(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 7 (thread 5)


First Post

- - -

It is now day 5 of Turn 7.

I am now requesting you e-mail me:

Your Attack declarations for day 5 for all your Powers.
Your Defense declarations for day 5 for all your Powers.

If you feel up to it, and are not overwhelmed by the rules for them, then e-mail me:

Your 11th Level Assault declarations for day 5 for all your Powers.

Your Conventional Assault declarations for day 5 for all your Powers.

- - -

Do not post your declarations to the board unless you have no other choice.

- - -

If you want to claim one of the open Powers (see the list) please do so.

Forsaken One, I need to know if you are spending the whole day crushing the Silver Hive (if you are, then nobody can claim that Power.)

Mr. Draco, Serpenteye, I need to know more about the microbes you sent out to contaminate all of Oerth.

- - -

The Alliance of Dread is in Total War.
There will be no pulled punches from the DM this time.
This time, the Powers run by Yours Truly are going to strike to kill.

- - -

Zouron, in Ravenloft, is attacking Melkor.
Do not be relieved to hear this.
If Zouron wins, he will immediately SOUL KILL all those who have been sent into Ravenloft in the IR so far.

Melkor, on the other hand, is hoping 'o Skoteinos will take him up on his offer.
If he does, Melkor will not dare to harm any of those who came to Ravenloft from the IR. He is too badly in need of their help against Zouron.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Here, again, is the Updated Roster for Day 5.
It is as accurate and complete as I could make it.


Alyx’s Church of Toril - 11th Level Infrastructure 100% intact
(Played by Alyx) The Corrupted Unseelie Allies of the Church of Toril - 100% intact

Anabstercorian’s Knights of Neraka and Mina - 100% intact
The Sentient Starfire Allies of Anabstercorian - 100% intact

Black Omega’s Coalition of Light and Shadow - 100% intact

Creamsteak’s Church of Mercy - 100% intact
(Played by Creamsteak) The Corrupted Demon Allies of the Church of Mercy - 100% intact

Mr. Draco and Serpenteye’s Union of Oerth - 100% intact
(Played by Mr. Draco and Serpenteye) Forrester’s Humanoid Alliance - 100% intact
(Played by Mr. Draco and Serpenteye) The Corrupted Black Brotherhood Allies of the Union of Oerth - 99% intact
(Played by Mr. Draco and Serpenteye) The Corrupted Shade Allies of the Humanoid Alliance - 100% intact

Festy Dog’s Scro Star League - 100% intact

Forsaken One’s Hive Cluster - 55% intact: - 1 to Attacks and Defenses
(Played by Forsaken One) The Corrupted Athian Allies of the Hive Cluster - 100% intact

GnomeWork’s Veiled Alliance - 100% intact
The Corrupted Solistarim Allies of the Veiled Alliance - 100% intact

Kaboom’s Nations of the Chosen of Mystra - 100% intact
(Played by Kaboom) The Corrupted Shade Allies of the Nations of the Chosen of Mystra - 100% intact
(Played by Kaboom) Acererak the Archlich, the Servants of Magic, and the Silver Brotherhood - 100% intact

Kalanyr’s Ishtarland and Drow/Yuan-Ti/Elf Alliance - 100% intact
(Played by Kalanyr) The Angels - 100% intact
(Played by Kalanyr) The Good Unseelie, Allies of the Faerie - 100% intact

(Played by Melkor) The Corrupted United Commonwealth Allies of the Shade - 100% intact

‘o Skoteino’s Immortals of Mystara - 100% intact

Spoof’s Former Hope Isle of Toril - 11th Level Infrastructure 75% intact / Main Infrastructure 10% intact
Spoof’s Hope Isle of Oerth - 100% intact
(Played by Spoof) The Corrupted Krynnish Allies of the Former Hope Isle, Toril
(Played by Spoof) The Corrupted Krynnish Allies of Hope Isle, Oerth

(Played by Sollir) The Corrupted Black Brotherhood Allies (Tri-Dominatrix) of the Unseelie of Oerth - 50% intact
(Played by Sollir) The Corrupted Black Brotherhood Allies (Tri-Dominatrix) of the old Acererak - 100% intact
(Played by Sollir) The Red Army of Luna - 100% intact

