Also as for the Colnes of Anab. would giving one of them the staff cause the fleet to turn around?
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So what are the Black Brotherhood doing during all this...?

Well, to be honest they're being quiet.

Eerily quiet. Almost suspiciously quiet.

Anyone whose spies are keeping a lookout for the Brotherhood hears rumors--some sort of mass exodus to the Blood Waste--but that's all.

No one can find out what they're doing.

No one can find out why they're doing it.

Spoof, since I'm neutral to everybody and I don't wanna see the world go boom, or a possible enemy wield such power. I'd like you to give the staff to me. I got 83 PL of Illithid, all nice lawfull evil and next turn lawful Neutral. I keep the staff in1 piece, and the PL out of a enemy of yours posession.



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I have no real intention of breaking the staff, unless ABSOLUTLY necessary. I do not like the idea of destroying another Gods artifact. As for the Illithid thing, I also have them in my employ, some Neolithid from Toril. If all I have to do is just give it to an Illithid than I am god to go there. If I have to either give it to the Fleet or to Anab then there might be a problem, but I am working on that one also. Our biggest concern now is not the staff, but I believe Serpenteye, his civilization advance will allow him to get 11th level magic in 1-2 turns, which is why I hope Edena allows for the good guys to give me PL for the boost to counter him. If not then this game could still end in 2 turns, with no one able to stop it. After all look at the total Pl for good and Evil

Good: 4435PL

Evil: 4086 PL

This could easily change by 600 PL swing for evil depending on where some fence sitters move, along with no one could stop Serpenteye if he got 11th level magic without a counter. Still it could be close but I think Serpenteye will try to acquire more land next turn at least I would if I were him, as I do not think the good guys will attack him in force this turn to take his land and lower his power base. But we will see.
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Whoa! [Open post with secret bit]

Edena, don't kill yourself! At the very least, give us an e-mail limit and simplify the templates! For your health, your sanity, and your DMing quality.

That said, I truly admire your gumption. If you lived near me I'd bake you a batch of brownies or whatnot, or at least throw bundles of cash at you.

To honor your creativity, I will formulate a truly devastating revenge against Spoof - And, should he DARE defile the True Staff with his traitorous fingers, Forsaken One. ;) I will make sure said revenge makes them really, really wish they had just run away last turn.
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hey ANABTERCORIAN my sig says it all ;)

OOC: As for your e-mail I will reply but things just got real busy at work,My boss just dumped a project on my desk and told me stop what you are doing we need the ASAP. (pissed grumbling)

Thanks Forrester fixed .sig
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Spoof -- What's a "bick stick"?

In any case, Edena -- if everyone gets to double their PL every month through industrialization, then there's no reason that the folks on Toril aren't doing the exact same thing.

In other words, I think you should go back to the 150-limit (and no offense, but Kalanyr's creation of "pocket dimensions" to get around the growth-rules seems little more than a rules kludge, and nothing else. How is that realistic?)

Just my two cents.

If the rules stay the way they are -- well, Toril just went from a 10,000PL nation to maybe a 16,000PL nation. This last month. I'm sure you see the problem.

And does this mean that you are erasing the five-turn limit for 11th level magic, too? Because with 1000PL to spend, I'm sure Serpenteye and others would love to get the big one-one sooner than that.

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