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D&D 5E 'Justice' in 5E


Lots of good feedback here - thanks. For those that are interested, this is the direction I'm headed NPC Priestess of Ilmater). Nothing is set in stone & I still have some things to flesh out.
  • the cleric of Ilmater (CI) will be shocked and disappointed that the PCs made a deal for the evil cleric's soul
  • the cleric of Ilmater will press that the priestess of Loviatar (PL) deserves a chance at redemption
  • upon further meditation, the CI will realize that doing nothing still destroys the PL's soul
  • the night hag must be destroyed to save PL's soul
  • the CI will have to assist because the hag can just escape to the ethereal plane anytime without her help
  • what the villagers do with PL while the party and CI are off searching for the hag remains to be seen, however, if they form a mob and string her up, it will strengthen CI's resolve to take charge of the temple and offer guidance to this wayward flock
End of interruption - you can continue your debate :ROFLMAO:

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I think a good-aligned cleric, regardless of deity, should be absolutely opposed to a deal where you hand over somebody's soul to a fiend. First, mortals have no business taking it on themselves to sentence people to eternal damnation; no matter how sure you think you are that this person deserves it, you are not qualified to make that judgment. And second, any time a fiend says "I want X," it is a good principle that the fiend should not get X.

As far as trials and procedures go, that depends more on the tenets of the cleric's particular order. If taking the BBEG to a city isn't practical, the cleric might conduct the trial personally. I do think a Lawful Good cleric should push for a modicum of fairness, but they don't have to be lawful stupid about it.

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