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5E Is "Stay at Home. Play at Home." over?


I've been enjoying the free content that Wizards of the Coast was making available during Covid, but they haven't posted anything new since Jun 18. Have they made any kind of announcement about whether they plan to continue that? Obviously, they don't have to give me any more free stuff if they're done handing it out, I was just wondering if anyone had news about it.

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No official news, but it was clear they were tapering off the AL release schedule in June compared with when it started in April. Once they scaled back to MWF I figured they would end it after they posted the last of the season 5 AL mods. It was cool while it lasted!


Have you played through everything provided, yet? They may be holding off under the belief that they're provided enough material for people to play for a while.


Rotten DM
The AL Facebook group hinted it was on hold. Not including the modules I bought, I would have to play about a week worth of sessions to play everything I downloaded.

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