Iron DM 2022 Is Upon Us! Sign-Ups and Scheduling!


In some not so happy news, as I was making links in the game thread for the last match, I discovered that all of Snarf's posts have been deleted. This happened with the incarnation known as Lowkey as well. It means that we are missing some of our entries for posterity, and also that the judgments are the only record of them actually happening. I don't supposed anyone copied and saved them?

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Kobold certainly doesn't have anything to be ashamed of - not only for his excellent entry - we made a pact that the winner buys the beer (as we have the ability to get together for it, only living about 40 minutes drive apart!)

Which means... I'm buyin'!

Kobold at least wins the free drinks!


Thanks to all the judges for their very fair assessments as usual!

I was aware of many of my final entry's many faults, and I really wished I could fix them.

I had the word-room, the time, and the inclination. What I didn't have was the energy. I was terribly ill while writing it, and I spent half my time sleeping. If it was a little bit gonzo, it may be that I was delirious. I turned it when I did because I didn't trust that I would be awake in time to do it closer to its due-hour. And I wasn't.

I would have loved to have had two more hours with it. But such is Iron DM.

I'm extremely grateful that everyone liked it as much as they did.

I'm going to do everything I can to do even better next year! Just you wait!

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