Tokiwong’s Eternal Empire of Toril - 50% intact
The Corrupted Allies (Tokiwong decides who) of the Eternal Empire - 100% intact

Uvenelei’s Republic of Selune - 100% intact

Venus’s Emerald Order - 50% intact

(Played by Venus) The Corrupted Black Brotherhood Allies of the Emerald Order - 50% intact

(Played by William) The Corrupted Black Brotherhood Allies of the Kevellond League - 100% intact
(Played by William) The Corrupted Allies of the Kingdom of Ulek - 100% intact
(Played by William) The Corrupted Eternal Order Allies of the United Commonwealth of Toril - 100% intact

Zelda’s Thillronian Alliance - 100% intact

(Played by the DM) The Corrupted Kevellonder Allies of the Black Brotherhood - 75% intact
(Played by the DM) The Corrupted United Commonwealth Allies of the Eternal Union - 97% intact

(Open for Players to claim) The Silver (Good) Hive Cluster - 100% intact

- - -

DISARMED POWERS (Subject to Coup de Grace Attacks)

Melkor’s Church of Shade and Shadow Empire - Main Infrastructure 100% intact

Sollir’s Evil Unseelie of Oerth - Main Infrastructure 50% intact

William’s Kevellond League - Main Infrastructure 100% intact
(Played by William, formerly by Reprisal) The United Commonwealth of Toril - Main Infrastructure 88% intact

(Played by the DM, formerly by Rhialto) The Black Brotherhood - Main Infrastructure 33% intact
(Played by the DM, formerly by Zouron) The Eternal Union - Main Infrastructure 100% intact

- - -


Anabstercorian’s Penumbral Hub - Main Infrastructure 50% intact
Creamsteak’s Delrunian Alliance - 16% intact
Festy Dog’s Under-Oerth Alliance - 50% intact

(Open for Players to claim) The Ascendant League - 50% intact

- - -


(Played by the DM) Zouron and his Undead - 11th Level Infrastructure 100% intact / Main Infrastructure 100% intact 11TH LEVEL POWER, ZOURON IS DOMAIN LORD

Melkor and the Shade - Main Infrastructure 100% intact MELKOR IS DOMAIN LORD




(Played by 'o Skoteinos) The Corrupted Mystaran Allies (absorbed into the Hive Cluster) of the Immortals of Mystara - 11th Level Infrastructure 100% intact / Main Infrastructure 100% intact


Alyx’s Alliance of the Rising Sun - Main Infrastructure 50% intact
Creamsteak’s Delrunian Alliance - Main Infrastructure 33% intact
GnomeWork’s Lortmil Technomancy - Main Infrastructure 50% intact
Kaboom’s Sky-Sea League - Main Infrastructure 50% intact
‘o Skoteino’s Orcish Empire of the Pomarj and Allies - Main Infrastructure 50% intact
Tokiwong’s Empire of Iuz - Main Infrastructure - 50% intact
Uvenelei’s Alliance of the Crescent - Main Infrastructure 50% intact

William’s Baklunish-Esmerin Confederation - Main Infrastructure 100% intact
(Played by William) Dagger’s Kingdom of Ulek - Main Infrastructure 50% intact
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Were Acererak's 11th level casters affected by the Oerthblood rain? If so I'll release them, and make a request for them on the condition no one else wants them. (ie is if anyone else wants em speak up and I automatically release them).

If the 11th level casters weren't effected then I'll still make a claim on Acererak on the same conditions given above, with the exception I won't be releasing the 11th level casters.


First Post
Alzem Teleports to the Hope Isle on Toril. As he looks around he takes his sword and cuts deeply into his arm, but no blood flows. Instead there is only the red goo coursing through his veins.

In a voice that is dead for its lack of emotion
They would so casually destroy my lands, and murder my people.
They would strike from the shadows without warning.

They have made a mistake, father

Yes my child they have.
We will show them the true weight of Justice
We shall hunt them down till all their souls burn in hell
And the demons feast upon their flesh
We were content to sit and prepare, our quarrel with the Union had ended
Now we have a new foe, one which does not deserve our respect

Alzem sends a mental message to all his forces it is two words, but they are final
<<Obliterate them>>


The Angels make only a short response to the message of the Brotherhood.

