(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 7 (thread 2)

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First Post
The Sending of the Angels

This Sending, like that of the Wanderer, is seen and heard by everyone in Realmspace, Greyspace, Krynnspace, Athas (yes, even there), and Mystara.

No words from the Angels accompany the images; perhaps the Angels feel the images are enough in themselves.

- - -

The scene of a landscape appears.
The landscape is green and verdant under a shining yellow sun.
Magnificent trees form a blanket of forest across the land, ruffled by the kindly winds of summer.

In the midst of this scene is a city.
It is a very odd city.
Nobody has ever seen a city like this city before.

There is a halfling's burrow (ala Fellowship of the Ring.)
A garden is growing around it.
The halfling male is busy weeding the garden by hand, very intent upon the task.

Right across the way is an illithid tower, exotic, with the depiction of a giant brain instead of a spire.
One of the illithid, of the family who lives there, is busy with it's studies, pouring over books.
The other illithid is busy conversing with the halfling female in the middle of the road.

Behind the illithid tower, and connected to it by a stately sky-bridge, is the moonstone and crystalline building of a family of high elves.
The high elves are busy holding a dance, making merry, and generally being frivolous as high elves are supposed to be.
One of the illithid is holding an intellectual debate with one of the elves in a corner. The debate is quite heated - the illithid is trying to prove something, and the elf is trying to prove the opposite.

Over from the halfling's burrow is a great, stately mansion built out of, of all things, mithril.
It is the home of a clan of dwarves.
The dwarves have built great tunnels down to the Undercity, and several are travelling down there now, to continue their work on various projects ranging from the creation of art projects to work on new engineering achievements.
A number of kender are roaming around the dwarven mansion, stealing everything in sight (we know how dwarves view thieves ...)
They never keep them - they moment they leave the mansion, the items teleport back to where they were originally at.
A number of kender are also accompanying the dwarves down into the Undercity, eager to see what the new projects are about.

In the Undercity is an uproar, as orcs and gnomes work on joint projects concerning everything from improved weapons systems to how to make better beer steins.
The issue of how to make a better beer stein has started an argument, which is raging furiously.
One of the aboleth is trying to make itself overheard, mentally, over the tumult, but it is hopeless - a gaggle of Suel, Baklunish, Flannae, Hempmonalander, dwarves (especially the dwarves), grey elves, wood elves (especially the wood elves), halflings, yuan-ti (who have forked tongues, and need different drinking implements), centaur, ogres (who require larger cups), thannoi (who also require larger cups), tinker gnomes (especially the tinker gnomes), kender (who have many opinions on the matter), illithid (who also have many opinions of the matter), and even one of the Chosen of Mystra (who ALWAYS seem to have opinions of matters of importance like this), goblins (think of the goblins from FOTR), orcs (think of the orcs of Mordor from FOTR), orcs (think of the Uruk-Hai from FOTR, who require larger cups), kobolds (who need tiny cups), flind, gnolls, bugbears, and even several dragons shapechanged into human form, are all arguing away - why, a full symphony orchestra could not be heard over the uproar.

An enormous skyscraper rises up into the air.
It is two miles tall.
Within it live large numbers of people of all types.
It serves as a community center for those in the city who like tall buildings, along with a recreational center, shopping center, center of commerce, plus it holds quite a large number of diplomatic missions from all over the Spheres - why, there are emissaries and ambassadors from the UC, SSL, EE, ROS, NOTC, KL, AOTC, AOTRS, Union of Oerth, Kingdom of Ulek (they finally spelled it right, and stopped confusing it with Keoland), Lortmil Technomancy, the United Human Nations of Ansalon, the United Elven Nations of Ansalon, Thorbardin, Thoradin, Ergoth, from the Dragon-Kings, from the Veiled Alliance, from Glantri, Thar, Alphatia, Thyatis, Alfheim, and about three dozen other major nations.
The spelljammer loft is at the top of the building, along with the spaceport. Several starships are docked there right now. The Scro and Neogi are currently arguing with the Gith over parking rights, while the local Port Authority (a group of gnomes) listens to their inquiries.

