(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 4 (thread 2)

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Then, welcome to the IR, Tokiwong!
I will send you the Roster of the Empire of Iuz when the IR Interlude comes up here, and explain things.
Welcome in!

I wish to note that Black Omega's realm of the Vesve is a NOTABLE exception to the picture of the Flanaess I just painted.

Within the Vesve, the Power of the Faerie has prevailed.
Within the Vesve, birdsong and animals sounds are bright and clear.
Within the Vesve, the power of the Faerie holds the Magic Storms at bay, and produces a warm and pleasant climate, and gentle winds.

The Faerie are everywhere, ethereal and beautiful, merry faces turned solemn, as they tend the soil and the land, repairing damage done by the City of the Gods.
Trees are regrown, sickness and rot healed, health and hope returned to the land.
In the Vesve, the rivers still run clear.
In the Vesve, the sun still shines clearly in a sky free of smoke.
In the Vesve, those humans, demihumans, and humanoids who had a home there to begin with, are healthy, well fed, and well sheltered.

They are under the strict rule of the Faerie.
Faerie rule, is absolute from one end of the forest to the other.
Their rule is gentle and kindly, and everyone is eager to obey them - since the Faerie are the reason they are alive.
The penalty for breaking the law is magical alteration into a new form, with a new mind - one that will obey the laws.

Unfortunately, several million refugees are now moving towards the Vesve Forest.
Some, are fleeing from ruined lands that cannot support them no matter how hard they work to rebuild.
But many more, wish to help themselves to this apparently untouched Garden of Plenty that miraculously has survived when nothing else did.

The same situation is occurring in the Adri Forest, where the Lost Elves, Unseelie, and some of the Faerie are protecting the forest.
Adri Forest survived the Barrage by mere chance.
The elves, faerie, and unseelie intend to see it continues to survive.

However, a very large number of refugees, desperate to survive, and a very large number of people who wish to help themselves to Adri wood, Adri food, and Adri plunder, are moving on the forest.

Similar, lesser problems are occurring around all the remaining, surviving natural regions, including the mountain regions of the Flanaess.


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Welcome Tokiwong

Join us. :)

Order is reestablished kindly but firmly, extremenly firmly. Refugees are directed to where they can recieve aid and employment. If they do not respond to that in the desired way, they are dragged there by force. We need everybody to work as hard as they can wherever they are placed and are most needed. The propaganda machinery and the Church of Aerdi indoctrinate the people in this necessity.
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William Ronald


I have e-mailed Reprisal and hope that he will take the place of Forrester, who seems to have left. If not, I suggest that you take the place of the UC or at least try to assign the UC to a new player.

Tokiwong, welcome aboard.

Alzem, please check your e-mail. I would like you to stay. I want everyone to stay.

For now, I suggest we rebuild rather than fight.


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Wicked Grin....

Evil smiles... in the silence... from the ashes a restoration shall commence... there are many old wounds to attend to... for now peace... let the calm settle... before the storm of blood and fury commence...

OOC: Thanks glad to be aboard.... I get to be evil... ooooh
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Re: Please stay

William Ronald said:

Rhialto, evil people do not necessarily have an advantage in research and accumulating power. The backstabbing and ideology can get in the way. See Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union under Stalin. Their leaders really screwed up in the R&D department and ruined their lands to a large degree. (See Soviet agriculture and the Nazi atomic bomb projects.)

Yes, but the equations for nuclear physics don't tend to pop up after you sacrifice a thousand innocents to Xxigtvist, Dark Lord of Hangnails. Therein lies the difference between magic and science.

And I should point out that the "Good" guys had problems with backstabbing and ideology as well.

(Note--I'm not saying that Nazi Germany and the U.S.S.R. weren't evil--I just don't think their enemies, by and large, were all that good. Just a hell of a lot better then the alternative...)


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Tokiwong is now the player of the Empire of Iuz.

- - -

Forrester has not quit the IR, per se.
He has withdrawn the forces of the United Commonwealth from Oerth, back to Toril, as is his right.

I am not allowed, as Moderator, to dictate to the United Commonwealth what it can or cannot do.
Nor may I run the United Commonwealth, or assign someone else to do so, unless Forrester gives me explicit permission to do so (and, unless Toril is directly threatened, I will not do so ... I have enough to deal with already.)

Forrester speaks for the United Commonwealth.
If he withdraws their forces, then those forces are withdrawn.

The only person who could counteract Forrester's decision is Reprisal.
I do not expect to hear from Reprisal again, I fear.
It is a shame, for Reprisal was one of the most eloquent players the IR ever knew.

