(IR) IR Interlude Turn 5 - Turn 6 (thread 4)


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Alzem’s Image appears before the great Queen.

Hello my Queen, I am sorry for my belated response, I have….. been occupied. I had requested you to try and enlist your aid in removing this threat (at this he nods his head at Mina) from the world of Oreth. But now that is not necessary, I will no longer try to fight for the people of this world at this time. While your belief in me may not have wavered, enough peoples have, those that I called friend and ally. Now I must wonder, were they right, have I become nothing more than what I seek to stop? So I will travel for awhile to learn what I need to learn and pray that the mortals of this world, and even your children will not fall before Mina, and her desire for world slavery.

Thank you Queen, but no longer will I try to sway the decisions of the people of this world, you will have to decide what to do on your own. May your mind never go quiet, and your children grow to perfection.

Dagger if you want I will create a portal to your new lands that only you can activate, or those you allow to. If you want me to do this I will, just let me know.

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<<Forrester, faith you may denounce, but respect whom you are I do regardless of how you see me or what you think of faith. For even you believe, and even you trust in something. You have faith in yourself, and in the millions of men and women who follow you. You lead them and inspire them, that what impresses me. Maybe wel shall battle on day, maybe we shan't ever meet in person, time will tell.....
But if we see battle, fear you I shall! For you command great respect, respect of all who live, forrester, man of Toril.>>


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Letter for Acererak.


Beyond Mist, Beyond Time.
Oblivion is, Forever shall it rest.

Damnation shall be given.
Life shall grow.
Cries in the night heard.
The Travel shall begin.

Power of never, Light shall blind.
Dust will fall, Dust shall return.

Void is forever.
Darkness light shall be.
the moon sun become.
One shall rule.

Prison unbroken falls, Magic shall void be.
Flesh to bone, Bone to flesh.

The book shall end.

ooc: so how many read it :p
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Then it shall be thus!

Anabstercorian points to the now fading afterimage of the magical sending, as if to indicate the destruction that was just wrought.
<< That is what we will do! We will cleanse Oerth, we will cleanse it indeed. We will reduce its past to chaff and ashes, turns its present in to a madness undescribable, and remake its future in to something glorious and amazing, and ours. >>
<< I will lead your army. We will remake the world in our image. We will shatter Oerth beyond recognition. >>

<< I promise you this! One hundred years hence, there will be no elves on all of Oerth! There will be nothing but the drow and the Illithid! Over time, as the drow learn the wisdom of my path, there will only be the Illithid, but the Drow will not miss their past, and Lloth will grow stronger, and never be forgotten. The Queen of the Demonweb Pits will exist forever alongside Ilsensine, my brethren and my allies! It will be difficult, it will be strenuous, and it will require great skill and wit, but we will crush Oerth - We will crush it utterly. And we'll have a damn good time doing it! >>

He raises his staff, nothing but wood, and ululates loudly. The other warriors of the Illithid and Drow raise their weapons and scream with him, a sound like hundreds of innocents being murdered...


Edena, did I win their acceptance yet?


Kalanyr appears hovering before the fleet warded in Prismatic Armour. He speaks with thunder in his voice, and the Aura of Light flairs around him

"Drow of the worlds beyond, I greet thee. Before you denounce me fools and sycophants of a stupid Queen of misery and slaughter, see what I have done for those who follow me."

Images of the ower of the Drow, The magic they wield,the improvements to their life. The defeat of Demogorgon,Tharzidun and the Shade themselves.

" Witness, the strength the peace and the happiness, the security and freedom I bring. Do you truly thing the Queen of Sacrifices offers more than this?"


<<So be it solar. But where your final ways shall lead... time will tell.. time will tell... But I know we shall meet again! Until then valiant warrior fo the light, let faith never waver from your side.>>


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Anabstercorian's eyes GLARE and he stares at Kalanyr. "My first order is to DESTROY HIM, A TRAITOR TO HIS PEOPLE!" He manifests a twice-Twinned Concussion against Kalanyr.