The City is like this. Buildings of every different shape and design, in random fashion, here and there, with some of the buildings actually being great, living trees, others being wholly underground, and others built out of unknown substances (Sunstare, Creep, Adamantite?)

The City is notable for it's churches.
There are a lot of Churches in this city.
The Churches are all entwined with each other - there is no area of good Churches, area of evil Churches, or anything of the sort. They are all jumbled together.
There is the Church of Toril. Across the way is the Church of Shade. Over there is the Church of Mercy, while over here is the Church of the One God. On that side is the Church of Loviatar, while on this side is the Church of Sharess.
The profusion of faiths is staggering - there must be over one THOUSAND different Churches in this city.
Most of them are magnificent buildings, graceful and beautiful, or grandly terrible buildings, demonic and horrific.
Beings of all kinds and types are walking in and out of these churches - in some cases, they come out smiling from remembered orgies; in some cases, they come out with whip marks covering their backs and buttocks; in some cases, they come out as Shade, in some cases; they come out as Celestials; in some cases; they come out in formal attire; in some cases, they come out without any attire at all - they are bare naked.
It would appear that each religion is free to practice it's faith - even if that faith involves murder or torture - so long as only the faithful of that faith are involved, and it takes place only in the church in question.
A lot of philosophical debate is going on, as one might expect.
For example, the Shade there is arguing with someone from the Church of Toril, stating Shar is stronger than Selune, while the other person feels the opposite way.
Several kender are voicing their opinion loudly that Paladine is stronger than either of them.

The beings and peoples of the city seem to be well-fed and content.
Although there are no fields around, they are eating enormous amounts of food in open cafes and beer halls and restaurants.
Although no factories are in evidence, they are drinking everything from beer and elven wine to the latest incarnation of Coke-a-cola (in this case, the latest incarnation is Cerebral Coke, an invention of the illithid.)
The illithid, of course, are eating brains as usual - that being their required diet. Where they got them, is a mystery. Nobody seems to mind - people are eating the newest fad, the hot dog with ketchup and mustard, right next to them.

There are few elderly beings in this city.
Most of the beings choose the new medicines, and will remain in the prime of their life until they voluntarily choose to leave for the Afterlife.
Some have chosen to stay permanently, and do not age at all.
A few have chosen to age naturally, stating that their belief system follows such tenets.

There are Gates in this City to other places.
From here, one can walk right to the Empire of the Shade, which dominates one sixth of this planet, and where everything is turned to Shade.
From here, one can walk to Hope Isle (which covers all of the continent of AnaKeris), where the Celestials are, and Angels guard the land.
From here, one can walk to the Humanoid Alliance, which long ago made up it's differences with the United Commonwealth and rejoined them.
From here, one can walk to Solanthus, capital city of Solamnia, where the Knights of Solamnia are the rulers again.
From here, one can walk to Neraka, where Mina leads the followers of the One God.
From here, one can walk to the Veiled Alliance, or to the cities of the Dragon-Kings, or to the magical nations of Halruaa or Glantri, or to the elvish nation of Alfheim. Or to dozens of other places.
From here, one can walk to Sigil, or to the Outlands, or to most of the Border Towns that verge on the Outer Planes.

Yet this is not a neutral place in the sense Sigil is neutral.
It is not legal in this city to harm anyone.
Murder, attacking women, robbery, arson, assault - these are all crimes under the law.

The law is administered by the phaerimm, cydians, and other powerful races.
The JUSTICE system, however, is administered by people who have been granted special visions by the Angels, and who have spent long sojourns with the Angels.
These people have a high degree of mercy and kindness, understanding and sympathy, combined with a profound understanding of the nature of people, combined with the terrible burden of a deep understanding of the necessities of society.
Nobody really wants to be in their shoes, for they are almost always unhappy - they greatly dislike handing down punishments, although they do so with frightful finality and conviction, and criminals always pay for the crime in some way.
These people are famous for their impartiality, and they have never been bought off in the city's history, nor have they been influenced by any of the political parties.

