D&D 5E ISO Creative Encounter Ideas

I am looking for an interesting encounter to throw at my party in a urban setting to face fiends. Party is level 16 and may be the only encounter in the day. I don't really want to just throw a nova combat encounter against them, but rather something creative and where "winning" is different than just killing the fiends.

Amallia Cassalanter is a long time foe of the party and as been using imps and a crystal ball to track the party. The party is now in Neverwinter and is working against Dagult whom they have tracked down as being in possession of one of Ebondeath's phylacteries. Ammalia and Dagult are uneasy allies.

I want to make the Casslanater adversary a more immediate threat to the party while they working to obtain the phylactery. So what might her devils do to make themselves now or cross paths with the party that is not just an all out combat?

Te idea I have so far is to have the party visiting some Sons of Alangondor (group trying to restore Neverwnter to the old line) when the devils attack. And the devils goal is either to kill/capture the Sons or obtain a McGuffin.The party's goal would be to keep te Sons from being kidnapped or something. But not really happy with this idea yet.

Can you help me flesh this out or come up with something more interesting?

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