It's a Drizzt! "Timeless" - New Drizzt Do'Urden Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore


Obviously I meant besides the Drizzt books that we know about. There used to be a steady flow ofbooks. That is done.

Ask WotC why. Not me.

HarperCollins has to gauge success before investing more and paying WotC.

WotC doesn't control these things anymore, they accept money from folks as they willing to pay for rights to the IP.

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This isn't fewer. It's barely a line. A company is perfectly able to handle e a novel line with quality control. Paizo does it quite well.

No, they do not: Tor Books pays Paizo and then Tor manages the line for profit. Just like HarperCollins is starting with WotC. Paizo did it first.


Never read any of the Paizo books. Don't know if they're any good. But it's just indicative of the way WOTC is doing all business now. Focusing on the game and licensing out the IP for others to do other things. As far as I know, before they stopped they only really had Drizzt, Elminster, and what's her name, the tiefling warlock character even running (I mean to read that series. Have heard good things).

DM Howard

I'm not a HUGE Drizzt fan, but I am a fan of the Forgotten Realms so hopefully, this will mean more FR books to come. I'm ordering Timeless to vote with my wallet.

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