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Well, this is a shock.

Anabstercorian and Forrester meet for one last meal at Pezano's, the finest resturant in all of Unvenilei, before Forrester and his troops pull out.

<< So now, the fire is quenched, and the water goes home to cool? >>

Forrester sighs, sipping his drink. "I wish it were truly that simple. But it is not... Events that I cannot speak of here have forced me to return to Toril, along with all of my standing army."

Anabstercorian's tentacles idlely fiddle with his fondue. << That is a shame. >>


<< The manuscript... It's been published? >>

Forrester nodded, smiling. "Indeed. Your history of the Illithid people has been safeguarded, and has, in fact, received critical acclaim. You have talent for writing."

<< That is good. >>

Forrester nods. "Yep..." There's a long silence. "This is so damn weird. I think I'm actually going to miss you."

<< And I you. We did a great thing together, you and I. Who but those such as we could have done such a thing? None but Illithid could have defeated Vecna. And you have earned your title. >>

Forrester blinks. "Well, when you put it that way, you give me the willies."

<< Good... >>

Forrester grins. "You're a jerk, you know that? Look... You've been a help. I owe you one. I'm sharing some of our technology with you. But promise me something." He looks stern, with all of the power of an entire world behind him. "Give up your plans of killing all the non-Flann."

<< I never intended to kill the non Flann, or even to displace them. That was merely a ruse to get me a power base. My true intentions are much more benign. >>

Forrester nods sarcastically. "You don't konw the meaning of the word benign."

Anabstercorian grins. << You'll find out soon enough either way, Chosen. Now go back to your little paradise. I will keep order here in your abscence. >>

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The combined forces of Forrester, Serpenteye, Kalanyr, and Anabstercorian are victorious in Hempmonaland.

The forces of the Scarlet Brotherhood, and the people of Hempmonaland, are crushed.
Their civilization collapses with them, for they fight to the bitter end.

Acererak, the Father of Obedience, and 5 PL of forces escape into the Deep Astral.

The Battle of Hempmonaland is over.

An end is come to the peoples of northern and central Hempmonaland.
The remnant of the Hempmonalanders, women and children, are now slaves of the Dark Union and Yuan-Ti Empire.

The Scarlet Brotherhood passes into history, and is gone from the world of Oerth.
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Edena, you have my complete support. If there's anything I can do to make it more fun for you to run this, just say so.

JohnBrown, you did promise that you'd stay until turn 10. Don't back out on that. Maybe there's something we can do to make it more enjoyable for you without hurting anyone elses enjoyment.


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I like it...

Not sure if I can post here but it looks good Edena... I am sorry i didn't join when I had the chance... this looks really cool maybe I might get a chance to join another if you start one... over the top but fun...

William Ronald

A plea for calm and respect

Edena as the Yuan Ti empire is now turning Chaotic Good, the slaves may be freed soon.

I urge Alzem and Forrester to stay. Also, I urge John Brown to return.

We need to treat each other with more respect.

Anabstercorian, I am GLAD that you are staying. I rather like your style. I hope John Brown will stay.

'o Skoteinos, are you staying.

I think I need to say publicly what I have said privately.

Edena needs a round of applause for putting up with us. I have suffered grievous losses on this thread, but they don't phase me in the least. Why? The real world has been a whole lot rougher.

So, Edena, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart for runnign this thread. I have actually made new friends and learned a little about their countries.

I respect everyone here. Even though I may have fought against your faction, I respect you as individuals. I want you to show each other and your moderator the respect that each of you deserve.

Edena, I join with Anabstercorian in saying that I will work with you to help make this thread more fun. I respect you greatly.


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It would appear that the forces of the United Commonwealth of Toril, are leaving Oerth.

(this is as per Forrester's e-mail)

They are going.
By the hundreds of thousands, then millions, they return to their homeworld through Astral Gates set up with 10th level magic.
They take with them their weapons, their lore, and all their prowess and strength.

The Alliance of Oerth lays shattered, it's military forces decimated, it's command and control structure destroyed, it's supply routes broken.