There sure are a lot of political parties.
There are the Kender Coalition.
There are the Illithid Collective.
There are the Orcish League.
There are the Celebral Collective of Minds.
There is the Party of the One Wine.
There is the Sofa Party.
There is the Television League.
There is the Carpet Alliance.
There is the Fast Food Collective.
There is the Horse Party.
There is the Auto Party.
There is the Green Party (they advocate forests.)
There is the Blue Party.
There is the Red Party (they advocate covering everything up with concrete.)
There is the Purple Party.
There is the Grey-Green, and over there is the Red-Orange Party.
Other parties include the Confederation of Societies, the Coalition of Democracy, the United Republicans, the Undercity Tories, the Cavaliers, the Diggers, the Sky Summit, the Determined Dogged Deans, the Militant Party, the Advocates of Shade, the Flagellant Party, the Coalition of Hedonism, the Kevellond Party, the Worms Arisen, the Mountain League, the Chiefs of the United Tribes, the Advocates of the Pantheon (The God Emperor, Kas, Lich Queen of the Githyanki, others), the Center-Left Coalition, the Conservatives, the Outraged Fundamentalists, the Radical Party, and quite a few others.
Needless to say, there is a large building to house the parliament, and discussions there tend to be lively.

Good and evil radiate from every part of the city.
Over there, in the Church of Toril, they are busy healing someone.
Over here, in the Church of Bane, they are busy murdering someone.
Over yonder, in the Church of Gond, they are having an argument over which device they just created is more holy.

The parliament is arguing, currently, over a bill that would tax beer (a coincidental fact, considering the ongoing argument over how to make a better beer stein.)
This is causing an uproar.
The Kender Coalition won't hear of such a thing. Neither will the Diggers. The Cerebral Collection of Minds thinks it should be varied according to race and the amount of beer. The Determined Dogged Deans are for a very heavy flat tax. The Advocates of the Pantheon are for a heavy tax, with some races made exempt, and the tax being scaled. The Sky Summit is stalling the bill by Filibustering, with the support of the Coalition of Hedonism, while the Conservatives are asking the matter be tabled for now, since they have another pressing issue to debate - whether there should be greater tax relief for illithid/elven marriages versus aboleth/kender marriages.

Then the entire image flashes out.

What follows is not an image.
There is no light, no image, no sound, no nothing.
The reason there is nothing is because there IS NOTHING.

There is nothing at all.

There is no Realmspace.
There is no Greyspace.
There is no Krynnspace.
There is no Athas.
There is no Mystara.

There is no Church of Shade.
There is no Church of Toril.

There is no Union of the Worlds.
There is no United Commonwealth of Toril.

There is no Melkor, Avatar or God - he is gone.
There is no One God, Avatar or God.
There is no Mystra, no Bane, no Sune, no Gond, no Paladine, no Immortals, nothing.

Because there is no matter, there is no time. Time has stopped.
There are no four dimensions. There are no dimensions at all.

Those witnessing this begin to suffer very quickly from the effects of Sensory Deprivation.
The vision goes on for over an hour, but to those watching, it seems like many weeks. Most people start hallucinating within 15 minutes.

Funny thing, but these hallucinations are always about one image.

A great red cloud, sickly, looking like a mixture of blood and vomit.
The cloud gets closer and closer, until it can be smelled - it smells like a bathroom in which someone died, and the body has been laying there for 3 days in tropical heat and humidity.
The cloud embraces those hallucinating with a loving touch - a touch that is deathly cold, and brings immediate and severe sickness (read: the symptoms of full scale tetanus, plague, smallpox.)
Voices whisper out of the cloud, the Mist, whispering that this is only the beginning, the first touch of what is to come.

The cloud passes by, and a sickly landscape appears.
In the midst of this sickly landscape is a graveyard.

Now, everyone who is hallucinating - and EVERYONE hallucinates before the end - sees that they are falling toward the graveyard.
Falling into the graves.
They are pinned in the graves, and cannot get out.

Then, they see the gravediggers come, and start to throw dirt on them.
The dirt mounts, covering their bodies, covering legs and arms, then groin and chest.
The labor is slow, giving those who are being buried plenty of time to scream, plenty of time to plead and beg, to threaten and shout, all in futility.

