Iron DM 2022 Is Upon Us! Sign-Ups and Scheduling!

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Do you prefer a morning start (about 8 am) or an evening start (about 6 pm) tomorrow EDT.
Morning. A monday evening start Eastern would have me working on it on Tuesday, which is my busiest day of the week. (I own a comic store, and Tuesday is when all product arrives, PLUS, it's my IRL game night). AND I'm on the West coast, so 6pm is 3pm. Giving me about 5 hours to do the whole thing, all told.
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So... we have a problem that is likely to effect the current match. As @Snarf Zagyg has not mentioned if he plans to get his entry in (in spite of the current drama), I think we may need to assume that he won't. In which case, @Wicht is going to need to decide what that means for our competition.

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