It is also an unfortunate shame that Forrester is effectively out of the IR.
For he is one of the most colorful and interesting people the IR has known.

I hope Alzem stays. For the sake of the IR.
Again, here is one of the players from the older IRs, and Alzem was a very notable and important part of the 2nd IR.
However, it is up to Alzem, whether he stays ... he has only just joined, and I hope he decides to stay.

Needless to say, the loss of both John Brown and Forrester makes this a hard day for me.
If Alzem departs, it will be all that much harder.


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The smoke was everywhere. The dust was everywhere. The sunblight was gone because there was no more light.

Anabstercorian, floating in deep space, looking down on the waste that was Oerth, could only shake his head. There was so much needless loss of life. There was no purpose to this, no cause. No one was being served - This was mere madness.

What was needed here was control. An iron hand to guide a lost and shattered world to a better place.


<< Edena, the Solistarim is focusing its efforts on rebuilding. Now that the City of the Gods is no longer a threat, we will loot the thing good as soon as it's feasible. We need that technological edge! We're behind in the technological race and we know it. >>


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Everyone trying to plunder the City of the Gods is in for a disappointment.

Yes, you can gain 2 PL per Turn from the plunder, and the City cannot defend itself anymore.
It can only watch helplessly as it is plundered.

But the great secrets of it's superscience are beyond comprehension.

Beyond the comprehension even of the Torilians, who can grasp only the least of the great wonders.

Clearly, the race who built the City were much more intelligent than any known race of humans, humanoids, or demihumans, having IQs of 1,000 and up.
Clearly also, they were a small people, very diminuative, and also their bodies were very alien.

(As in alien, think of the film War of the Worlds. As in intelligent, think of the Krell from the film Forbidden Planet.)

Because full access to the City is now possible, the one power dominating it - the Solistarim - are able to plunder it at the rate of 4 PL per Turn instead of 2.
Everyone else must sneak in and gain their 2 PL as usual, avoiding the Solistarim as they may.

- - -

This is not known publicly IC, but OOC it is worth mentioning.
The Lortmil Technomancy has created something new.

The Lortmil Technomancy long wanted a tank that could move around without the encumbrance of roads, but flying technology or magic eluded them.
So, they built legs, and put the tank on them.
The legs were made of the newest steel, ran on hydralics, had specially cushioned feet, and worked quite well.
Walls of Force protected both tank and legs.

However, the Lortmil Technomancy quickly found that the resulting product was very awkward.
Using new designs, and primitive versions of the computer (not the microchip, which they have not yet invented), they redesigned the tank part as a kind of torso for the legs.

The newest weapons were mounted on the design, and then the Lortmil Technomancy looked around for a power source.
Not having fusion power, they were frustrated, and took the weapons back off, except for the two main turrets.

Then they added magical weapons to the design, and managed somehow to make them permanent.

They managed to create a machine that could fire twin lightning bolts, once per round, with a great range.
Melding technology with magic, they build targetting systems and sensors for the thing, so the gunners inside could fire accurately.

Then they looked at controlling it, and used a gnomish set of levels and pulleys to control the movements of the legs.
When this turned into a disaster, they refined and refined the controls, until the user could control the machine with special hand controls and pedals.

Satisfied with their design, the engineers plated the thing with the latest armor ... only to have it fall down.
So, they plated it with Walls of Force instead.

Something was still missing, although they could not figure out what.
Then they saw that it had legs and a body, and even stubby arms, but no head.
They created an ornate head, militarily useless but pleasing to the gnomish eye, and stuck it on the top of the thing.

After several more tries, they got the whole thing to work properly.

Just then, the technomancy of combining Fly with Permanency was accomplished.

The engineers set to work casting Fly spells and Permanency spells on the machine, and repeatedly they failed, but they kept trying until the succeeded.

The resulting machine could fly at 30 MPH, go straight up - even into space (using the Spelljammer rules) for short periods, move forward and backward, and fire it's twin cannons loaded with magical rounds, or fire it's twin lightning bolts, a limited number of times per day.

And thus, the Lortmil Technomancy has, without knowing it and in only the most primitive way - as of yet! - entered the age of Robotechnology.
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Iuz contemplates the Current Situation...

"The world is a shambles... a pity that it is not my doing... but the awesome combination of technology and magic here to fore unknown to this world... I shudder to think what it could possibly do if our enemies ever settled their differences and turned their strength upon us..." Iuz glanced to no one in particular, "we shall continue our alliances wrought during the battles with the Shades, send word to the Kevellond League, that I shall honor it for now..."