The Alliance of the Sunrise is less hurt than the others, but a great part of it's warriors lay dead on the fields of Shadow Throne.
The Coalition of Light and Shadow lays in ruins, it's people massacred, it's lands devastated. Only the Faerie remain a potent force, and their numbers are badly dwindled.
The Delrunian Alliance sits stunned, it's infrastructure wrecked by the Antimatter Barrage, it's cities and forests either partly or totally burned and destroyed.
The Kingdom of Keoland is gutted. Most of it's warriors are dead, and a large part of it's civilian population is dead.
The Baklunish Confederation lays shattered, it's armies massacred, it's cities obliterated or burned, it's cattle and grain burned, blasted, or frozen.
The Sky-Sea League is wrecked. The Isle of the Phoenix was hit by tsunamis, and it's coastal cities are all in ruins. It's fleets of Sky Ships and Flying Citadels are decimated, as are it's legions of warriors. The underwater nations were devastated by the shocks from the sea hits of the Antimatter Barrage.
The Empire of Iuz lays broken, it's cities smashed, it's people slaughtered, it's army greatly diminished, it's crops burned, blasted, or frozen in the fields.
The Alliance of the Crescent lays in ruins, a greater part of it's warriors dead, the country of Lyrn largely destroyed.
The Kevellond League is a shambles, three-quarters of her warriors dead, along with large numbers of her civilian population.
The Lortmil Technomancy remains untouched, but it's allies the Iron League and the Eastern League are no more, except only for the Duchy of Urnst - which suffered the Barrage and is in ruins.
The barbarians of the Thillronian Peninsula were decimated by the Antimatter Barrage and the ensuing winter.
Those civilizations in the mountain ranges remain intact, but most of even them mourn serious casualties from the many battles.

The great army of the drow took serious losses, but the greater part of it remains.
The evil forces of the Under-Oerth are almost entirely intact.
The evil forces of the Underdark are almost entirely intact.
The Unseelie are largely intact.
The Pomarj, which backed out of the Alliance of Oerth, has suffered only moderate losses.
The Solistarim, deep in their underground chambers, suffered only moderate losses.

The Dark Union, although it suffered major civilian losses and mass destruction from the Antimatter Barrage, has managed to rebuild enough of it's infrastructure to once more field great armies.
Indeed, it is so intact that it was able, right after the Barrage, to send a great army into Hempmonaland, to obliterate the last of the Scarlet Brotherhood and their Hempmonalander allies.

Now the Torilians are gone, and with them the only protection the Alliance of Oerth had, is gone with them.

I wonder what's going to happen now.

Actually, I don't wonder.
I know.

Alzem and his forces of the Solars, Planetars, and Deva still remain on Oerth.
However, their allies are urging them to return to Toril.

Alzem's forces are wavering, undecided.
A lot depends on their decision.
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Black Omega

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Well, I could send in a notorized statement of intent with regards to continuing promising to give up my computer to my worst enemy if I don't finish but hopefully that's not necessary.:)
The Coalition of Light and Shadow is sending Siobhan as well as other representation to the conference. This is a time for peace and rebuilding. Looking on the bright side, after they were devestated in WWII, the fact Germany and Japan had to build factories from scratch forced them to upgrade and eventually helped them become economic powerhouses...based on that we should soon all be amazingly wealthy:)


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It seems... That the war is over.

Let us devote a time once spent on death to reneissance. Let us learn. Let us find peace. Let us discover new things.


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Edena_of_Neith said:
See for yourselves just WHAT is going to happen, if both Forrester and Alzem abandon the field, and I am playing the Empire of Iuz!!


Well I, for one, am anxiously awaiting what is going to happen :).

Edena, I didn't mean the "story-blackmail" line as an attack. But you *are* trying to keep me around by threatening a war with Oerth if I leave. C'mon!

From the very, VERY beginning I said that I wanted this to be an IR about Oerth, and not Toril. You knew that. From the beginning I said I wanted to be a bit player, at best -- you had to talk me into joining, if you recall. And you promised that this would be an IR about Oerth.

And so I joined. And didn't do much Turn 0 and Turn 1 . . . and then got sucked in more on Turn 2 . . . and then brought in a huge force Turn 3 . . . and then found out I could bring in a full 500PL of forces . . . and slowly, things descended into madness.

