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Just saw Delicious in Dungeon

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We're still watching it and not getting tired of it. I expected this to be more repetitive and run out of ideas very quickly, but so far it has managed to bring out something new every episode.
I know what you mean. I'm not even sure why I started watching it to be honest. Just sort of caught my eye - and it was a short watch. I got totally hooked after the first episode though. It's just so... silly? weird? abstract? I dunno how to describe it. I mean, the whole premise - a dungeon cooking show where they show off the dishes like any other cooking show is... quirky? But it so works for me. And there is a pretty solid plot and I'm loving the background world building too.

This is so far outside my normal wheelhouse for TV though.


Why a few months? From the dvd releases it seems that vol. 4 (which seems to have a release date of july) should include episodes till 24.


Same for me, I just watched episode 13 and episode 14 is scheduled for this thursday. So by the time the dvds release the series should be done at netflix.


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The show has really gotten into its groove. Has the feel of an actual megadungeon crawl campaign. After a years long Rappan Athuk campaign, I'm done with running mega-dungeons for a while, but if they ever release this as a campaign setting, I'm definitely buying it.

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