(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 4 (thread 2)

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Mr. Draco

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Edena, I think a mistake was made. Earlier, Kalanyr teleported all of his Yuan-ti out of their empire to join up with the remainder of his forces, and gave the Yuan-ti lands, and all of their infrastructure to the DU. The army we sent south to fight in Hemponaland, therefore, is currently occupying all of our conquered territories and the Yuan-ti lands we gained from Kalanyr in exchange for letting him and his allies attack the shade through our lands.

[edit]- also, did you ever get the email i sent for clarifiction regarding the lands we gained from Kalanyr?
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The being returns eating what would appear to others as a glowing bread, but in reality is the inner self of people. The Being stares deeply into the vortex discovering a sight most enjoyable to itself and once more it laughs, a cold and feverish laughter watching the feast on the dead and it speaks highly amused.

"Bloods flows, flesh rots, The dead's heart beat still."
"Living feasting on their shells, stomachs filled with rotten flesh."
"Ghasts see this sight, Ghouls will raise from the feast of flesh."
"The Dead shall prey once more, and the world in darkness lay."
"The Time for us draws closer, the candle of light flicker a last time."
"never more shall the light of day spread over land."
"But now we my ghast shall watch the undead raise once more."

The Being laughs again in its cold and feverish way, alone in its dark cave, perhaps it is for the best not to disturb it.
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The death of so many people does not go unnoticed by the world of Oerth.

The poison from the Blood Waste is expanding, at the rate of 100 miles per Turn.
No 10th level magic will stop it now.
It's been strengthened beyond the power of 10th level magic to stop.

The Whyestil Sea is growing appreciably larger, spreading both northward and southward as the lands sink, and eastward as well.
Dorakaa has to be picked up and moved, in total, well to the north and east of where it has always sat.
Crockport is simply submerged.

The Whyestil advances westward into the Vesve Forest, then is stopped by the magic of the Faerie.

Delrune is sinking, growing slowly more swampy.

The Nyr Dyv is drying up.
It was an exceedingly deep sea, the Nyr Dyv. Now, people apparently will find out just how deep it truly was.
By the end of the Turn, the Nyr Dyv is only three-quarters of it's original size, but the lake level has dropped over 1,000 feet.

The building anger of the planet erupts in violence in the Yatil Mountains.
This range was not volcanic, has been known for it's quietude.
Not anymore.
Huge explosions are heard, and all of Perrenland shakes, as the western sky is filled with smoke, and rocks come raining down, and ashfalls follow.

Those venturing close enough see enormous eruptions in progress, dozens of them.
The fiery lava is flowing out at such a prodigious rate it is creating vast lakes of molten rock, and waterfalls of it cascade in red and yellow curtains down the eastern sides of the mountain range.
Many of the green valleys of the Yatils, which survived the Antimatter Barrage, perish now, buried under torrents of molten rock.

Sonnmonten, Aerlindre, and the Dwarves and Humanoids of the Yatils are all plagued with earthquakes and volcanic fumes.

In all of the other mountain ranges of the Flanaess, warning tremors and the smell of sulphur give an ominous warning as to what is coming.

Mr. Draco

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Edena, perhaps this would be a good point to end the turn? after all, more than a month has passed, and people probably need some time to get their thinking back in order after so many world-shaking events...


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Let's get cruel

Those of the Solistarim are destroying your food.

We are taking the bodies of the dead for our own pantries. We burn what we cannot carry home.

You will die hungry and alone and desperate, and you will never know that it was our hand that stole the food from your mouth.

<< Edena, we're doing the above, and we're doing it secret. The Solistarim are INCREDIBLY FRACKING BITTER over the demolition of our holy land (The Flannaes) and we want you all to die because of it. But we're doing it secret! We're being so secret we won't even give people who have 10th level magic a reason to even CONSIDER scrying us. Secret secret. >>


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I will send forces to raid the city of the gods... I guess we can't do this till next turn if I am correct in thinking that most of the "actions" of this turn are over.

So Iuz has a new leader... hmm...


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Well, you all heard Anabstercorian.

It would appear that someone has decided to bury (or at least, deal with) the dead.

However, there are 30 million corpses.

The Solistarim, have quite a job ahead of them, even with their capacity.

As for the MOTIVATIONS of the Solistarim ... I'll leave you to deal with that.

The cloaked figure works double time, triple time if possible on devouring every single corpse it can...ignoring the animals and demihumans, except for the strongest-looking as slaves for Mistress Tao (but fed)...
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Iuz Plays his Hand

Iuz glances to his advisor... "I do believe that we have a virtual surplus of troops and workers all around us. I want them... I want them by the legions, the undead work quite well and never tire... create as many as you can muster if need be..."

The advisor nodded slowly, "Yes milord, what of the City of the Gods," he kept his head low.

The demigod peered back at his advisor, "Dispatch a raiding force to procure what we can... if the Torilians wish to strip it bare then we shall take what scraps we can. Be sure that it is handled quickly and with the utmost subtlety, for now we must lie in waiting..." Iuz did not look pleased and for a moment his form wavered, pulsing with sickening energy...

The advisor bowed his head once more, "It shall be done, as you command."

Iuz clucked his teeth stroking his chin...

The Empire of Iuz is moving to create as many undead as we can... and also pursuing a raid on the City of the Gods... with what forces we can muster...
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Mr. Draco

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Then, with the help of the representative of the Legions of Kas who was already in the City of the Gods, and has spent all this time studying it, we will teleport in some forces and raid it.