Which resulted in my being the one whom almost singlehandedly defeated the City of the Gods and Vecna; and without my help the war against the Shade would probably have been far, far longer in duration.

And so Toril dominated the stage. The biggest baddie was from Toril (the Shade), I was from Toril, and now 500PL of angel-types have arrived from Toril. No offense, Edena -- this isn't an attack -- but that just ain't right.

This is supposed to be the Oerthian IR, after all.

And that's why I asked Alzem to pull out partially -- it was wrong for me to suggest he wholly pull out, and I apologize for that. But he shouldn't have the largest force on Oerth! At least, not as an ally of the Forces of Good.

I'm sorry to be blunt about this, Edena -- given the way I control my troops, though, you shouldn't be surprised :).

I hope you get 'em good with Iuz, or whatever else is coming to rough them up next.

I expect that they're in for a lot of pain.

But it's pain that, by definition, should be left to them.

Something's wrong with the story if the only way Oerth can survive is with Toril's help.

And that's not what I signed on for.


PS I had a *lot* of fun, but that should go without saying :). And I'll be anxiously watching what happens now. It looks like Gnomeworks is starting to throw their weight around . . . shame on him, giving you guys ultimatums like that. I'd blast him good.
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William Ronald

I am e-mailing Alzem shortly and I will try to talk to Forrester.

As well as Reprisal. The UC of Toril is a major figure in this thread. Someone should play them.

Tokiwong, welcome aboard. If you have any questions, e-mail me at williamwronald@aol.com. I have helped good and evil factions in this thread get up to speed. I like to think, apart from when we are in character, that we are all in this together.

For now, our big problem is trying to figure out how to recover and heal the planet. Someone I respect has pointed out that I do have access to the clergy of Beory. I will consult with them for their counsel.

Guys, please make a commitment to stay and keep it. As many of you know, I filled in as moderator for a few days on one of the preparation threads for this IR. I found it very hard work. My e-mail box was filled. Now imagine what running this is like.

It is probably worse than the 40 man game I ran once in high school with a few friends. That lasted hours. This is going on for weeks.

So, let us cut Edena some slack.


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I know it's very hard work, and it's going to continue to be very hard work -- and I appreciate it on both ends.

For some reason my exit is being seen as some sort of huge betrayal of the IR and of Edena, and that's nonsense.

I refuse to believe that my exit is hurting the IR. Imagine what the Peace Talks that are being hosted right now would look like with me there. I'd be able to dictate all terms, and Kessel's threat about using nukes if someone attacked would be nothing more than trivially amusing.

No. Leave the rest of the story to the Oerthians. With minor help from Toril (the Angels). And if Edena really wants a Torillian heavy, there's always the Eternal Empire.

We won't be helping you against them, though. We have concerns of our own to deal with.


PS You can always have someone else play the UC, if you'd like. Have another force come in. But not my force, and not me.

William Ronald


While I am not psychic, I think it is fair to say that your allies, who aided you with 10th level magic research, are in bad shape. We stood with you when we were criticized for helping you and stood with you when you made your tribute speech.

We fought the Shade. We fought the robots. We were nuked.

I think casualties OPTIMISTICALLY are at least 50 percent, probably a lot higher.

Essentially, a large part of the Flanaess is in ruins. Especially your allies' lands. So, your continued participation is strongly desired.

Tokiwong, expect a reply shortly.

Black Omega

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Re: I like it...

Tokiwong said:
Not sure if I can post here but it looks good Edena... I am sorry i didn't join when I had the chance... this looks really cool maybe I might get a chance to join another if you start one... over the top but fun...
Hmm..well..maybe there is something free? Edena? With John Brown sadly pulling out, maybe Iuz? Or Iuz's successor, maybe he gained enough levels to get that divine rank 10 or something.:) Just a randm thought. And welcome to the thread, Tokiwong. that reminds me...need to post more on my storyhour.:)


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Hey why not...

Hey if I may make a suggestion... well William suggested it to me.. but perhaps I can take over the UC... or a small contingent there of... that is staying behind to monitor events just in case these upstart Oerthians try to assault Toril... just a thought...


