(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 7 (thread 2)

Mr. Draco

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Day-long actions for day-4:
[edit]- i just read the whole corrupting thing, so here are the day 4 actions
Mr. Draco- "corrupt" portions of the bb into Cydians
Serpenteye- oppose red goo
HA- "corrupt" portions of melkor's corrupted allies into Cydians

I can't email the attacks/defenses, so, myself and Serpenteye are using category 3 defenses for the UO, and the HA is defending itself at category 3.

No attacks
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Zelda Themelin

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We will gladly come to meeting in considering 'Absolute Peace'. Though we find name, more than little ironic. But we consider it more a meeting for ceasing/holding all hostilities, sharing our concerns, and talking intelligenly and sensible.

Thus, here is our wishlist.

1. Nobody is forced to attend ((no, 'or else' threats)), let each show their true colors without pressure.

2. No booing/hissing/laughing/cheering AUDIENCE. Ever heard saying 'too many spoons'. These discussions almost always become 'heated' and sometimes even agressive. As long as it doesn't go too far, this agressiveness is good, helps clearing air, and easing tension. If one feels bad, not showing it, it not a right way. Spilling it all over, is neither a right way. And audience wants to feel to be part of that 'fun'. Never underestimate disturbing effect of masses.

3. No press or any other organization around. See point 3. Plus all the crappy rumors, and half-though statements are heard all around. Remember what happened last time? I say it would be better for us to have made actual decisions together, before we tell them to outsiders, or worse get spied by them. Of course, we make them statement afterwards. In Toril, this organization has it's purpose, but no need to let them turn from uselful and important into 'few rats dancing in the table'.

4. Do not hope for too much. This is only one meeting, and that just doesn't make all the no-funny things to go away. However, if it makes us get somewhere, it might not be last such meeting.

5. Pay attentions to each attendant's 'wish list'.

Sure we will attend, even if you pay no attention to our 'wish list'. After all, food and drinks have always been good, one get's to see all these legendary figures in person (there is actual compiting over who gets to go, because of this), and all meetings always have made great camp-site stories. Even those, that have gone awry. Sure we are coming. ;)

Zelda Themelin

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Re: Answers to Zelda

Edena_of_Neith said:

There is a race out there - a mortal race - that can withstand the Dark Powers, and which can leave Ravenloft.
They have the might to overcome the Dark Powers.
They are a warrior race.
They are summoned from within.
Can you guess who they are?


That's very interesting. ((Ooh, I forget to say anything about angels message. I was great. However, my people didn't think so, they don't believe it is right to manipulate people with visions. However, angels did no harm, while doing it, so...that was pretty neutral thing to us. We just didn't quite get it, at least we don't think we got the message, the way they meant it.))

I don't know what that means. ;) No idea, nope, nil, zero. :D

Not really expert with Ravenloft either.

I had DM once, who hade my character make very important decision. It was based on following:

"There are two chess players. Another is man robed in white playing with black pieces, and another is man robed in black, playing with white pieces. Whose side you wish to take?"

Jeeh, well and good, but I had no idea of dm:s personal color-symbology. Guess, did I make 'wrong' choice? Sure I did.

Sometimes, if would really help to be a mind reader, but then again, like certain song says:

"Whoever thinks telepathy is wonderfully mystic
Is celibate, misogynist, and maybe masochistic.
I always have to filter through and translate double meanings,
And what it's done to my love life gives me hermetic leanings."


Black Omega

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And back again.
Melkor: As far as what happens to PC's, no worries. I use a PC with a different name than my posting name exactly so if something is said or done to Siobhan, it's perfectly clear it's all IC.

Though as it is, Melkor just ended up with some 100% fae snow this time.
The Coalition of Light and Shadow has no declared attack this turn and we're being public about it. Defense is still held though.
The Coalition's 11th level action this turn is freeing the nations Melkor corrupted from that corruption. Since they seem busy protecting the Shades, they are hopefully distracted from defending. Note: We're simply freeing them from the corruption. Not adding any programming of our own.
And we are certainly looking still for the source of those globes...grrr:)
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Black Omega

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Siobhan paces out on the balcony of her tower, looking out over the forest with a sigh "Well, not quite as much as I was hoping for. A nice empty threat before my 'other' was returned to the snow and ice from wence she came." then a little girlish giggle "I'd have loved tosee his face though..." she admits,a little skip added to her step.

Morre nods briskly "It's not surprising he could not tell the difference." at a sharp glance from Siobhan he *ahems* "At..well..do we prepare another attack then?" he asks quickly.

Siobhan shrugs,a languid gesture tracing silver fire in the air for a moment "No. Not even against Melkor. Damn it! We can't just sit back. Magic of this power is too dangerous, you have to attack with it, not just defend! But..do the mists win even if we are simply preventing someone from wiping us out? I don't like this at all, Morre. But no attack. Not until I say otherwise., But keep our defenses up and ready."

Morre nods, taking note of this "The operation against the nations Melkor magically swayed to his side is ready. Mordenkainen is still calling people 'mammals' now and then but he seems to be slowly returning to normal. With luck we can cut this last leg out from under Melkor and do it withoutactually striking a blow against anyone."

Siobhan nods simply and commands "Make it so."
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