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Job offer!


First Post
A simple note in large, plain writing is pinned to the Emporium board. It reads as follows:

To all capable adventures out there. Looking for a bit of quick coin? Well it just so happens that I have a job in need of doing, and further more I am willing to pay quite handsomely for someone to do it.

A passing knowledge of Lycanthropy is at the very least adviced if this sounds like work worth undertaking to you. In any case, please place your response under this note and we’ll be in touch.

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Janos Audron

your job

a fair skinned man wearing ragged black garb walks up to the board, the smell of decay and the chill of death hang heavy in the air about him. he reads your post and lets out a soft chuckle as he pens his response.

it reads:

"i am curious about your posting and might be interested in taking up your call. contact me with the details"

as he walks away he mumbles under his breath:
".........damn half-deads....................they just stand in my way."

you stare in confusion as people seem to be deathly afraid of this small harmless looking man and make no efforts to hide that fear, some of them tripping over themselves to get as far away from him as possble


First Post
Another post is pinned beneath the last reply, written in the same plain script, it reads:

You are willing to undertake the job? Excellent, and how might one go about contacting you, so as to work out the details of this assignment?

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