Free JDR-Bot : Discord Bot to play Interactive Fiction, Parser Game, Escape-Game, etc


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Hi !

let me introduce you to JDR-Bot : JDR-Bot allows you to play different games (or Scenarios or Scripts), such as Interactive Fiction, Adventure Game Books (or AGB), Escape Game, Text-based Adventure Game (like Colossal Cave)
It also allows you to play very different games, such as turn-based combat, casinos, a maze, etc.


JDR-Bot us him own syntax in his script. Anyone can write a script (interactive fiction, escape game or other game) on it, test it, and send it to me, so i can add it to the official ftp.

On the script, you can use pictures, sounds, discord reactions, variables, conditions, event, custom action/commands (if you want to make a parser game, it's possible !), etc.

JDR-Bot is Discord Certified, and it's on 270 guilds. I hope it will be as popular in the English-speaking communities :s
One of the scripts is a adaptation of an Game-Book from the French Editor GameFlow ;) I hope i can adapt other professionnal scenario in the future ;)

JDR-Bot is a French Bot, but since ... today... JDR-Bot is now translate in english (bot, commands, texts, wiki, etc. !). It was a hard work to translate all of it alone ^^' Maybe there is many bugs/translate error left :s
Currently 10 scripts are translated, but others will come soon.

All infos, commands, how to write a script, how to play, etc. : Official Wiki
To test or for more information, join us on discord : Official Discord (or add it on your guild ;) ) It's a French Discord, but English users are welcome (and there is a channel text to play the bot in english ofc)
Your feedback (opinions, bugs, suggestions) will be read with great attention.

I hope you will enjoy it,

Thank you,

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