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Attack + 4 weeks.

A smoky pall hangs over all the Flanaess, and all of Oerth's northern hemisphere.

The abandoned ruins of tens of thousands of thorps, villages, and towns gives mute testimony to the magnitude of the disaster.
Around the ruins, cattle lay dead in the burned fields.

Roads pass through great stands of burned trees, lifeless trunks and branches stark against the grey sky.
Great stands of what look like tall, black, sticks signify where forests stood, blackened ground shows where lush meadows were.

Seen from space, most of the Flanaess looks like a desert, could one see it through the pall of smoke.

Hempmonaland is little better off, it's forests ablaze from the great battles there, smoke drifting in gigantic plumes across equatorial Oerth.

Great craters, some more than 10 miles across - more than a hundred of them - adorn the Flanaess.
More than 150 more adorn other parts of Oerth.
Around these craters is nothing. Nothing at all but empty scoured rock and badlands, for 30 miles in every direction.

The Flanaess is silent of birdcalls.
There are no birds singing in the trees, just as there are no trees to sing in.

The Flanaess sees no small animals running through the underbrush.
There is no underbrush.

- - -

There are isolated places where the reality above is not true.
In part of the Amedio Rainforest.
In Sterich and Ket.
In most of the great Vesve Forest.
In most of Adri Forest.
In western Ahlissa.
In the easternmost part of the Thillronian Peninsula.
In the Lendore Isles.
Across the Hellfurnaces, Crystalmists, Barrier Peaks, Yatils, Glorioles, Rakers, and Corusk Mountains, where the mountain valleys were sheltered from the heat and the blasts.

In a hundred small isolated places.
Here. There.
There are surviving woods, surviving plants, surviving birds and animals.

- - -

The Shade are gone, but the region of Shadow Throne, and all the region around it, including the Nyr Dyv and northern Wolly Bay, remain dead.
They will remain dead for centuries.

The Blood Waste remains.
10th level magic is no longer containing the sickness.
There is no magic short of 11th level magic that has any hope, now, of containing the sickness.

There are mounting signs of further, and much greater trouble than the Red Goo, across all of the Flanaess.
Lava flows, volcanoes becoming active.
Dormant volcanoes coming to life.
Volcanoes appearing where no volcanoes ever were.
In some areas, people notice the land is sinking, and becoming wet.
In other places, the land is rising, and becoming drier.

Wild Magic storms are a regular part of the climate now.
However, the climate itself is not regular.

The prevailing winds have disappeared.
Freak cold waves are striking southward.
Although it is only late summer, Veluna City is buried in snow which is not melting in the frigid cold.
In the Thillronian Peninsula, an enormous tropical heatwave of unheard of proportions is hitting that subarctic land.
In the mountains, the glaciers are melting, and flash floods are occurring on every river.

In the oceans, the ocean currents are shifting.
They are also bringing to shore tens of thousands of bodies of merfolk, tritons, and sea elves, along with sahuagin and others, killed by the shock from the Barrage.
Not to mention countless millions of dead fish.
The oceans stink of rot.

- - -

In the midst of this ruin, feverish activity is going on amongst those called the humans, humanoids, and demihumans.

Cities of stone and concrete are going up.
New fortresses and citadels are being built, grim and hunched against the sullen sky.
New roads are being laid.
New waterways are being made.

Most of the people of the Flanaess now live in the new cities, by necessity.
As there are 170 million beings in the Flanaess, there are a lot of cities being constructed.

Grimly and determinedly, men and women are putting back up communication lines, communication towers, pipelines protected by magic.
Factories that survived the Barrage are going back into production.
New factories are being built.
Great fortified shelters are being built, capable of withstanding enemy attacks or further natural disasters.

The whole of the Flanaess is a fever of activity, as it's people work at a frantic pace to reestablish their infrastructure.

What they are building, what is rising from the ashes of the world that was, is entirely new.
It does not look anything like the old world.
It does not feel like the old world.
It does not sound like the old world.

It is new, coldly efficient, methodical, ruthlessly effective, and industrial in nature.