EDIT: My red goo rating remains at 5. In addition, one of my commanders, Grenlnius (gren-LIN-ee-oos), an Illithid Ftr12, will have a personal lifestyle of Red Goo Rating 7. His furniture will be made out of Bloodsteel, all of his field gear (Bloodsteel Platemail+3, Large Bloodsteel Shield+3, Bloodsteel weaponry), and he will ride in to battle on a Bloodsteel armored Red Dragon. Hell, if he used eating utensils those'd be made out of Bloodsteel too.
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"Poor Illithid, you truly think I would come here without defenses? Not as smart as you look then. I hope the Reflected Blast doesn't hurt to much."

Alzem- " I have not forsaken you nor abandoned you, why must everyone misunderstand me? I do not think you have fallen, I think you have made mistakes all beings are entitle to mistakes."


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Mina regards Vaeregoth (disregard my post above), and Luna, and the others.
She speaks:

I am what I seem.
I am not an Avatar of the One God.
The miracles I can perform are due to my faith.
The omniscience I possess, is due to my faith.
The power I wield, is due to my faith.

I am a reasonably proficient warrior, trained by the Knights of Neraka.

Now ...

I bring the faith of the One God to Oerth.

Those who would have faith in the One God, will find happiness, peace, fulfillment, and power, as I have found.
However, faith is something that is given.
The people of Oerth, must give their faith to the One God to gain the peace and strength I speak of.

On Krynn, this peace and strength has come to many lands and many peoples.
With this strength, we have thrown back the Dragon Overlords, our enemies, and soon we will crush them, and be free of them forever.

On this world, the One God is working with the God Emperor and the Lord Melkor.
A new Pantheon is born.
A Pantheon whose people are true.
A Pantheon that stands on faith.

The Knights of Neraka are faithful to the One God.
The Shade are faithful to Lord Melkor.
The Aerdi are faithful to the God Emperor.
The Undead are faithful to Acererak.

With faith as our guide, we are united, and we are strong.
Faith is our shield.
Unity is our sword.

We offer to the divided peoples of Oerth, helpless and weak before the onslaught of the Army of Darkness, a chance to join us.
Under our protection, we will fight to protect you.
Our blood will flow, that you may live.
Our lives will be spent, that your lands may be preserved.

However, we will not do this without something being given back.
We expect those we help to abandon the deities who would not help them, and to embrace the Pantheon.
We expect you to embrace the One God, the God Emperor, the Lord Melkor.
We expect your faith and obedience to them.

Thus, your people will merge with our people.
Your strength, will combine with our strength.
Your culture, will combine with our culture.
A new civilization and a new culture, will emerge out of all who join.
It will be stronger, greater, and loftier than any that has gone before, for it will be built on faith, and faith makes anything possible.

If you refuse ... if you choose to turn your backs on the One God, then the One God will turn away from you.
You will receive no aid from the One God against the Army of Darkness.
The One God will not help you save your lands.
The One God will not help you save your people.
And I do not believe any of the Pantheon will help you, if you choose to turn your back on them.

You call this freedom.
You are living in an illusion; you are not free.
Your illusion, will kill you, for the Army of Darkness is not halted by illusion.

The One God is real.
The One God will put a real sword in your hand.
The One God will put a real shield at your side.

I will personally lead my army of Knights against the Army of Darkness to defend you.
But you must submit to the One God first, and that submission must be genuine, absolute, and permanent.

You recriminate that I do not give help freely.
The One God does not give help to those who do not submit, and do not have faith, in the One God.

If you do not choose to submit to the One God, you are free to die under the swords of the Army of Darkness.

They will most certainly attack you before they attack us.
They will attack weak, divided people, as you are, before they will attack a strong unified people, as we are.
Once you are destroyed, they will attack us.
We will destroy them, for we have the One God, the God Emperor, and the Lord Melkor, and with our faith we cannot be defeated.


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You may not fight during the Interlude.

In any case the Army of Darkness blasted Kalanyr's image out of existence before it said much.

They are STILL waiting, Anabstercorian, for your reply to their statement.

You have the chance to lead this force, 4000 PL strong.

But ...

You MUST attack Oerth, on Turn 6, if you accept the Army of Darkness as your Power.
This attack MUST be with your entire PL.
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