The servant nodded slowly, his long ebon hair contrasting with his crimson eyes, "It shall be as you instruct milord..."

The Iuz Empire shall recoup their losses and focus on expanding their Magic and Technological might... and assist in what needs to be done to hasten recovery and fortify our borders... to prepare for peace... is to marshall for war...
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sorry something personal came up and I had to rush off over the weekend. I will read the threads tomorrow and see what is happining


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From dark halls far beyond the reach of Oerth or Toril, hovers a strange creature, a mere shadow of a man yet far more grusome then the simple undead then it resembles. The being is all alone in a huge stone cave, before it a hovering vortex of darkness swirls and twist. This being was formerly known as a great wizard, a man of peace and knowledge, now nothing but a corrupted soulless shell is left.

Inside the vortex pictures of war, destruction, and yet even peace is seen, mindflayer and humanoid dining together, wishing each other good luck, deep in the vortex proclaims of destruction is given by the leader of the gnomes, and yet deeper is the site of steel and eletronics.

The being sees this and ponders for a long time watching the humanoid warlord withdraw back home. At the sight a sinister laughter escapes it filling the cave and chilling the blood in the animals outside. The Being speaks, to whom it is hard to tell:

"Rain of death, Plague of Red, War of dead and Living, fading."
"Warlords withdraws like cowering dogs, jesters commands give."
"Undead rise and fall, wounds treated, Suns in darkness helpless."
"The End of war is now? Death with stop harvesting fields? no."
"The beginning has ended, now Death busy will be."
"Fools to strive for eternal life, Death brings the gift of truth."
"Blood shall flow, ants shall work, and the plague of death shall spread."

The Being turns away from the vortex and floats throw the walls of the cave searching for a soul to feast on.


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For everyone's information:

Zouron was an active member of the 2nd IR, which occurred on Toril.

He created and led the Magocracy, which occupied the official canon lands of Chult, all of the peninsula southeastward of there, all of Halruaa, a large part of the western Shaar, and the entire area around the Lake of Steam.
Of course, these regions changed dramatically in climate, terrain, and name during the IR, and would not be recognizable now by someone who had travelled away from Toril for several years and was just now returning.
As the 2nd IR ended, the Magocracy joined the Technomancy, which was in the process of creating the infant United Commonwealth of Toril and the World Forum.
The leader of the Magocracy, Zouron's PC, disappeared and was not heard from again.
It is not clear what happened to him, although the Torilians went on an extensive search for him.

Led by Grand Mage Hraenan (one of many contingency spells), several looters were mass teleported in and out of the City of the Gods, raiding the city and being very careful not to be seen or get in the way of others.

Meanwhile that cloaked figure is still eating corpses all around Flaneas.
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what hapaned to the giants?

I have some good giants under my control so I'll ask: whatever hapaned to them?


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Kaboom, the good giants are the most intact of your surviving forces.
Being up in the mountains shielded them from the Antimatter Barrage, and the mountain valleys were likewise shielded.
Obviously, those living underground were less affected, although earthquakes rattled their cities and holdings.

However, Sonnmonten, Archenmont, Silvamont, Aerlindre, and the other avariel and giant nations of the mountains have weathered the storm pretty well.

Your underwater nations fared very badly, being slammed by tremendous shock waves from the sea hits of the Antimatter Barrage.
They all suffered severe damage and large numbers of fatalities.

The Isle of the Phoenix was not hit by the Antimatter Barrage.
Damage to the Isle of the Phoenix is minor, mainly due to tsunamis flooding coastal cities and harbors.

Damage to your Flying Ships and Flying Citadels is ... well, the best way to put it is to say that not a single one of them has yet returned to the Isle of the Phoenix, and only a dozen or so have yet reported in, as of yet, via telepathy.


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Sollir, your PC has company.

A lot of animals, permanently blinded but still with a sense of smell - animals who are natural scavengers, and some who are simply desperately hungry - are helping themselves to the dead bodies, eating to survive.

A lot of starving monsters, many permanently blind themselves, are helping themselves to the ready feast.

A lot of starving humanoids, who are not blind, are helping themselves to the endless banquet, after it has been cooked (well, most of the time, after it's been cooked ...)

And, sadly, more than a few humans and demihumans, starving, desperate to survive where survival is simply not possible, beyond hope or help, are also partaking of the grisly feast.
They eat with tears in their eyes, and more than half of what they eat comes back up from the sheer horror and revulsion of the act.

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