A paved road may not look very good, but it moves vehicles and troops very well, be it through burned fields or dead forests.
A tenement building, made of steel and concrete and reinforced with Walls of Force, may not look very nice (nor is it necessarily a nice place to live in) but it does house people and shelter them from the elements.
Processed food may not be pleasant to look at, much less tasty, but it keeps one alive.

Government by the military is a hard government, but it works.
The laws are harsh and punishment is swift (and almost universally lethal) but law and order are maintained.

Step by step, the Dark Union puts back together it's infrastructure, and in so doing puts itself back into a position to proactively attack or defend itself.
Those lands conquered by the Dark Union are brutally reorganized and their populations put to work in reconstruction.

In the Pomarj, the humanoids there pull themselves back up out of the abyss.

In Varnaith, Zindia, the Empire of the Yuan-Ti, Aaqa, Orcreich, and the Celestial Imperium, the damage was less.
Although these nations are in full mourning for the terrible war losses, life is at least semi-normal there.
There are still forests, crops, birds, and animals, there.

In Lyrn, the grim reality of the Flanaess has come home, and that nation is down, unable to pick itself up again, probably permanently broken.
In Ishtarland, there was no damage, and they are wondering what happened in the other lands.

In the sea nations, under the waves, the sea-elves, tritons, merfolk, and sahuagin are grimly burying their dead, and trying to rebuild from the massive blast through the water.

In the Underdark, the evil races cackle in glee, knowing the surface-dwellers got just what they deserved.

And finally, in the many, many lands held by the Alliance of Oerth, a desperate struggle is on to duplicate what the Dark Union is already doing.

Cities are under reconstruction, infrastructure is under repair, fortifications and shelters are being created, ingenuity is at work.
But it takes time.
Crucial time.
Time the Alliance of Oerth may or may not have.


First Post
The crowd gathered before the palace of Rauxes is vast beyond counting. The throng packs the great plaza and fills the wide avenues as far as the human eye can see and everyone in that enormous mass of people is cheering and chanting praises to the God Emperor. The new capital of the Dark Union is celebrating, celebrating victory and survival and peace.
Suddenly a great hush fills the plaza and spreads like a wave of excited calm into the rest of the city. A precence is felt, awesome power radiating out of one of the doors to the front balcony of the palace. The feeling is followed by an unoearthly golden light, seeming to radiate from the very peak of Mount Celestia and the deepest pits of Baator. All this originates in one man, one God. When he appears on the balcony the crowd falls to their knees. They attempt to fall to their knees, but they are all packed too tight. At a thousand places at once people start to fall over each others, or climb over each others in their attempts to kneel or throw themselves face down on the ground. The poor fools who succeed in the latter soon find themselves crushed by others who kneel or throw themselves face down on top of them in blind devotion. The God-Emperor sees this and laughes inside while he speaks:

"Rise, people of Aerdi. Rise and stand proud before me. For you are my chosen people. Regardless of your race or origin you are one people, united in worship of the true faith, the One God. All over Oerth, new masses flock to our banners, to our faith. Vast lands have fallen easily under our control, most of them without the loss of a single drop of blood, and all of our enemies have been eliminated. The world is at peace again. Four months of war and we have tripled the size of our empire. Four months of peace and we will have healed all wounds and rebuilt, richer and stronger than ever. Under my blessing and your work and dedication we will build an empire to rival anything Toril could ever create. The infinite planes of the Multiverse will gaze upon us, upon you, in awe and envy."*

The deep and commanding voice of the God-Emperor continues to wash over the assembled ocean of people. Ripples of positive energy ride on top of the waves in the air and caress all who hear his words. Fatigue and hurt are washed away, injuries are mended and those who died, from the sheer bliss of seeing their God, rise back to life. Not all of this power originates in the God-Emperor himself but is conjured from a hidden gate to the positive energy plane by a team of wizards and clerics. To the people, though, there is no doubt on the source of the power that they feel. There is no doubt in their faith and their love.

*The God Emperor is a far greater speaker than I am a speach writer, unfortunately. If you were there you would probably soil yourself in extacy at hearing him speak. ;)

Eh, somewhere up there I lost the point of my post. I'll post again when I find it.
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