Then, they are buried alive, their faces covered by the dirt.

The sensation of being suffocated alive is not pleasant.
Most of those hallucinating now begin to hallucinate that they are going into convulsions, then into shock, then into respiratory failure, then heart failure. It is really painful - about as painful as being burned alive.

Yet, death does not come.
Everyone feels themselves rise out of their bodies, and float up out of the ground.
They see their bodies down in the ground, but they are above them in the air, transpirant, ghostly ... undead.

Funny thing, but that pain from earlier, does not stop. The sensation of being burned alive continues.
This sorta drives everyone into going crazy ... and attacking anything that moves, trying to dig up their own bodies (that doesn't work, because their ghostly hands pass right through the soil), then using their undeath abilities to start killing everything around them.

Sorta the way spectres generally act, especially when they are in Ravenloft, and just realizing it.

Then, the vision ends.

Nobody is found to be harmed, physically or mentally (incredibly!), after they come out of the vision.

Black Omega

First Post
Edena: Ok, I'll be ready to post next days actions. Ever more projects towork on. Interesting stuff from the Angels. Alot to think on.
Originally posted by Melkor, Lord Of ALL!

Silver-haired Fae smiles gently and looks deeply into the eyes of young Seelie:

-Please, help me, I MUST see Lady Siobhan immediately, this matter is EXTREMALLY urgent , the very fate of Oerth may depend upon it!
(OOC: stilled Charm Monster spell heightened to a very high epic spell level)

And the mysterious Seelie is led on a path outside one of the many towers in the area. Despite all that has happened elsewhere, Vesve Forest still grows and thrives. The path leads them to an area with fruit trees, mostly apples and oranges. And Siobhan, the silver haired fae dressed in a poofy pale green poet's blouse, tight dark green riding pants and high boots. She glances over, her head tilted to the side before shesmiles brightly "May I help you?"
So, why the name change, Melkor?;) Rather curiouswhatyou are up to.;)

Posted by Black Omega:
And the mysterious Seelie is led on a path outside one of the many towers in the area. Despite all that has happened elsewhere, Vesve Forest still grows and thrives. The path leads them to an area with fruit trees, mostly apples and oranges. And Siobhan, the silver haired fae dressed in a poofy pale green poet's blouse, tight dark green riding pants and high boots. She glances over, her head tilted to the side before shesmiles brightly "May I help you?"

The Seelie does not respond, he looks at Siobhan, and suddenly she feels that his Will brakes into her, brutally penetrating and crrushing her defenses, power that she has never felt before, as stranger speaks only one word, irrestible Order that thunders in Siobhan`s Head:


( OOC: last time I checked my PC was at power level 100 because of merging with Red Goo, I don`t think Siobhan was at more than 10, this spell you can treat as 11th level, heightened and empowerd to maximum Power Word: Sleep, strenghtened even more by Melkor`s Divine Power)


In Ishtarland there is a great deal of worry. The second fate is horrifying to people who value light and freedom. The first is wonderful and many discussions are underway.

In his rooms Kalanyr sits, looking stunned.

"Ok, this is not good. This is bad, bad,bad. The second fate is horrific, steps must be taken. "

OOC- Incredible post, I really have no idea how to respond.


First Post
A few hours after the sending Silver Phase is silently pacing back and forth in the conference room. A mithril arm clamped in thought around a mithril chin. A look of complete empuzzlement is written in the glowing grey lenses of his mechanical eyes. He stops, draws Duelist Soul high into the air and turning to Khelarque who is sitting at the great marble table says, "Let us try to create the place presented to us in this sending!

Oh, the first half I mean, heh. Let me propose this idea to you my dear friend, we restore the Suel Empire! And open it to the WORLD!"

They both laugh merrily. Once Khelarque has it down in writing they exit the room discussing the good hopes that now seem possible, Duelist Soul humms a cheery tune as they round a corner and leave sight.

Day 2: My hour long action for day 2 will be restoring the original geography etc. to the Sea of Dust. Therefore attempting to restore the Suel Empire to its former glory! :D

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