(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 0 - The Sending of the Wanderer

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As the light of the angels descends upon the lands, the streets of the capital of Lyrn flood with people. Scared farmers, worrying merchants, terrifiyed children, soldiers, government officials; all turn their eyes towards the beautiful light. Everyone, from the smallest child to the strongest archmage, stops instantly and sees the angels smiling down upon them.
The people see past the angels to the land where they come from, the great paradise. The angels extend their hands towards the awed populace, and the people know why the angels have come. They feel the love, the promise of peace and happiness. Tears of joy well in many of the onlookers.
In town square, there is a disturbance. A vibrant elven woman with firey red hair pushes and shoves her way through the stunned crowds. She rushes to the middle of the town market, under where the angels have decended. When she reaches the center, she bends down, her hands on her knees, gasping for air after her quick dash. The focus of the crowd is now with this new woman, but no one dares to break the silence.
Save for the elven woman.
"NO!", she shouts after regaining her breath. She stands up tall and repeats herself. "No! We won't leave!"
The angels look down at this new woman, clearly suprised by her announcement. They wait, and she continues.
"This is our land, our empire, our town, and we're not going to leave it! We've worked too hard building our peace and prosperity to abandon it now." She has now climbed to the top of a statue of a great emperor to get closer to these angelic intruders, and, balancing on the statue's head, she waves her arms around. "We build this, and we can defend it!" She waits for the reply of the angels, but they give none.
With a despairing look on her face, she turns to the crowds, and pleads,"We won't leave, right? Not just because of some stupid wars! We'll fight, right?"
An older woman steps forward, closer to the elf and the angels. "I was born 'ere, and I'll die 'ehe, one way or another. Was good enough for my mother, it was. And hers 'fore her!"
A young man steps forward, standing the older woman. He stutters, staring at his feet. "I... can't go. I'm... engaged... and, and...". He takes a deep breath as he looks towards the angels. "And she's in the army, and she can't go, she wouldn't go, and neither will I!" He ends his proclimation with a triumphiant shout.
The look of the elven woman's face turns to a joyful smile as others step forward. "I won't go, just build my home. I won't leave me family here. I won't abandon what I've worked so hard to build", they say.

All over the lands of the Crescent, people stand strong and refuse the call of the angels. This is their land and their peace, and they're going to fight to keep it that way.

In the capital, Aurican sits at a window in the palace, looking down at the elven woman. He sighs softly, "Damn, Areilla. Grow up. This will not be what you think it will".
He leans back in his chair and closes his eyes. He then starts to laugh. "Ah, you are your mother's daughter. You're only out there now because you know I'd demand that they take you first..."

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William Ronald

Except for the old, the infirm, the crippled, pregnant and nursing women, my people stay. At least a remnant of my people will survive no matter what befalls us.

"I call upon my allies to stand with me," Archcleric Hazen says in a voice which only his allies can hear. "I come to you on the wings of the gathering storm, only moments before it breaks. Stand ready and be firm."


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Turrosh Mak said:
To the Angels: We will evacuate those who are too old, to Young, or too Sick to fight. Everyone else stays

Are you sure that is wise? I fear those who go with the angels will be corrupted by their goodness and will never return to your lands. Those who do return you will probably wish they hadn't since they will most likely try to spread their anarchistic ideals and overthrow your reign.

Turrosh Mak and all others that prefer Darkness to light, power to weakness.

Don`t listen to those beings. I am sure they will corrupt anyone who goes with them, make them weak, slaves of the light and their stupid morality! I am sure it is a part of Commonwealth`s plan to conquer Oerth!

Edena any Angel that comes to territory controlled by The Shade is killed on sight!


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The halflings messege

The halfling says, "Thanks for seeing me." He then takes off his heavy coat. To your amazement the halfling has wings growing out of his shoulders!
After you recover he says, "I'm the representative of the sky-sea league." Nervously he continues, "We think that the wanderer, whoever he is, is probably stating an account of all the bad things that happened and ignoring the good. Anyway we'd like to offer you an alliance." stuttering he says, "you d-don't have to a-answer right away. J-just use this mirror." He hands you a mirror with a button on the handle and flees from the room before you can stop him


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LordMelkor{Talos} said:

Edena any Angel that comes to territory controlled by The Shade is killed on sight!

That might be quite difficult, "Edena's Angels" are extremely powerful.
Regardless of that the Dark Union attemts to capture an Angel for biological experimentation.

Turrosh Mak

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Serpenteye said:

That might be quite difficult, "Edena's Angels" are extremely powerful.
Regardless of that the Dark Union attemts to capture an Angel for biological experimentation.

That's interesting. I didn't think that Edena's angels were biological creatures. Good luck with your endevors...


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Many of the Celene population chooses to stay.
The Lendore elves encourage those that wish to to leave, without shame.
The Varnaith people are able to leave if those above them deem it wise. Some of the upper civilian caste do, some don't.
The westlands lose very little of their population. Most cannot believe that anything in the east could effect their lands.
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Sanctus Punitor recieves a mental image of Kas... with a message of acceptance for a duel...

"So, Kas wants to fight me... good. I should get this business with my neighbors over with as soon as possible, then I can take my sword to him."

((OOC- It may wait till turn 2, but I'll duel you as soon as I'm done with this stuff, I'll reveal some of my more secret character stuff only a few people know about, like how come I dislike you and other interests = we will have fun))
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The Doomgrinder clicks - it's blades stand straight vertical and horizontal now.

Vecna and his Host, 50 million strong, emerge into the Present at Tovag Baragu.

The War, begins.
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No, no, you have it backwards.

Sollir, YOU give ME Slaves. I give YOU magic items. Got it? Aside from that confusion, your terms are agreeable.

Anabstercorian walks in to the tribal lands south of the Quaggoth Fells to meet the angels and just STARES at them, brimming with rage. If he can, he challenges one to the psychic equivalent of an arm wrestle. Tell me if I win or not, Edena!

Turrosh Mak

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I begin shiping Kas's troops to the agreed upon location. I get as many of his soldiers on board each ship as possible, to speed up the opperation and remove all unnessasary gear and equipment to make still more room.


Kessel GnomeWorks slowly retrieves the ace of spades from inside his left sleeve. He examines it carefully, looking at each carefully detailed swirl, the intricate designs - the letter A itself on the face side.

"Indeed." He says to himself, examining the card. "The most trustworthy of the cards - the first I made land in the right spot. Always I have trusted you. But what of now? Can anything in this world-" He waves his arms about slowly. "-be trusted anymore?"

He looks at it, staring at it intently, as though trying to understand what the card was thinking.

"I know you. You will do as you have always done. You will go where you know you must. You will do, as you have been trained. You and I have an understanding. You will not let me down."

He sets it back into his sleeve, and returns to thinking.


Kessel examines the mirror left behind by the stuttering halfling, and considers it for a moment.

And another.

"Well. As I said before, I need as many allies as I can procure, before the big one hits." He says, and lifts it up. "Hmm... how does this thing work? Ah... a button."

He presses the button, and steadies himself in his chair, ready for anything unusual.

Sorry Anabstercorian, no deal then, I have value for such slaves for now, wait 1 turn and we shall see for slave trade.
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