Kanpur: The Ancient Lands


World of Kulan DM
The continent of Kanpur is really two major landmasses, so close together they could be one. And in ancient times, they were. Kanpur is the cradle of ancient civilizations, a complete contrast to Harqual. Where that continent is in its infancy of true civilization, Kanpur is the old hat of civilization. Yes, it still has its trackless wastes, desolate plains, and deep foreboding forests and jungles. But these lands have seen civilizations rise and fall for as long as humanoids have walked upright.

Kanpur is a mixed pot of cultures and races that have bled over into each other in many regions. Only a few regions can claim any sort of isolated history or development. Kanpur is many campaigns.

The Western Lands

The Far North
The Northwest
The Southwest
The Dark Continent

The Kanpur Interior
The Horse Lands
The Center Lands
The Haunted Lands
The Land of Fate
The Crowded Sea

The Eastern Lands
The Iceshield Lands
The Northeast
The Southeast
The Indjran Peninsula

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