Oh, give me a break, Anabstercorian. You're a "bad guy", so to speak, so of course we'll be watching what you're doing. The Lortmils are very nervous at the moment, and we've got a trigger-finger on a trigger that could blow up half Oerth, given a little time. Don't mess with us. You leave our food alone. Or you'll wish you hadn't ever heard of the Lortmils when we're through with you. We are scrying everyone. We are watching over our shoulders. We tread lightly, and speak softly. And we carry a very large gun. Forget the stick - we've got robots.

BTW - I don't encourage war. At this point, I detest destruction. But, if it is necessary, I will utilize everything I've got to take down whatever or whomever is screwing with Oerth. At this point, alliances and enemies matter, but they are very trivial in comparison to the RL of Oerth. Survival is all that counts, and if something threatens that survival, then it must be destroyed.

Edena - we raid the CotG for all we're worth. If anyone interferes with our raiding, we'll send in a few (consider few to mean "several dozen") of our lovely new 'mechs to blow them up. Don't mess with us, boys and girls. We have a job to do, and we intend to do it - and that job includes raiding the City of the Gods.

William Ronald

Any efforts to steal food are met with LETHAL levels of force. No questions asked.

The Kevellond League will raid the city of the Gods.

I was under the impression that the UC of Toril had averted famine.

Efforts to increase the food supply and to rebuild continue.


Mr. Draco

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The DU will increase the security of our food suplies. Also, considering the level of devotion that every single citizen has to the God-Emperor, your attacks on the food supply Abnastercorian will stick out like a sore thumb...


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Iuz backs the Kevellond League

William Ronald said:
Any efforts to steal food are met with LETHAL levels of force. No questions asked.

The Kevellond League will raid the city of the Gods.

I was under the impression that the UC of Toril had averted famine.

Efforts to increase the food supply and to rebuild continue.


"I shall make a rare show of solidarity and help protect what food supplies we have. For it would be a shame to lose the living to famine... and worse things...."

Empire of Iuz will assist the Kevellond League in protecting the food supplies... the living have their uses afterall


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Mr. Draco said:
Then, with the help of the representative of the Legions of Kas who was already in the City of the Gods, and has spent all this time studying it, we will teleport in some forces and raid it.

OOC: and to whom are you refferring to here? Just curious...


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Turn 4 ends with a bang.

A cliche, I know.
A bad cliche, considering what has happened this Turn.
Yet there it is.

It is a bang a lot bigger than Tambora was.
It is seen in Rauxes, a thousand miles to the north.
It is heard on the Isle of the Phoenix, 5,000 miles away.

In one gigantic explosion, the Glorioles blow themselves up.
The soaring fireball, composed of uncounted billions of tons of rock, magma, and dust, rockets up into Oerth's stratosphere, clear up beyond it into near space.
A red, dripping glow is seen as a geyser of lava 2 miles high fountains into the sky.

There is an enormous earthquake, and the whole of the eastern Flanaess shakes violently.
The people of Nulbish and Torrich watch in awe as the southern heavens fill with fire.

The people of Sunndi watch briefly, then they are engulfed, for the flows head southward, and whelm all of Sunndi in pyroclastic blasts, followed by a sea of molten rock.

A GIANT rending and cracking sound is heard.

The Flanaess breaks apart, from central Idee in the west, across the Hollow Highlands, then northeast around the geyser, and eastward across southwest Medegia to the sea.
The geyser grows wider and wider, and the ocean roars in on both sides, only to meet vast amounts of lava storming up through the broken crust of the planet and from the great geyser.
Explosions follow, and clouds of steam cover all of the southeastern Flanaess.

But still the great geyser, a mile across and two miles wide, fountains into the heavens, and the molten rock pours west, east, and southward.
Building mountains where no mountains existed.
Remaking the landscape utterly.
Sunndi, passes forever into Flannae history.
The Glorioles, pass forever into Flannae history (or, rather, a far loftier and greater range will replace them, and truly earn the name given the old, small area of mountains.)
The storm giants of Starmont, pass into history, unable to escape, the eruption catching them without warning.

And the rift widens rapidly, the oceans flowing in to fill the gap, while the entire southeastern peninsula, cramming millions of years of geological movement into a few days, moves over one hundred miles south of it's current position.
The freshwater sea that had been the Vast Swamp is carried with it.
The Tivanot Peninsula twists, turning northwest to southeast, and moves 50 miles southeast of it's current position.

The northern landmass slams into Hempmonaland, as the Tilva Strait ceases to exist.

The continental shelves groan in protest, buckle, then shatter, sending more massive earthquakes through the whole region (fortunately, far away from any settled land, for they are greater than 10 on the Richter Scale.)
Volcanic eruptions and explosions occur all along the clashing line, where Hempmonaland meets the peninsula of the Flanaess.
And a new set of mountains begins forming south of the freshwater sea that had been the Vast Swamp.

So great is the eruption of lava that there is no place for it to go, and Sunndi is filled with an inland sea of lava, a thousand feet deep, hundreds of miles long, and hundreds of miles wide.

The heat from this lake, hundreds of thousands of square miles in size, turns the climate of all of the southern Dark Union into an equatorial steambath.
The word autumn is erased from the vocabulary.

The ocean currents flowing northward past the Sea Barons and the Lendores turns warm, then hot (over 100 degrees), producing storms of ungodly proportions.
Magic becomes a necessity, and not an option, for survival in these places.
Travel by ship becomes impossible, unless very great magic (7th level or higher) is employed to get through the storms.
Hurricanes with winds one would not wish to imagine form over the open ocean, sending massive waves in all directions, flooding the whole eastern coastline.


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You see why I wasn't allowing anyone else into the City of the Gods?

Greedy bastards! Greedy gnomes, threatening to blow people up!

Oerth really *is* going to hell in a handbasket. Good riddance! :D


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