"We are not fooled by such falsities. To surrender is merely to give you free reign over all, as oppossed to over a few. "

The response from Ishtarland is a little more lengthy

"We have walked in darkness and are well versed in its ways. Your word means as much as the concept of truth to you. You will not keep your word, that is not your way. If we surrender the powers you have named will die anyway but they will die slowly under your heels and many innocents who might otherwise be saved will die with them. In short go to the 7th Heavens you lying treacherous decieving scum. "
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Mr. Draco

First Post
Edena, the microbes are discussed in several emails we sent you, including one which had a rather large text document attachment which outlined many of our projects along with the microbes.

I will email the attacks/defenses, assaults, conventional assaults in 8 hours (or serpenteye can do it) as i have to leave very soon.


First Post
Silver Phase turned listlessly to his age old ally. The conference room was empty save for the two of them. Silver was leaning on the table until Kalanyr arrived.

"You have nothing to thank me for. My only intention was to remove the red goo threat. Now this creation has rocked everything out of balance even more so than it was before, there are beings who do not belong on the path of good out there who are treading it against there natural intents. Do not thank me for something I DID NOT INTEND!" Silver's eyes suddenly blazed with fiery red lights, turning them into torches and putting a pair of great red spots of light on the wall.

He raised himself up and struck the conference table with all the power contained within his machine of a body. There was a slamming noise, it felt as if the Scro Star League flag ship had been hit with a battery of anti-jammer weaponry. Strangely enough the table did not even mark from the psychotic blow.

"I wanted to stop the red pudding, don't you see? Thats all I wanted to do. I thought that might ease tensions for everyone to be able to discuss things rationally for once. Create what was in the sending, a multicultural place. I would make my effort by stopping the red pudding and rebuilding the Suel Empire. A bastion of knowledge for all to enjoy and learn in, but no.

"The angels mustn't have actually meant that people with such powerfully differing views could cooperate daily without conflict. I mean how was that place run? Surely the political parties would have to rule by fear to keep everyone from killing each other, or maybe the angels can just be everywhere at once and just hold back the evil beings bent on destroying everything. Can they convince those people to 'keep it in the church'?

"Friend you should go. Staying here would get you killed by angry people who I never intended to affect with Agent Oerth. I guess I should simply go back to the Sea of Dust and aid in rebuilding, they nuked Suel, Kalanyr. Its all in ruin now or about half of it is, I don't know! I'm going there, I'll see you....................later."

Silver was angry and confused, but most of all he felt an impending doom for something he did by accident, Kalanyr could feel the aura about him and gauged what it was like for him right now, but Kalanyr sensed that Silver still had something up his little mithril sleeve. To find out what it was he guessed he'd have to wait.


I relinquish my claim on Acererak to kaboom. (If the 11th level casters were affected by Festy's Oerthblood spray I release them)

I'll put in a claim for the Good Unseelie. (On the same terms as I claimed Acererak).


First Post
OOC: I didn't mean to sound hurt or dejected, and I'm neither. The :eek: was referring to all the destruction, not just my small corner.

Also, is the Red Army of Luna at 100% or 50%?


Aurican, Zagyg, and Prime Minister Loew sat in the Prime Minster’s office. The confusion was immense; Loew sat at his desk sorting through the innumerable reports that had already arrived, making room for the new reports that came in by the minute. The three rulers of what were once Istarland, Lyrn, and Aaqa sat off to the side. Two of the three rulers had been resurrected after the nuclear assault; however, the Lyrnian emperor, Digeld IV, was not present, having been drawn into Ravenloft. His son, Digeld V, tried his best to maintain himself, but he was having a hard time of it. Aurican and Zagyg sat by the large window that overlooked one of the Republic’s spaceports, where the Selunian navy was currently departing for Toril, laden with supplies and peacekeeping forces.

Loew looked up from a new paper he received. “We’re still working on the Ravenloft problem, but we’re getting nowhere. Is it even possible to free those good men and women trapped there?” he asked, looking hopefully at the two by the window.

“All signs point to yes,” Zagyg chimed in confidently. Digeld’s face lit up as he heard Zagyg’s confirmation of his only hope.

