Iron DM 2022 Is Upon Us! Sign-Ups and Scheduling!


So... we have a problem that is likely to effect the current match. As @Snarf Zagyg has not mentioned if he plans to get his entry in (in spite of the current drama), I think we may need to assume that he won't. In which case, @Wicht is going to need to decide what that means for our competition.

It's round 2. What it means for the competition is that if only one contestant submits an entry, then they win by default.

That is less a worry to me than wondering what happened.

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I am fine with a Friday or Saturday (with a slight preference for Saturday start). How about Saturday morning PST (noon EST) start?
If @Kobold Stew is fine with that time, we will plan on the final match starting this Saturday, around noon EDT.

With that much time to kill, I would offer a third place exhibition match, but I think one of our participants has left us, so that will not be happening this year.

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