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J. Anson having problems posting.


First Post
From another board I was talking with him on:
J. Anson said:
1- I'm using Mozilla 1.4... this may change tomorrow, when I think I might get my 'official' workstation (right now I'm using a spare linux box, which works great except the 2-3 times a day Mozilla blows up on CSS).

2- Yes, I'm logged in, it says "Welcome J. Anson"

3- I'm thinking the problem is on ENWorld, because at the bottom of each forum page it says:

You may not post new threads
You may not post replies
You may not post attachments
You may not edit your posts
He's deleted all of his old cookies, he's using the 'enworld.org' address, and according to the vBulletin boards, he should be good to go with 1.4 of Mozilla. It looks like his permission has been revoked, rather than a technical issue.

Any chance of getting him back on board?


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