“Please, Lord Zagyg, stop using that ‘magic’ 8-ball,” Aurican said. He turned away from the window and stared down at his hands. “ I feel so helpless. I can’t even save my people, let alone bring back those that can be saved. I feel I should go to Ravenloft myself, but I know it would be for naught.”

Loew walked over to the human-sized dragon. “You should be proud to feel as such, to be willing to sacrifice yourself for the sake of others. But you should be more proud that your altruism is tempered by wisdom and common sense.”

Aurican looked up at the Prime Minister. “Thank you for everything, Loew. None of us would be here if it weren’t for the Republic or your help.” Loew smiled silently, and the two of them turned their attention to a viewscreen on the far wall. It displayed images of the mages of Selune performing a powerful ritual. The beginning of the resurrection of the Crescent, a process that would take quite some time, if it could even be truly completed at all.

After a few minutes of watching the preparations (or, in Zagyg’s case, of determining the fate of the universe with a black, magic sphere), Loew’s secretary walked in carrying an urgent message. She spoke up, “Sirs, I have a message here from the Alliance of Dread-“

“Destroy it,” Loew and Aurican said in unison. The secretary nodded, backed out of the room, which lapsed back into silence.

Time passed slowly amidst the chaos. After some time, Zagyg stood up, walked to the center of the room, and cleared his throat. “Gentlemen, after careful and powerful analysis, I have determined that we cannot possibly lose. Now, on to victory!” Zagyg shouted, holding aloft the 8-ball. Aurican looked over. “Maybe that ball is worth something after all…”

“Damn right,” Zagyg replied with a smug look.

Some time later, Aurican sat alone in his large office. He sat, starting out of his window, into the black depths of space. “I am powerless in this matter, but my faults are not universal…” He focused inward, searching for something, or someone, who could help…
(OOC: I too begin summoning the Militant Fair).

William Ronald

A reply to the Ultimatum

Hazen reviews the letter carefully and shakes his head.

"Predictable and typical." he says to Gwilym. "I could have predicted almost every word of it."

"No one expects a surrender to bring anything but death and destruction. We may not be entirely unprotected. Also, our allies will survive you."

"The Dread Army, seeing no way to win, calls for an ultimatum. We do not negotiate with terrorists."

"Perhaps you can not understand why someone would chose to live and die for a set of beliefs. Your only belief is power. You do not even deign to hide this behind some dream of a better world or advancement for your own people. I must, I suppose, congratulate you for your honesty."

"If my people are eliminated, at least some remnant are likely to remain. In living, we defeat you. If my allies triumph, the dead will be brought back. Thus we win. No one will want to bring any of you back, even as earthworms."

"Perhaps you could surrender, letting yourselves be disarmed and forced to clean up after yourselves. I admit this would be a difficult lesson to learn, but all housecats manage to learn it."

"A joke, President Hazen?" Gwilym says.

"Yes, and an observation. I refuse to abandon hope and laughter. The hour is dark, but I believe our values and those of our allies will prevail. But...."

"But what..." Gwilym asks.

"I hope the Cat Lord won't be offended by my remark," Hazen says. "Do not worry, Gwilym. I know how serious the situation is. None better. Yet I will not let my foes break my spirit or my will to fight."

In the UC of Toril Command Bunker, Acting President Lannon (OOC: A tribute to a player in the first IR who stood with Reprisal. Probably a descendant of the original Lannon) confers with his advisors.

"This may be the last act we take in defense of our principles and our people. Let's make it count."

"Oh, the ultimatum. Send a one word reply in the Language of the Eternal Union: NUTS!! And not the kind that squirrels store in the winter. That ought to offend their false sense of propriety."

"Do that and send this: We made a mistake negotiating with terrorists who do not honor their treaties. You will share their fate. Even if we perish, the UC of Toril will be remembered and honored for millenia. Who will mourn for you? No one."

"Indeed, your policies remind me of a quote from a playwright: "a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury and signifying nothing." Hazen mentioned that line. Pity the playwright never met any of you. You would have been an excellent source for a good comedy."

"We ask our allies to assist us in our defense if they can. We are not going quietly into the long night."

Lannon finishes the message and looks to a portrait of Ian Payne. "I wish you were here now. We need every bit of help we can get."

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