D&D 5E Is it just me or are Harengons really (maybe a little too) good?

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Lord of the Hidden Layer

I play am Here n Gone barbarian and it’s pretty good.
Alternative Racial Ability: Rubberize Metal

(I know that picture's origin.)


Was just messing around with some character creation and took a look at the Harengon (basically rabbit person).

Stat bonus is the now standard +2/+1 or +1/+1/+1, so nothing unusual there.

Then they get a +Prof bonus to initiative. Ok, that's good, but not huge except for some builds that focus on it (which then CAN make it huge).

Then they get proficiency in Perception. Ok, they get the "best" skill proficiency for free. Again, good, but so do elves.

Then they get the ability to reroll a dex saving throw (AND add an additional 1d4 besides) at the cost of a reaction. I'd say that's REALLY good!

Finally, they can bonus action move (jump) up to 10 feet without provoking attacks of opportunity (proficiency bonus times per day). That's REALLY good for certain classes. It's just a slightly weaker misty step (that Eladrin get) but the Harengon can do it more often (a lot more often as levels increase).

But hey, at least they DON'T get Darkvision - unless of course they take a class that grants it (A Harengon gloomstalker will be very, very nasty).

Just seems to be a strong collection of character abilities.

And yes, I can, of course, ban it/nerf it etc., but that's never my first goto. But I'm just looking for other people's reactions, reactions to playing one/seeing one in play , that sort of thing.


I think the most powerful race is a Goblin. MOTM nerfed Goblins a little bit compared to Volos but nimble escape is awesome and unlike the silly rabbit it is unlimited.

I would say Harengon are close to but behind Eladrin or shadar kai, making them a good race but not one of the best

Comparing shadar Kai, Eladrin and Harengon:

Rabbit hop VS fey step VS blessing of the Raven Queen: Advantage Shadar Kai or Eladrin - Rabbit hop is not close to misty step. Aside from the fact it is a much shorter distance, you can't use it when speed is zero, which means you can't use it to escape a grappled or restrained condition, which is one of the best uses of misty step. This, along with the limited range makes it much weaker then normal misty step. On the other hand Eladarin and Shader-Kai get a buffed version of misty step, that is more powerful than a normal misty step. The winter Eladrin can misty step away AND frighten the guy he just left so the enemy can't approach him, a fall Eladrin can misty step away the same distance as the Harengon hop and charm the guy he left and one other guy. The Shadar-Kai gets resistance to all damage after he misty steps. This is not close.

Proficiency in Deception: Same - they all have it

+1d4 dex saves + prof on initiative VS Darkvision+Trance+sleep immunity+advantage on charm: Same - I would say this is comparable. Being without darkvision can be irrelevant or it can be crippling depending on the game. In a dark game if you are not playing a Cleric, Ranger or Sorcerer the elves win this by a wide margin, if it is not a dark game or you are playing a Twilight Cleric, Shadow Sorcerer or Gloomstalker this probably goes to the Harengon ... but not by enough to overcome the elves' better disengage ability.
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